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Black Bean Masturbator

DSC_0162The Black Bean Masturbator was given to us as a review product by Bondara, this also came as with some other Bondara toys in a package and i would like to share my experience with this toy. There are a lot of masturbators out there that give some some good suction, but i have seen recently that more and more masturbators are coming out with suction holes which is actually something that i prefer to the usual twisting lid like the Fleshlights.

DSC_0163The Black Bean Masturbator  is a product by Bondara which was purely made for suction and to be honest it does a good job of it from the time that i used it, i can not fault the suction on these toys as i like the quick easy access of turning on and off the suction with a single finger and not twisting off a lid. Comparing the suction whole to the Tenga suction range makes it look as if someone has drilled a whole though the end and not put much effort into the design that much which gets some marks down.

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IMToy Pui

DSC_0160 Considering the Pui from IMToy hasn’t been making it’s best appearance into the vibrating masturbator scene, it looks as if there’s bad reviews left right and center on the web for this thing. The only review on the website basically tell’s us what the product is more than what it can do, its more of the product description than a review. Even though this has gotten so many reviews doesn’t mean that i’m going to make a different opinion on this, because it is just straight up terrible considering that the price is about £150 or $225.

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Hot Octopuss – Pulse II Duo

DSC_0156We we’re sent the Pulse II Duo by Hot Octopuss for an honest review, in this review i will be going over the two main purposes of this couples vibrator / masturbator. I will section this review into two categories, one being solo and the other being duo. This basically means i will be reviewing both the solo experience of the Pulse II Solo and the couples experience of the Pulse II Duo. In the box of the Pulse II Duo it come with a bag to stash it away, the Duo toy itself and a handy remote for the female vibrations.


DSC_0158Considering this is the DUO and not the SOLO, let’s start with reviewing what this product is intended to do… Pleasure both male and female in a foreplay setting! The Pulse II Duo doesn’t give off the foreplay that you’re looking for if i’m completely honest but with a few accessories i think this product could go a long way, on the box it shows two positions that it can be used. The fist one is missionary with the male on top and the other being cowgirl, these are two positions that are very easy to get into so there’s no complaints there.

When we had the time to try this for the first time the Pulse II Duo is hard to keep it in place, the time me and Kim used it we were both warming each other up before got our selves goind this is because that we are used to this every now and again. The product is good for a warm up and can feel great for the male, it’s very weird how it works as it basicly has a plate which forces itself towards the shaft and back. This is  such an amazing feeling even when your flacid, but the problem with this couples product is the vibrations for the female partner aren’t as good as they are for the males.

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FunZone – Double Ended Masturbator (Pussy/Ass)

DSC_0081When the LoveHoney summer sale male package came through the post, i found the FunZone double ended masturbator. Once i got a good look at it I started to get interested in it’s form of a dung-bell and I find this good for hiding your masturbator in plain sight, even though fleshlight have their sex in a can they still make it really obvious that it’s a masturbator. Considering I don’t like clutter I wouldn’t really have it lying around the bedroom, normally its a use clean and put away basis for me as it’s just a simple but easy process. Moving on…

DSC_0078The dual ended masturbator from funzone comes with two alternatives, the vagina and the ass. They both have a similar texture between each other as I really couldn’t tell a difference between their textures when using it, but when it actualy came to the insertion and the thrusting you can tell a huge difference in the tightness of the ass compared to the vagina as it takes so much room you can barely fit in. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s a good thing as it gives you so much pleasure when thrusting the masturbator up and down the shaft of your penis.

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Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg



The silicone on this dildo is a lot more giving then the drac and alien it is almost softer. The texture along the top is almost like a scale/ spine detailing this is totally flexible and not firm like I expected meaning although this dildo has immense texture it isn’t too harsh and won’t cause chafing during use. This dildo is truly beautiful there is a lot of texture and details on the shaft of this dildo. Even looking at the ball sack it has a circuit pattern along. The tip is pointy so I recon if your ass can take texture this would be a great dildo to try anally.

DSC_0030All along the shaft are buttons/ armoured bubbly texture whereas along the top of the shaft is a more pronounced scale texture. This dildo has more texture then most of my dildos and I am a self-confessed texture whore so bare this in mind if you’re thinking of getting it.

To start with the texture was quite apparent but as i began thrusting my vag was delighted by all the textured bumps and ridges as they brushed my walls. I started thrusting deep and shallow to bring myself to orgasm. Once I had orgasmed I would thrust slowly my vagina reacted amazingly to this and the slow strokes through my orgasm mean that the texture was really stimulating me as I contracted and this caused the orgasm to be prolonged. I continued this assault on my vag through 4 orgasms I was totally satisfied and I did indeed feel like my arm was going to drop off. I could do with a robot just to thrust the dildo for me let alone the dildo being cyborg membered.

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LUMUNU Crazy Boy – Crazy Bull Cockring

DSC_0025I was sent the bull cockring in return for my honest review by LUMUNU. The fact I was given this cock ring free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review at all.

This little bull is just cute! Don’t you think? It is just so detailed with the horns and feet. The eyes light up yes that right when you turn the bullet on a red light comes on and this shows through its eyes like it has little angry eyes. Okay I may be being a little excited about this cock ring but it’s adorable!

DSC_0024So this cock ring has one speed and features a little bull face and horns and even a little beard which rests against the cock. It only comes in one colour which is black and has a bullet vibe inserted through its head which can be removed for cleaning or even if you don’t want the vibrations.

So Mr needed a lot of lube to get this little monster on! It was such a tight squeeze and I don’t think it was comfortable for him at all. When turned on the vibration is a strong buzzy vibe which when Mr thrust it pushed against my clit. This really did get me aroused and I enjoyed using the cock ring. However I feel Mr wasn’t as comfortable as I was. He finished and then used the cock ring to stimulate my clit this worked extremely well and I grew more horny so I carried on using the cock ring to stimulate me and I had a lovely blended orgasm spurting as I came. I didn’t stop the vibes spurring me on again I orgasmed. I have to say this little fella made me see red until I orgasmed.

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SizeGenetics – Penis Extender

DSC_0069What is SizeGenetics?

Well as you can see from the title or the category of the post it’s a male penis extender owned and operated by Permenda Ltd, the SizeGenetics Penis Extender has been designed as the most safe and extreme penis extender on the market. SizeGenetics is also the only penis extender that has been clinically proven to work, i intend to get a thorough review of this penis extender due to it being a clinically proven product.

How does it Work?

The SizeGenetics device comes with a lot in the box to start with, it comes with three types of ways to make the device more comfortable, different size bars for people with bigger size penis’s, a dvd guide and also a guide book! So now that we know what we get in the box, how does the actual product work? Once you have put all of the pieces together which will be shown in a image demonstration below, the following bars either side of the penis would be screwed towards the penis to extend the legnth of the device and that is pretty much on how it all works. Like i said before there will be a step by step guide on how to put it together below:

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TENGA – Easy Beat Egg (Lovers)

DSC_0232Love is in the air and it’s only July, the Tenga lovers egg first was released in 2012 for valentines day. It became one of the best sellers for Tenga and so they then decided to keep producing this very loverbale textured egg! It’s a bit late for valentines day this year, but we were given the Tenga’s Lovers Egg by one of our contacts from tenga who we got to meet at ETO 2015.

DSC_0238The first time i tried this it was just like the time i first tried Tenga’s wavy egg but obviously with a different texture, with this in mind the product defiantly is getting a good review from me! The Tenga Lovers egg definitely gives you a great feeling of love as it pleasures you immensely as it positions it self around your whole penis and submerges it in texture of love.

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Mood Exciter

DSC_0059Almost a year ago from now i received my first ever sex toy/masturbator as a present from Kimberley, this is due to her having sex toys and me being left in the dark alone without a sex toy at all. Once i got to have a look at the so call “Mood Exciter” i believed it was a snowman masturbator due to its curvy shape, back then i believed that it was too big for me and that theirs no point but i still gave it a go to see what all the hipe is about when it comes to all these “Masturbators”.

The Mood Exciter comes with a very silky and smooth texture, but also is very squishy like a kids toy. This didn’t put me off as its something that I kind of expected, the texture of the sleeve was very odd to me as there were two holes and there are two types of textures. After a bit of research i understood that this is to do with one being oral and the other being vaginal, or also known as a “Double Ended Ergonomic Design”. In use this product likes to focus on giving your bellend the time of its life, with the double ended design there are two different types of textures that will focus on your bellend and the other on the shaft. This can be reversed by putting your cock through the other hole, the one texture being a bumpy bubble based texture and the other being a ribbed type texture which means that both designs can be equally stimulating as the other.

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JNaja Velv’Or

DSC_0109The JNaja was given to us by Velv’Or for an honest review, the following product is made from a 3D printer. This is one of our first 3D printed sex toys, you can get the following JNaja in three different sizes: 45mm, 50mm, and 55mm. We chose to review the 50mm to be on the safe side, so the cock ring wouldn’t be too big or too small.

About Velv’Or

Velv’Or create luxury cock and ball rings the JNaja is made through 3D printing which is great that they involve new technology into the making of the JNaja. The JNaja is a cock and ball ring with a nodule which sits behind the balls at the perineum. This stimulates the space between the anus and balls to give amazing sensations and enhance your orgasms. The JNaja acts as a cock ring and keeps the penis harder when erect and prolongs the time it takes for you to cum.

How to Wear

If you are wondering on how you wear this product, Velv’Or give some basic instructions on the packaging:

Hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval-shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the penis through the same part. Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.

Hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval-shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the penis through the same part. Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.Velv'Or

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