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Persian Palm Lucrezia

I received the Persian Palm Lucrezia free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Persian Palm they are a company who make Hand Painted Ceramic sextoys from Tuscany. I first met the owner at the ETO Show back in 2016 she was incredibly polite and wanted to spread the word about her artistic ceramic dildos. Things like this don’t come too often in the sex toy world custom handmade dildos are something I adore among the mass produced dildos in this industry they are the roses among the thorns. If you haven’t already I recommend you check Persian Palm out they offer a unique and personalised service. The fact I was given this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review.

Persian Palm offer a range of hand painted Ceramic dildos and butt plugs which can be sterilized and are completely body safe. They have various shapes which come in very pretty designs the classic line has more traditional patterns with bright coloured paints, they also have the gold line which has a more luxury aesthetic. Persian Palm also offer the option to have a bespoke custom piece. You can design a special design or wording to be painted onto your dildo or butt plug.

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