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“Inner Goddess” Pleasure Balls

Pleasure Balls Not the best experience I’ve had with a pair of balls. In fact it came somewhat below average. I was shocked by how little thought went into making this toy.  Firstly when inserting the balls the pull chord which is tied into A knot at one end catches the tender flesh of my vagina making a sort of pinching feeling. The chord is shockingly non-vagina friendly in that it irritates every little nerve ending by scratching me on the inside. Never the less the balls themselves are amazing they look sleek and sexy. They are very heavy once I inserted them and got past the scratch of the chord I felt my muscles instantly tense around them.

DSC_0217I used them during 4 hours of the day which involved normal daily mummy activities including dancing along to nursery rhymes and every now and again I felt the sharp pinch of the string. I couldn’t possible use them any longer as after 2 hours the pinch of the chord became annoying and unbearably irritating to my vaginal walls that felt like they had been scratched, Seriously I expect a lot more for the price. When removing them it was so easy they have a steel pull loop so it reassured my grip and I was able to pull out the balls one by one without any irritation.

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