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Booty Passion Butt Plug

dsc_0152 I was given the Booty Passion Butt Plug free of charge in return for my honest review by Bondara. They are a great retailer and often have sales on I got my Doxy wand from them for £65 when it was on offer so it is worth checking them out.

The Booty Passion Butt Plug is made from silicone and comes in two colours purple and black I got the purple one. It has a flared base which I expect from all anal toys this also doubles as a suction cup. It has a semi realistic look with the abstract being the ridges at the tip this adds texture to the plug. The fact it is silicone means that you are able to sterilize between uses and you could share this toy with a partner once it has been sterilized after very use. You can use a 10 percent bleach solution, boiling in a pan, a microwave sterilizer.

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Blue Berry Curved Anal Beads

dsc_0150 I received the Blue Berry Curved Anal bead free of charge in return for the lovely people at Bondara. The fact I received this product free is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

The Blue Berry Curved Anal beads. Have 3 descending beads. These bead are almost oval shaped they are not too large and perfect for those just starting out in anal play. They are made from silicone which is one of the best materials a sex toy can be made from. They are also 100% waterproof. The Blue berry curved Anal Beads vibrate because there is a little crevice with a bullet style vibrator at the bottom of the toy. There is also a retrieval loop to stop it getting sucked into the anal cavity and to help pull them out after use.

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Hole Punch

DSC_0137I received the Hole Punch as a gift when I placed my order for the Pure Pop. The Hole Punch I received is orange in colour and is quite squishy but still firm enough to be inserted.

The Hole Punch is not your usual butt plug is has quite rounded tapered tip so right from insertion you’re getting that girth. I really like the size of the Hole Punch while it isn’t a plug I use regularly it is one I enjoy using. The rounded shape really pushes against the anal walls and fills me right up.

The Flatness of the ridge is quite sharp which means you get that pop when it is inserted this also helps keep it in place. The base is a vertical type base that sits between the cheeks I much prefer this type of base to the more spherical rounded type base as it make using the Hole Punch more comfortable.

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DSC_0470 I received the Plug-B from G Silicone/GODEMICHE they kindly offered it up for a prize in the Blissemas prize draw. My Plug-B was part of the Anal Starter set however I have chosen to review the Peg separate as I you can purchase them separately as well as together. Thank you to GODEMICHE for sending me this lovely little plug.

The gold really accents the fact that it was a Christmas themed giveaway however it also does look kind of like a bauble or light with the shape of the Bulb. Now this is most possibly the cutest tiniest little plug I have ever seen.

My first plug was a beginner’s one from a well-known lingerie and toy company. The fact it said beginners meant nothing it was HUGE I mean I have large plugs that weren’t as big as that one, its safe to say I steered away from anal play for the following two years after that attempt. The horrid circular base left impressions on my ass for weeks. Anyway the Plug-B is very tiny and perfect for beginners the base is flat and forms a vertical support which is a lot better than round circular bases. The Vertical base just slips between your cheeks and rests against you this type of base also means wearing the Plug can be discreet.

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DSC_0468 I received the Peg from GODEMICHE I won the Anal Starter Kit in the Blissemas Prize draw. GODEMICHE are an amazing UK based company that sell body safe silicone dildos and butt plugs along with Fuck sticks. They are all handmade and made from 100%silicone.

The Peg is a dildo that is specifically designed for pegging and anal beginners. I haven’t come across a dildo that is as slim as this one as of yet. Most anal dildos are still quite large and not really suitable for beginners. The Peg however is perfect in every way.

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Cock Head Plug

DSC_0478I received the Cock Head Butt plug free of charge in return for my honest review for the lovely 1AToys. They are a lovely German manufacturer that make premium silicone sex toys. Not only do they make sex toys but they make the most strange and wonderful dildos and plugs you can think of from Penguin dildos to CornCob they have it all. I owe them a huge thanks for letting me review for them. The fact that I received the Cock Head Plug free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

DSC_0475I mainly chose the Cock Head plug because of how unusual it looks. I have never come across a butt plug shaped like a glans before. Maybe an anal dildo yet but not a plug and not just the Glans. Anyway I just really liked to look of the head and I was drawn into getting it to review. I had mine in the lovely copper – pearl colour which is so pretty and the hard firmness with it being an anal toy I figured I needed that firmness to help with insertion. Now The Cock Head Plug comes in three sizes; Small, Medium and Large I chose the small with my anal limit being very newbie-ish so I didn’t want to push the boat out and go full on girth.

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We Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection

DSC_0052 I received my We Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection from the huge haul of toys I won from last year’s ETO Show in the Blog Spot prize draw. AmazingO donated the Pleasuremates collection to the Blog Spot prize draw . We Vibe are a well-loved company in the blogger industry with bloggers singing praises of the Tango from the roof tops.

My experience with the Tango was an awkward one I wanted to love it but the vibrations where too rumbly for me. Now thanks to the Blog Spot I have the pleasure Mates collection which features two sheaths for the tango to go inside so you can use the tango internally.

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DSC_0301 I received the Fun Factory Moody in return for my honest review by the lovely people at Fun factory. They have helped me bring you many great reviews and have supported my blog from the very beginning you should really check them out! The fact I received this toy free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

My first thought of the moody was how amazing it is that it had a flared base. This enables you to use this vibrator anally the flare also carried the vibrations really well which means you can get some perineum stimulation, or if you are using it vaginally you will be able to use the flare as a clit stim.

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Fox Tail Butt Plug

DSC_0386 I received the Fox Tail Butt Plug in return for my honest review from Uber Kinky. The fact I received this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. UberKinky sell alot of Tail Butt Plugs Which seem to be all the range at the moment, i have seen them increase in popularity the past few months.

I have been after a tail plug for a while now, so I jumped at the chance to review the Fox Tail Butt Plug. It is made from a lovely soft fur like material it is not real fur which is amazing! However it is very life like.

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Loving Joy Demi Plug

DSC_0022I received the Loving Joy Demi Plug in return for my honest review from They are a small UK based company I think you should all check them out i do like to support local shops. The fact i got this product free of charge is not going to afect the outcome of my review.

The Loving joy Demi Plug is made from silicone and can be boiled, bleached and steamed to totally sterilize it. I use an old microwave bottle sterilizer for my sex toys which I keep stored with them. They are cheap enough to buy and if it’s good enough to clean baby bottles it sure is good enough for sex toys.

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