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Doxy Number 3

I was very lucky to receive the Doxy Number 3 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Crimson Princess. Crimson Princess are a UK based retailer who offer a wide range of affordable sextoys, so if you haven’t already checked their website out go do so! As always the fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

Doxy Number 3 essentially a smaller version of the Doxy Die Cast. My previous experience with Doxy wands are they are amazing but heck there overly large and after a while you’re bound to get dead arm. Well my prayers where answered and they made a smaller version.

The Doxy Number 3 came in a slim box which has the Doxy lettering across the front this is covered in a cardboard sleeve which has a picture of the Doxy Number 3. The Doxy Number 3 is definitely more comfortable to handle compared to the bigger sibling the Doxy Die Cast, it also feels half the weight which is fab like I mentioned previously I am prone to getting Dead Arm when using the Doxy Die Cast too long.

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Doxy Die Cast

20160321_131232I was given the Doxy Die cast by the lovely Belle De Soir who I have worked with the past year to provide reviews for my blog. They are a great UK based sex toy company that have amazing deals and great customer service. The fact I was given this this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

After my amazing experience with the Doxy Wand and the Doxy Skittle I was eager to get my hands on the Doxy Die Cast. Rumour has it the Die Cast Doxy Wand has more power, is more rumbly and it just a lot better than the Original Doxy Wand. So I was over the moon when Belle De Soir told me they would send me one to review.

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Nalone Electro Wand

DSC_0180 I was given the Nalone Electro Wand free of charge in exchange for my honest review for I have reviewed for them in the past so as soon as I saw the Electro Wand I asked if I could review it. The fact I received this toy free of charge is not going to affect the review.

I have never used an Electro Stim toy before. It has been on my to do list for a while but I never got around to getting an E-Stim. I was mainly intrigued by the sensations I could get from an E-Stim in terms of heightened sensitivity.

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Rocks Off Love Balls

DSC_0008I entered the raffle at the Smut stand at Sexhibition one of the prizes I won was the Rocks off Pleasure In Motion Love balls.

The rocks off love balls are made from two very heavy stainless steel kegel balls attached onto a silicone strap which then has a metal loop for easy removal. The design is very similar to the Inner Goddess balls. Apart from the fact that the inner goddess balls had string instead of silicone holding it together.

DSC_0010The weighted balls where easy to keep inserted their weight pushed against my g spot as I was kegeling I found that this little pleasure spiked me to leave them in longer. I was relaxed doing my kegels with the Love balls. I even left them in whilst I was prepping dinner and feeding the baby. I totally forgot they were their apart from the heavy weight from them pushing against my vaginal walls I wouldn’t have known i was wearing them. Now they didn’t clitter and clatter against each other like the inner goddess balls which I think is a bonus i think this is due to the spacing of the balls as the Love balls where spaced further apart along the chord then the goddess balls where. if they are too close together they happen to bang against each other when this happens they make a noise and its obvious you’re wearing them. The Love balls are smaller than the Inner Goddess balls so this meant that they were easier to insert and take out.

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Precious Metalz 24k Gold Butt Plug

DSC_0064The Precious Metalz 24k Gold Butt Plug is my first metal one and I brought it in a sale for £20. When I decided to get this I was choosing between large and small I of course went for small. I had previously had small plugs from other companies and they ended up quite big so I went for the safe option. The plug is gold in colour with a clear crystal on the base.

When the plug came I was surprised at how small it actually was it was tiny and so cute but I was wondering if it would get swallowed whole it was that small. Nether the less it looked very pretty.

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Charlie Tango Vibrator

DSC_0045 I really liked the look of this vibe very simple yet sleek quite like that of the We aim to please bullet. This vibe has a twist control at the bottom of the vibe to control the intensity of the vibrations. This vibe is very easy to use and very pleasing on the eye.

The Charlie Tango is an all-time favourite of mine a very simple classic vibe quite like the basic ones you can buy from stores they often have their own version of the classic vibe however with the fifty shades branding and the black on silver letting it adds a little something more to the classic vibe making it look more modern.

DSC_0048Charlie tango is a pleasure to use I can switch between speeds very easily and it really is the right length and width to stimulate my vagina causing me to go into an orgasm frenzy. The versatility of this vibe is great it can be used to stimulate the nipples and also works great as a powerful clit vibe. It is great as a first vibe as it does not have any scary advanced switches or different buttons and the shape means it’s very friendly for beginners. The metal casing felt so cold and unexpected when It entered me that it brought me a new kind of pleasure once warmed up by my vag the vibe tends to keep the heat from my vag and feels very soothing with the warm temperature when pulled out and used on my clit it feels really comforting.

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We Aim To Please Bullet

DSC_0027We Aim Not To Please and leave you quite aggravated with orgasm denile should’ve been the name for this bullet. As bullets go it’s got a lot of major competition with the rocks off 3 speed being around the same price if not cheaper this one speed bullet really has a lot to live up to.

I brought this bullet with the quote being an all-time favourite of mine from fifty shades. I really liked the look of the bullet with the shiny finish contrasting with the black wording it is very eye catching. It has a one speed push button control I hope the one speed was a high one as I really don’t like low speed bullets.

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You are Mine Metal Handcuffs

DSC_0004I wanted these as soon as I saw them they are so sleek an also very simple looking yet they still have the fifty shades vibe about them with the engraved You Are Mine quotation from the book.

These cuffs are both suitable for female restraint and male restraint however if your male has quite large wrists they might not fit around them. Mr has very slender elegant hands and slim wrists so these are able to fit perfectly around his wrist.

DSC_0007The You Are Mine cuffs come with a set of keys to unlock them however they also come with safety catches to manually release them if you need a quick release. The engraved letters are very seductive on the metal they stand out yet don’t look tacky I really do adore these cuffs.

When being restrained by the cuffs they feel comfortable and don’t irritate the delicate skin on my wrists. These cuffs do the job they are very basic yet still classy they suit both genders. The encrypted message also acts as a reminder to the sub that they are the dom’s. I can relate to the message and like to often remind Mr that he is all mine. Mr and I take turns when it comes to bondage as we both like to be dominated yet also like to be the dominant one sometimes. I like to be retrained using “you are mine” cuffs whist receiving a spanking it really does kick the excitement up to the next level.

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“Inner Goddess” Pleasure Balls

Pleasure Balls Not the best experience I’ve had with a pair of balls. In fact it came somewhat below average. I was shocked by how little thought went into making this toy.  Firstly when inserting the balls the pull chord which is tied into A knot at one end catches the tender flesh of my vagina making a sort of pinching feeling. The chord is shockingly non-vagina friendly in that it irritates every little nerve ending by scratching me on the inside. Never the less the balls themselves are amazing they look sleek and sexy. They are very heavy once I inserted them and got past the scratch of the chord I felt my muscles instantly tense around them.

DSC_0217I used them during 4 hours of the day which involved normal daily mummy activities including dancing along to nursery rhymes and every now and again I felt the sharp pinch of the string. I couldn’t possible use them any longer as after 2 hours the pinch of the chord became annoying and unbearably irritating to my vaginal walls that felt like they had been scratched, Seriously I expect a lot more for the price. When removing them it was so easy they have a steel pull loop so it reassured my grip and I was able to pull out the balls one by one without any irritation.

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