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Doctor Whale

 I received the Doctor Whale Kegel exerciser free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Sistalk. The fact I was given this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review at all. Sistalk are a relatively new company who want to make Kegel vibrators more readily available to those who want them.

They have designed 3 Monsters Doctor Whale, Mister Devil and Master Godzilla. These Kegel trainers are designed to look like cute monsters to entice more women/young women to want to exercise the Kegel muscle. I also believe that sex toys are not readily available in some countries so designing them like a cute monster would also be a better way of getting them out into the world without the typical vibrator taboos. Sistalk are a Chinese brand and decided to take a more playful approach to these vibrators because sexual pleasure is not usually appreciated in Chinese culture. By taking the cute/monster approach they made characters into vibrators far from the mass produced rubber dildos usually made.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Tighten and Tense

The Fifty Shades of Grey Weekend Tighten and Tense Kegel balls are part of the range that was released for the first fifty shades film Called the Weekend Collection, they improved some of the original range of which I previously tried the horrid Metal ones that has a cord that got covered in gunk, it is safe to say they were binned a long time ago. The fifty shades of grey Tease and tense are made from body safe silicone this sits well with me as I love the feel of silicone and with it being silicone it is 100 % body safe.

These kegel balls are coated completely in lovely silicone which also has a silicone cord and attached to that chord is the pull tab this features the fifty shades of grey emblem. The silicone makes them easy to clean, they can also be sterilized with ten percent bleach solution to use between partners too.

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G Balls 2

dsc_12441 I was given the G Balls 2 free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I am reviewing the G Balls 2 for Fun Toys. Fun Toys are a British company and each of their products come in beautifully compact cylindrical boxes.

The G Balls 2 are an app based Kegel device. The app is called Kegel magic. When you open the app you are grated by, “Hello, Beauty” this is just a lovely way to be greeted into an app. You connect the G Balls 2 to the app via blue tooth you need a good connection for this. Mine did have to re connect a few times as I keep losing connection.

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Pussy Play Balls

20160321_132226 I was given the Pussy Pay Balls free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Rianne S. The Play Balls are one of the new items available from Rianne s which has just had a new website and a new range of toys. I recommend you check out the Rianne S site. The fact I was given these Kegel balls free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Pussy Play Balls are a set of Kegel balls that come with 4 different weighted balls. You can totally customise the weight you are lifting during your Kegels. Initially you should start with the lighter balls until your Kegel muscles become stronger and are able to hold the two heavier balls in place.

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Desir Papillon

DSC_0146I was given the Desir Papillon (desire butterfly) free of charge in return for my honest review from my good friends over at Ideedudesir (object of desire). I thank them very much for sending me this unique kegel device they hand make each and every one of their wooden master pieces I highly recommend you check them out.

The Desir Papillon was create by the owner of Ideedudesir in accompaniment with sex therapist Daniel Habold. It was designed to stimulate every erogenous zone for a women the curved bulbous heat stimulates the g spot. The ridges on the clitoral arm stimulate the clitoris. And the nubbed rear arm stimulates the ans. The Papillon was designed to say in place during use so you can exercise whilst wearing this kegel aid and still have maximum comfort. The papillon has a metal geisha ball inside the internal part creating deep vibrations when you move.

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Jopen Stella III

DSC_0187 I was given the Jopen Stella III kegal balls in return for my honest review by bonneamour. They are a UK based sex toy company that are relatively small. They stock a huge range of toys. You should check them out.

The Stella III Kegel set is made up from three graduated weights of kegel balls. This enables you to progress with the weights as you advance through your kegel exercises. The smallest balls weighs 20g this I recommend starting on if you are a beginner or new to kegeling. The medium ball weight 30g this can be combined with the smaller ball to make a total of 50g. The last and larger ball weight 45g this is the heaviest of the three and can be combined with the other two balls to create a total of 95g. The balls are coated in silicone with the weights stamped on a plastic circle on each one. They can be removed from the casing of the kegel system which is attached to the pull chord. You simply just pop the weight you don’t want to use out of the silicone casing. This design is great and I haven’t seen it on kegel balls before it enables you to customise your weights and advance without buying multiple sets of kegel balls.

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IMToy Candy

DSC_0148 I saw the IMToy stall at ETO Show this year and I fell in love. The makers of the IMToy Candy and PUi where flashing them around and where happy to give us a demo on what they had to offer. First of all I must say they have designed the most amazing packaging I have ever seen for sextoys! Seriously all manufacturers should take note! Both packaging of the toys offer a very slim and tucked away style to promoting the product with little snazzy designs the PUI has a little draw and a flip top lid the draw hold the charge cable and instructions. The Candy opens both sides of the box to fall like flower blooming from a bud if you know what I mean. To reveal the Candy in a cylindrical case!

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Toy Joy Sphere 1

DSC_0063 I was given the Toy Joy sphere 1 by in return for my honest review, the fact I was given this toy free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review at all.

The Sphere is completely silicone and doesn’t have a seam of what I can make out. It is quite heavy and has a loop for security. The retrieval loop however doesn’t really appeal to me as it is quite thin I would want a thicker loop for my safety  as I feel I I pulled on the string whist tensing my kegels too hard I may snap the ring. Other than this everything else is what I would expect from a kegel aid.

This kegel ball is super easy to insert the tear drop shape means that the weight is at the base where you need to insert. The weight being here makes it pop in pretty effortless. The sphere is really nicely weighted and I love the heavy feeling it stimulates me as I am walking around. The stimulation I get is a lot more than other kegel aids. The smooth silicone means that when inserted you can’t feel any bits poking out like say on the rocks off kegel balls. It’s all just silicone which I like. The retrieval chord is really thin personally I would like something thicker it kind of feels like it could snap if I clenched my pc muscles and pulled the chord I reckon the friction could snap that chord. That said the chord can be left outside the vagina and it won’t dig into you like the loop on the rocks off or inner goddess balls.

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Rocks Off Love Balls

DSC_0008I entered the raffle at the Smut stand at Sexhibition one of the prizes I won was the Rocks off Pleasure In Motion Love balls.

The rocks off love balls are made from two very heavy stainless steel kegel balls attached onto a silicone strap which then has a metal loop for easy removal. The design is very similar to the Inner Goddess balls. Apart from the fact that the inner goddess balls had string instead of silicone holding it together.

DSC_0010The weighted balls where easy to keep inserted their weight pushed against my g spot as I was kegeling I found that this little pleasure spiked me to leave them in longer. I was relaxed doing my kegels with the Love balls. I even left them in whilst I was prepping dinner and feeding the baby. I totally forgot they were their apart from the heavy weight from them pushing against my vaginal walls I wouldn’t have known i was wearing them. Now they didn’t clitter and clatter against each other like the inner goddess balls which I think is a bonus i think this is due to the spacing of the balls as the Love balls where spaced further apart along the chord then the goddess balls where. if they are too close together they happen to bang against each other when this happens they make a noise and its obvious you’re wearing them. The Love balls are smaller than the Inner Goddess balls so this meant that they were easier to insert and take out.

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Lelo Luna Smart Bead

DSC_0064 I Won the Lelo Luna Smart bead in the ETO Show blog spot giveaway. I owe all of the companies who sponsored the giveaway and Cara Sutra, Voluptasse and Talk smut for making the blog spot an amazingly comfortable bloggers den at the ETO Show It is the whole reason I entered the giveaway I have had my eye on the Luna for ages now it has been on my wish list and I was eventually going to purchase it. I saw it was up for grabs at the ETO Show and entered there where a lot of great prizes I won but this is the one I was most excited about. I have only ever used the inner goddess balls before and they were awful I wanted to experience Kegel exercise at its best.

When I received all my goodies I opened them up and there the Smart Bead was and I was even more surprised when I opened the box it was the colour I wanted deep rose! I read through the manual and inserted the AAA battery needed to turn it on.

At first I couldn’t work out the settings and turned it on the constant vibrate mode once inserted I realised this was wrong. I pressed held the button to turn it off and then pressed it again a little light flashed a couple of times then it gave me I think 3 minutes to insert the Smart Bead without the vibrations on. Once I was comfy I waited for the 3 quick pulses to indicate the exercise cycle had started and away I went kegeling.

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