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DSC_0187 GODEMICHE are a UK based company that make body safe silicone sex toys. They are relatively new and have few designs however the price they offer the products at is amazingly cheap. So GODEMICHE already have the Amazing Adam dildo which is super girthy and beautifully shaped.

They decided to release a more unconventional toy. This toy is a wooden pole which is then crafted elegantly with a leather binding to create a handle. On the end of the pole is the Adam dildo. So GODEMICHE posted a tweet with a picture of the new product and asked for name recommendations. Now there where a lot of suggestions for this dildo on a stick so I decided to go for it and think of something clever. Immediately I thought the shape was reminiscent of a Lance a jousting rod that was used for attacking your opponent whilst charging at your opponent on horseback. Now I chose to suggest the word Lance for this reason however it is also a male name so it is in keeping with the male name theme.

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Clit Stim, Dildo, G-Spot Massager, Material, Reviews, Type, Wood

Sabot De Venus

DSC_0144 I was given the Sabot De Venus in return for my none bias review. My friend over at Ideedudesir kindly sent it me in return for a review.

The Sabot De Venus is a take on the Orchid. The same curved G Spot stimulator with that amazing texture. But it also has a texture handle each side offering a different texture. The top has circular nooks in two lines up the handle. The underside of the handle has that chevron texture that is on my Pappilon. The Handle can be used to stimulate the clitoris or even as another dildo. In a sense this is a multipurpose dildo and can also be a double ended one.

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Dildo, Material, Reviews, Type, Wood

Silvarus Handmade Walnut Dildo

DSC_0248I received the Silvarus Walnut Dildo from the lovely Silvarus Canada. I was made this dildo from scratch. I am very thankful to Silvarus for making me such a beautiful dildo! I received this dildo free of charge this is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

First of all I had a brief discussion with Rickard The owner of Silvarus he agreed to make me a dildo. Then I was sent each update from when it was first cut from the block to the final product. I have to say that Rickard was polite and kept me well up to date with everything.

block cutFirst of all the shape of the dildo is cut from a large block of wood. The wood he had chosen for my dildo was Walnut and I am very glad he did I love the dark types of wood so I am over the moon with his choice. The shape is cut from a outline on the wooden block to create the initial shape of the dildo. It still looks square-ish and the bottoms have flat edges at this point. It is cut with a band saw at two different angles.


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Desir Papillon

DSC_0146I was given the Desir Papillon (desire butterfly) free of charge in return for my honest review from my good friends over at Ideedudesir (object of desire). I thank them very much for sending me this unique kegel device they hand make each and every one of their wooden master pieces I highly recommend you check them out.

The Desir Papillon was create by the owner of Ideedudesir in accompaniment with sex therapist Daniel Habold. It was designed to stimulate every erogenous zone for a women the curved bulbous heat stimulates the g spot. The ridges on the clitoral arm stimulate the clitoris. And the nubbed rear arm stimulates the ans. The Papillon was designed to say in place during use so you can exercise whilst wearing this kegel aid and still have maximum comfort. The papillon has a metal geisha ball inside the internal part creating deep vibrations when you move.

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Dildo, G-Spot Massager, Reviews, Wood

L’Orchidée (Orchid)

DSC_0091I was given the Orchid free of charge by a lovely French company called ideedudesir. When they contacted me and asked if I would like to review an Orchid for them I was delighted and could not refuse.

The Orchid comes in two forms the skin which is smooth and has no indentations or texture and the Structured which has a wave like texture. I was asked what customisations I wanted however I was really unsure and asked for dark wood and other than that I asked for them to send me a surprise. And a surprise I got My Orchid Features circular indentations which gives it great texture. It is a super elegant dark walnut wood. Just looking at this dildo you can tell it is stunning each one is made by hand which also adds to the specialness of the Orchid you really do get a one off. This is my very first wooden toy so obviously I was super excited to try it and see how my pussy reacted to wood.

DSC_0092I lubed up the orchid with some water based lube and looped my two fingers through the handle and curved them towards me this ensured I supported the whole dildo and controlled it easily with just little thrusts of my fingers. The orchid was super easy to fit in and sat snuggly behind my g spot the length was perfect and it really hit the spot. I felt the raised texture on my g spot adding much needed pressure to it. I began to flick my fingers in a come hither motion against the dildo this made it rock against my g spot. I felt immense pleasure just from the first thrusts. Again I continued I liked how easy my body was responding to the Orchid. I came again and again. I decided I should try double stimulation and grabbed my tango placing it on low on my clit alternating the Orchids Movements and the tango on my clit I came more and more. Until I erupted in what came in 3 orgasms one blended orgasm then another then an almighty one that lead to the Orchid being catapulted from my pussy followed by a stream of come with my pussy clenching. I was truly pleasured I can only describe this as the best G spot orgasm I have had using a dildo.

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