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Deluxe LUMUNU Mini Wand

DSC_0180 I was given the Deluxe LUMUNU Mini Wand and attachments in return for my honest review from the folks over at LUMUNU. I would like to thank them for letting me review for them and being able to bring my readers some reviews of their products.

The LUMUNU MINI Wand is made from silicone and is 100% waterproof. It has 8 Different vibration speeds and 10 different patterns. This wand is also rechargeable. The head of the Wand is flexible and can bend to accommodate your favoured angle. The LUMUNU Mini Wand is very powerful and even on the low setting feels extremely powerful. It says it is whisper quiet however it is one of the loudest wands I own nothing like as loud as the doxy but quite loud for a wand it’s size.

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LUMUNU Glass beaded dildo

DSC_0190 I received the LUMUNU Glass Beaded Dildo free of charge in return for my honest review by the lovely folks at LUMUNU.

I picked out this glass dildo because I am really lacking on glass toys. So I looked at the texture and the colours and thought yep this is the dildo for me. The LUMUNU Glass Beaded Dildo is essentially two dildos in one. You have the first end which is a straight shaft that features a bulbous head which is perfect for that fast vigorous thrusts I need to stimulate my g spot. Then you have the triple beaded side this features three spherical shaped balls that in essence join on top of each other.

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LUMUNU Crazy Boy – Crazy Bull Cockring

DSC_0025I was sent the bull cockring in return for my honest review by LUMUNU. The fact I was given this cock ring free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review at all.

This little bull is just cute! Don’t you think? It is just so detailed with the horns and feet. The eyes light up yes that right when you turn the bullet on a red light comes on and this shows through its eyes like it has little angry eyes. Okay I may be being a little excited about this cock ring but it’s adorable!

DSC_0024So this cock ring has one speed and features a little bull face and horns and even a little beard which rests against the cock. It only comes in one colour which is black and has a bullet vibe inserted through its head which can be removed for cleaning or even if you don’t want the vibrations.

So Mr needed a lot of lube to get this little monster on! It was such a tight squeeze and I don’t think it was comfortable for him at all. When turned on the vibration is a strong buzzy vibe which when Mr thrust it pushed against my clit. This really did get me aroused and I enjoyed using the cock ring. However I feel Mr wasn’t as comfortable as I was. He finished and then used the cock ring to stimulate my clit this worked extremely well and I grew more horny so I carried on using the cock ring to stimulate me and I had a lovely blended orgasm spurting as I came. I didn’t stop the vibes spurring me on again I orgasmed. I have to say this little fella made me see red until I orgasmed.

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oRQhs-IzI received the G Spot S5 vibe free of charge from LUMUNU in return for my honest review.

The S5 is a G spot vibrator made from 100% silicone and it is waterproof as well as rechargeable. It features a clitoral bump I would say instead of an arm. I think that if your clit is quite close to your vag then you might be able to reach the arm but my clit couldn’t get much stimulation from the arm.

The S5 has 7 vibration intensities and 6 modes. To turn on the vibe you hold the + and – down for 3 second simultaneously. To turn the vibrations on press + then to increase the speed of vibration press + to decrease the speed press -. Then you can change the mode by pressing the 0 button this cycles through the modes. To turn off the Vibe you hold the + and – together for 3 seconds.

I really like the bright fire engine red colour of this vibe I don’t have many red vibes and this stands out when I look for which I will use due to the fantastic colour!

fbbn5rVtI lubed up the S5 and turned it onto the low setting placing the vibe inside me I immediately noticed the girth. The plump tip pushed firmly against my gspot. I rocked the vibe then circled it enticing my g Spot to grow larger and aroused. I turned up the vibe gradually increasing the speed the vibrations where rumbly and carried really well through the silicone. When the S5 was fully inserted into my vagina I could not get the clitoral arm to line up with my clit so took the vibe out to run across my vulva and back inside me again. I turned the pulsations on the second one was the deepest vibrations and felt great throbbing inside my vagina. I switched to high speed wanting to come I spurted out a fountain whilst running the shaft over my clitoris. I then turned the S5 over so the curve was facing away from me and my clit rested on the back of the vibe this gave me more pressure against my clit as I rubbed and stroked myself to orgasm.

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LUMUNU Wand and Rabbit Attachment

GzB4aa5d I was sent the LUMUNU Wand and Rabbit Attachment free of charge by LUMUNU in return for my honest review.

The Wand itself is in-between a large and small wand so I would say a medium in size with a silicone head. The attachment itself has a spiralling detail that goes all the way around the shaft. The clitoral Arm is triangular in shape and features lots of bump and nodule texture, this textured arm spreads out the labia for a more spread out stimulation.

The wand is rechargeable like most of the LUMUNU products so make sure you charge it beforehand so there is no disappointment when it comes to turning it on. A LED light will turn on when the Wand is being charged.

Lumunu wand+ attachmentThe controls on this Wand are very easy to navigate. First of all the speed of the vibrations are controlled by a wheel, that you simple scroll up to turn on and increase the vibrations, and scroll down to decrease the vibrations and turn off the wand. Now for the clever bit this wand has a pulsation setting, this is turned on by holding down the purple button on the side of the wand to have a continuous pulsation you need to hold the button down for as long as you wish it to pulsate for.

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Deluxe Oral Vibrator Set

DSC_0297This was sent to us by Lumunu for an honest review. When i first received the product i was quite excited to try it, as this was my very first vibrating masturbator. When it comes to masturbators i like to see what the product is made of and to the standard the company likes to have with their products, i was impressed to see that the product is kept in nice packaging but it’s not long lasting packaging which is a disappointment when storing the product.

DSC_0298When it came to the feeling of the product, i first tested it with my fingers to see how much depth is in the texture of the masturbator. The texture of the masturbator has very short but strong waves, the waves are well known for the oral texture. Once it came to using the product for what its made for i first lubricated the product before use, also lubricating myself before fully inserting myself into the sleeve. When it came to insertion it was very easy to slide in, but became a very uncomfortable feeling when fully inserted. As it looks in the product is that the battery compartment becomes a tightening spot within the sleeve, i believe this is to make it more of an oral like feel to it. I was not fond of the tight space at the end of the sleeve as it became quite painful, i have to say that the vibrations that it comes with are very powerful and very pleasurable but the tight space causes a too much frustration and pain to enjoy them fully.

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Frog Prince

sYaNI0J3I was given the Frog prince in return for my honest review by Lumunu, My personal experience with this company has been amazing they are quick to answer any queries’ and are very polite and welcoming when emailing me. They make some great products and need to be more noticed.

The frog prince Vibrator is in-between a classic and mini vibe size I thought it would be a mini vibe however when it came it is big enough to use as an insertable vibe too. It is made of silky soft silicone that doesn’t collect dust which some silicone’s do. The Frog prince is rechargeable and comes with a USB charge wire which will only need charging for 4 hours to give you 4 hours of play usage.

qJ9qIrspThe Frog Prince has 10 vibration settings 3 speeds and 7 patterns. To turn on the vibe you press the power button to then to start the vibration you need to press the button above it, you can press this button again to cycle through the settings. Here is what comes in the box: A velvet storage pouch Lumunu Passion Products (for accessories), USB cable / charger, Aquaglide lubricant and English instructions. The cute little Frog design is what made me fall in love with this vibe it sort of looks like a pink version of Kermit with a happy smiley face it’s just super adorable.

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Deluxe Magic Wand Massager (Special Edition) – Lumunu

h0TR19Zx I was sent the Lumunu Deluxe Wand by Lumunu free of charge in return for my honest review they were very quick when shipping the wand to me although I was missing a charge cable so with a quick email they then sent me a new wire, a bottle of lube and also another of their velvet pouches, which was very kind of them.

The Deluxe Wand features a removable silicone cover for the head of the wand which in my mind is great because compared to my doxy wand which is none removable this means I can take it off to wash it more easily. The Deluxe Wand is re-chargeable and not mains powered which means I can use it anywhere and not worry about being near a plug socket or the wire getting tangled. To charge the Lumunu wand you just insert the wire into the base and then the USB into any USB port or a USB plug adapter and charge for 4 hours. This is what to expect in the box: A velvet storage pouch Lumunu Passion Products (for accessories), USB cable / charger, Aquaglide lubricant and english instructions.

9Ht4BpBZThe Lumunu Wand has 20 settings 10 of these are speed settings and another 10 are patterns. I like the way it is simple to allocate the speed on this wand compared to the doxy which when turned on starts at 75% power the LUMUNU starts when you press the power button it cycles through the speeds/ patterns when selecting a pattern you can press the * button which will heighten the speed much like the functions on the SIRI2 which I love. So this wand is super easy to use. The power on this wand is quite unique I was expecting it to be a lot less powerful than my doxy however it is quite the same just a little less powerful, I don’t use my doxy on full power so the Lumunu Wand is perfect for me and given the choice I would choose the Lumunu due to the fact it is half the price and has a removable silicone cover and is also rechargeable.

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