Everything written within this blog including my reviews,  are solely my opinion and only mine no one else will be writing or having input in my reviews but me and outside influences do not alter my view on the things i have reviewed.  I sometimes receive items to review from companies which i have offered my review in return for the product or have purchased myself. It will be stated in the review if the item was gifted for reviewing by a company, this does not effect the outcome of my review i will review both purchased and gifted toys equally. If i have been given a product free of charge this will not effect my opinion on the toy i will still write the review like i would if i purchased the product. I will sometimes review products i have won in contests through other sex blogs if this is so i will state the blogger which hosted the contest and company it was gifted by.

I do not wish to offend anybody with my reviews however sometimes i can be quite unconventional in my approach with sex toys, if a toy or product i have reviewed offends you i do not wish to do this purposefully however some of the toys i may be reviewing might not correspond with your morals. I do like things out of the ordinary so use this as a caution when looking at my reviews.

I do join affiliate programs if I feel it is worth my time. I can’t guarantee sales if I am not given any products to recommend or review for the affiliate company. And I don’t think it is fair I have to purchase from you to promote your company. I will be revisiting my Affiliates and consider if I am being given an unfair opportunity so please note if you see my affiliates disappear from my site this is why.

I will use affiliate links when ever possible and will not like to competitors if I am sent a product by a company.

I also have decided that my blog is doing pretty well since I started and plan on doing guest  writing for blogs. So please get in contact with me to talk about rates.