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DSC_0336 I was given the EZ2Fuck silicone lubricant free of charge in return for my honest review by Meo.De I have a range of their items to review so please look out for them.

First of all EZ2Fuck is a silicone based lubricant that is safe to use with latex condoms which is great for when you need extra lubricant. It is recommended you use this product for anal use as silicone lube is very long lasting and the smallest drop goes a very long way.

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Lube, Reviews, Silicone Lube

Spunk Lube Silicone

DSC_0080 I was given the spunk lube silicone from STR8cam Jeff the creator and owner of Spunk Lube in return for my honest review.

Spunk lube silicone is made from 100% clear silicone, that is created from a blend of different pure silicones. It is designed to leave your skin feeling soft, it is none drying and is easier to wash off then most silicone lubes. Which let’s face it is a nightmare, I hate the fact that most silicone lubes I’ve tried are a pain to clean off my toys so Jeff has designed this lube with the fact it needs to be able to wash off in mind.

Spunk Lube Silicone does not contain any additives or preservatives and it is none staining and toy safe (Only used on toys that aren’t silicone!). So this means that you can used it on your favourite Glass, wood and metal toys. It also has an infinite shelf life due to the fact it doesn’t contain any additives or water, this means you can purchase some and it won’t have to be thrown away after a few months with half a bottle left.

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Spunk Lube Hybrid

DSC_0022 Spunk lube hybrid is a hybrid lubricant which is water based silicone. It has the appearance and viscosity of cum hence the name Spunk Lube.
I won this lube in a 3 pack from Spunk lube in a giveaway hosted by Thank you to both and Spunk Lube for giving me the chance to review this lube.

You can use Spunk Lube on almost any toy as it is water based it can be used with silicone toys and won’t affect the toy itself. It is a lot thicker than water based lube but has the added bonus of lasting longer like silicone lubes.
The appearance of Spunk lube is a white almost see through colour much like spunk. It is a little creamy but can be smudged around and isn’t stringy like Bad Dragon cum lube. After a while it starts to go clear which I would expect cum to do. It smells almost like PVA glue often used in arts and crafts.

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Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube

DSC_0027 The Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube pack was given to me in return for my honest review by Sliquid.

The Sliquid Essential Lube Cube contains 12 5ml sachets of the essentials Lube range. These are 2 x Sliquid Silk, 2x Sliquid Silver, 2 x Sliquid H2O,2 x Sliquid Sassy, 2 x Sliquid Sea and 2x Sliquid Satin.

The Lube Cube is great for those who have not yet tried Sliquid ‘s products and want to try out a few without having to purchase full bottles in case they do not like the products. Also the lube Cube is idea for women who travel a lot and want to carry a selection of lubes but are limited to the amount of lube they bring. The sachets are very small and are similar in size and shape to a condom wrapper so will easily fit into a purse or pocket for when you’re out and about and need a quick lube up.

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Sliquid Silver

DSC_0021 Sliquid Silver was given to me by Belle De Soir in return for my honest review thank you Belle De Soir.

Sliquid Silver is a silicone lubricant which is long lasting and waterproof. It is made of a concentrated blend of medical grade silicones. However it does stain sheets!

The Testing of this lube was pretty tricky to say the least. It is supposed to have no smell however I was able to indicate an antibacterial hand gel smell, it may be my nose is slightly sensitive but it can only be smelt when right by my nose which isn’t an issue for me. When pouring the lube onto my dildo I was shocked at how fast it came out, the lube is extremely runny and dripped all over my bed sheets as it was unable to stay on my dildo. When masturbating with the lube I noticed how easy it was to glide the dildo in my vag it was really smooth. The lube is really oily so after I was done I washed it off with warm water and soap however I couldn’t get all of the oily residue off my skin, it did leave it feeling smooth though.

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