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Writing Corner

How to give the perfect Blowjob

I, like many others used to feel like Blowjobs were a bore. I bobbed my head up and down fast enough I’d eventually make him cum then I could proceed to carry on what I was doing beforehand. Note how I say used to be, now I love every second! It took me a while to get the answer as to How to give the perfect Blowjob. I will give you a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy giving a blowjob a little bit more.

My first tip is to use lube! Flavoured lube can be a great way to explore the Penis you are pleasuring. It also helps mask the taste. I personally like the taste so tend to not use Flavoured lubes often. However they come in a variety of flavours you can even get pink lemonade flavoured lube! Take your time pour the lube from the bottle and let it drip onto the Head of the Penis, let it drizzle down the shaft. Take your hand and rub it all over the shaft and head to evenly coat it. Then you can go to town licking and sucking it all off. I like to see if I can lick all the lube off before they climax it makes for a very fun game.

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Writing Corner

A Beginner’s Guide To Filling Your Toy Box

Being new to the Sex Toy world can be a bit daunting. With so many choices as to which type of toys to buy, whether girth or length is suitable to you. It can get you in a rut. So I have come up with a list of basics that I think everyone should own to start off a collection. I was given the opportunity to write a sponsored post for


Okay so the basic dildo can be confusing, size, shape texture are all that comes to mind when I think of a new dildo so for beginners I suggest a basic shape which is semi realistic (this suits both people who like phallic dildos and those who don’t). The Tantus Silicone Starter Dildo is perfect it has a slight curve along with a phallic head but is still very simplistic. It is also 5” which is a comfortable length for most people beginners can choose to work up to a bigger one or insert the shaft only slightly for a shallower thrust. It is also has a flared base so can be used anally.



Bullet Vibrators are a must!

My first ever sex toy was a Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator. It was super cheap and amazing quality. I still use my rocks off bullets to this day. They are easy to navigate with just a single button and they offer precise stimulation. The Rocks Off RO60 is a great example of a decent bullet vibrator that will stand the test of time and have enough power to get you off.

The ABS plastic is firm which is great for applying pressure to where you need it most. The shape has a pointed tip which you can use for even better pin point stimulation. The Rocks Off RO60 has 10 vibrations I do prefer to use mine on the highest continuous setting however you can find what suits you by using the lowest first then work your way up.

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