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Very Clean Toy Spray

DSC_0326I received the Very Clean Toy disinfectant spray free of charge in return for my honest review by I have a few reviews coming up from them so please look out for them in the following weeks.

Very Clean disinfectant toy spray is basically a does what it says on the tin product. It is an antibacterial spray that is toy safe meaning you can clean your toys without all the stress. The Very Clean Toy spray comes in a 200ml bottle which should last a long while. It also features a sprayer nozzle and a see through cap to stop it from being pressed when its in storage.


  • 6g ethanol
  • 0g propanol-1 in 100g liquid.

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Beauty With Supreme Harness

DSC_0297The Beauty with harness set was given to me in my review package from Doc Johnson, They gave me the set free of charge in return for my honest review. When I chose the Beauty dildo I wanted something Vac u Lock compatible to go on my Fuck machine. Not only did we receive the dildo but we received the dildo and harness set which is very generous of Doc Johnson!

In The Beauty Supreme Harness set you will get, one platinum silicone Beauty dildo, one black Supreme Harness, One black Vac-U-Lock Plug, and Two O shaped Rings, Vac-U-lock Powder, and instructions.

DSC_0296The Beauty Dildo offers both texture and girth the girth is graduated and you can work up from a small amount of girth to quite a lot when you use this dildo fully. The Beauty is in a lovely pink colour and is made from 100% platinum cure silicone. The Beauty is 7 inches in length which is big and may not be for the faint hearted but depending on the position this dildo is used in you may not be able to take all of the dildo fully. The Beauty features a circled wave of 3 loops which are placed one quarter to 3 quarters in along the shaft this created a large amount of texture which should start at the place which is most likely to stimulate your g spot.

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Traz Rhino Stampede

DSC_0366 I was given the Traz Rhino Stampede by Hunter from Traz Rhino in return for my honest review, I owe Traz Rhino a huge thanks for sending me each one of the Rhinos to review for them!

Much like the other extensions from Traz rhino the stampede has the same design with the g spot technology in the tip and the super soft silicone which is able to transfer those clenches from orgasms right through to the males penis. However the Stampede offers more for the women! It has a textured surface which gives off a matt feel. I was interested to see how this would feel having loved the other two rhinos I was sure I would like this even more being a bit of a texture whore when it comes to my dildos. The texture on the Stampede isn’t that pronounced and is bumpy all over kind of like sandpaper but a little smoother.

DSC_0368I was super excited to see how my pussy would react to the strange texture because it does love a huge amount of pronounced texture so the little bumps on the Stampede I was wary of and didn’t think I would be able to feel them when it is covered in lube.

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Pulse Liberator

DSC_0090I received the Pulse in return for my honest review from Liberator they sell quite a few sexual aids like the liberator wedge which helps to get the right position for more stimulation during sex.

First of all when I received the Pulse I was shocked at the cylinder type bag it came packed it once I opened the bag I then saw the cushion covered in a protective black lining vacuum packed in a clear bag. Once I opened it the pulse began to suck in the oxygen and started to sort of inflate itself. Then I had a fully formed Pulse. I placed the waterproof cover over the pulse and stared at it a while. I could not believe how this all had come from cylindrical bag in a square box. Seriously Liberator have scored top marks for the way they packed the pulse it is very room saving so that everything gets packed in a rectangular box with a handle on the top for easy carrying! It is amazing.

DSC_0087I decided as my first session I would use my Suko so I inserted the suction cup between the cover and the cushion like it stated if you use a dildo that doesn’t have a base it just fits in the hole provided. I straddled the pulse and began to lower myself onto the dildo this was super easy and felt a lot like doing the cowgirl position during PIV then I sort of rocked back and forth the pulse has a curved bottom so rocked much like a rocking horse while I rode it the pulse felt so comfortable between my legs. The width of the pulse was perfect it just about made me open my legs wide enough to use it without losing my balance. The comfort I felt using the Pulse was great it moved with my movements and I really had a lot of fun with it.

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Traz Rhino Genesis

DSC_0366Traz rhino Genesis was sent to me by Hunter from over at traz rhino in return for my honest review this will not affect the outcome of my review at all.

The Genesis Extension is the original extension that traz rhino created. Giving the male extra girth and length to make his manhood bigger. Genesis is 8inches in length and 2 inches in Girth. Genesis is designed to increase pleasure for both him and her the shape is designed to be able to squish when the vaginal muscles clench the extender the male can feel the muscle contractions through the extension. The ridges inside the Genesis then push against the cock whilst in use to give more stimulation for the male.

DSC_0357The Genesis penis extender was nominated for best male sex toy of 2015 !! I really like that fact that it provides both parties pleasure and the softness of the silicone makes using the Genesis really comfortable especial due to the extra girth a ridged material would feel extremely uncomfortable.

I asked Mr to put on the Genesis ready for us to have some hard sex I was feeling particularly horny and the thought of him having extra girth to stretch me with really got me going. Using a lot of lube to lubricate both the extension and me he began to insert himself in me the extension opened me up quite a bit and I felt the girth stretch me much like my adored bad dragon dildos would however the fact that Mr was fucking me made the experience a whole lot more intimate. We tried the folded deck chair a favourite position of mine to get deep penetration however I found when he thrust too hard it hurt me a little so he then asked me to “sit on this big fat cock” lying there naked I just couldn’t resist so I did indeed sit on the traz extension I rode very slowly as the pleasure got quite intense I buckled and writhed and I came so many times. Mr told me to cum around his cock which of course I did with ease the Genesis just touched every spot inside me.

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Traz Rhino Sleek

DSC_0312I was given the Sleek by Hunter from traz rhino in return for my honest review so I owe a big thank you for sending me the rhinos.

The Sleek Rhino is the slimmest of the range and is designed to give an extra legth to the penis without giving as much girth as the Genesis. It measures 8inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth. However the length of the rhinos can be shortened to your needs if it’s the girth you want and not the added length you are able to shorten it.

What is a Rhino? Rhinos are penis extensions mad from silicone which not only offer the chance of a bigger penis but offer the woman a unique feeling as the “gspot” design rubs and strokes every part of you that needs to be pleasured. The silicone moulds to your shape so when the vagina is contacting the silicone is pushed and the sensation is transferred to the male‘s penis. Traz rhinos can also be used solo just like a masturbator with the ridges spaced to excite all your erogenous zones.

DSC_0315I took this quote from the website just because it tells you in detail of what the Rhino does and I felt that it best described this without me confusing you. “As you move your now larger penis in and out during intercourse these rings stroke the shaft, a very important feature in the Motion Transfer Technology system. Penis enlargement is just part of it. As the body heat of your lover passes through The Rhino, your body heat is transferred back to her. The Rhino’s unique material forms and contours to each of her pelvic contractions, transferring to the Inner Pleasure Rings allowing you to experience all the reactions of vaginal stimulation. The Inner Pleasure Rings glide blissfully across the erogenous zones of your penis. This is a key factor that no other penis extender has anywhere in the World.” That really did some up what the Rhinos are about for me if you doubt me on this try them yourself?

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