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Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set

DSC_0008 I was given the lelo Bridal Pleasure Set back in may in time to use and review on my honeymoon. I was given the Bridal Set Free of charge to review for Lelo and that is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

I was drawn to the Bridal Set simply because there are not many Sex toys or accessories that are marketed for the wedding night/ honeymoon. This seems odd when it is such a bonding time between a couples. Whilst in the middle of my Wedding Planning I was scouring the web for novelty wedding toys and nothing came up.

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Lelo Tiani 24K Gold

DSC_0376 I received the Lelo Tiani 24K gold couples vibrator was given to me in return for my honest review by Lelo. The fact I was given this product Free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

I have to admit when I saw the Tiani 24K I really was dreading using it. We haven’t had much luck with couples vibes, The We –Vibe 4Plus was horrible and hurt us both, the Pulse 2 Duo was a let down on the women’s side. So you can see why we wasn’t expecting much form the Tiani 24k.

The Lelo Tiani 24K is a wearable vibrator that is also controlled by a remote. The remote also vibrates when in use this can be used to stimulate nipples or balls. The Tiani 24K is made from body safe silicone and it also has a 24K gold band around the external shaft. It also has 2 motors which means it super powerful and Has 8 settings. You can also use the Tiani 24K in the bath as it is waterproof. Like all good vibes it is rechargeable. It is available in three colours, Hot Cerise, Deep rose and Black personally I think the black goes really well with the gold overlay and it screams class.

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Lelo Lily 2

DSC_0172I received an advanced sample of the Lily 2 from Lelo in return for a blog post and a review the fact I got this free of charge is not going to affect my outcome of this review. Lelo are a great company that are the makers of the one and only Siri 2 I always rave about they make amazing quality luxury sex toys You should check them out!

This is the first time I have come across a scented vibrator before. I am sure it is somewhat a novelty thing but I really don’t mind my vibrators smelling of nothing it is strange for a vibe to smell I mean a good quality plastic or silicone vibe won’t smell of anything which gives me the confidence to know that it is made from the material stated. Although I get the novelty of choosing a scent like a car air freshener or a spray but am I going to be bothered about how my vibrator smells when I am close or orgasm? I think not.

I received the Lavender and Manuka scent. I really was hoping I would like it but I don’t any it isn’t going to make things more sensual for me the chocolate and Bordeaux maybe but lavender? Its just not going to work for me which is a shame. To smell the scent you have to place the lily 2 under your nose which means getting real close to the vibe. This means it isn’t a strong smell and you might struggle to smell it if you have a weak sense of smell.

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Lelo lily 2 First impressions

Lelo have just release a new vibrator. The Lily 2 is an upgraded version of the Lily and Nea. I haven’t had the chance to review those so I wouldn’t know what they were like. The Lily 2 is infused with fragrances created by Lelo.

I received the Lavender colour which is (Lavender and Manuka Honey) fragranced. However the sound of the Plum ( Bordeaux and Chocolate) sounds more appealing to me. I mean wine and chocolate are my two fave things other than sextoys of course. You can also get Pink which is (Rose and Wisteria) scented i do not know what wisteria is it sound like hysteria but anyway i like roses.

Smelling this vibe was weird for me and I sort of missed that new vibe smell. However though it is scented it isn’t really strong at all. The Lavender one smells unusually sweet and berrylike even though it hasn’t got berry in there I reckon it was the honey tricking my nose. I would much rather have this fragrance in a massage oil.

Like I said it isn’t a strong fragrance however if you are allergic to any fragrances keep this in mind. As there is nothing that states what is used to fragrance the Lily 2 or the ingredients I wouldn’t be able to tell if there where harsh chemicals in there especially for those who have sensitives bits.

The Lily 2 although ABS plastic has a soft smooth coating which is silky to touch. It is also rechargeable and 1005 waterproof. Which let’s face it is pretty basic for lelo toys. It also has simple controls: push the right button to turn on and cycle through speeds. Push the left button to cycle through the speeds and turn it off. You can also lock the Lily 2 by holding the 2 buttons together until the lights turn off. It has a run time of 4 hours for every 2 hour charge session.

So my first impressions are i am kind of confused about the whole scent thing and i wish i had tried teh lily so i could compare the two and see what updates they have made other then the scent.

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Lelo Luna Smart Bead

DSC_0064 I Won the Lelo Luna Smart bead in the ETO Show blog spot giveaway. I owe all of the companies who sponsored the giveaway and Cara Sutra, Voluptasse and Talk smut for making the blog spot an amazingly comfortable bloggers den at the ETO Show It is the whole reason I entered the giveaway I have had my eye on the Luna for ages now it has been on my wish list and I was eventually going to purchase it. I saw it was up for grabs at the ETO Show and entered there where a lot of great prizes I won but this is the one I was most excited about. I have only ever used the inner goddess balls before and they were awful I wanted to experience Kegel exercise at its best.

When I received all my goodies I opened them up and there the Smart Bead was and I was even more surprised when I opened the box it was the colour I wanted deep rose! I read through the manual and inserted the AAA battery needed to turn it on.

At first I couldn’t work out the settings and turned it on the constant vibrate mode once inserted I realised this was wrong. I pressed held the button to turn it off and then pressed it again a little light flashed a couple of times then it gave me I think 3 minutes to insert the Smart Bead without the vibrations on. Once I was comfy I waited for the 3 quick pulses to indicate the exercise cycle had started and away I went kegeling.

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LELO Ina Wave

DSC_0096I have been waiting for an Ina Wave for ages it was on my wishlist and as soon as I saw the Wave Motion technology on a rabbit vibe my pussy ached for it. I have to thank my friends over at Belle de Soir for giving me the chance to review this for them they pulled some strings and got me an Ina Wave in Ocean Blue which I thank them hugely for however the fact I have been wanting to try this doesn’t affect the outcome of this review at all.

The Ina Wave is a rabbit style vibrator that offers intense powerful vibrations with the added advantage of shaft that rubs your g spot in a come hither motion this most commonly used to have a g-spot orgasm, or squirting orgasm. Lelo state that it is “The first dual-action vibrator that rises and plunges for intense simultaneous clitoral and g-spot massage” that said I wonder if it actually does do what it says on the tin?

The Ina Wave has 10 vibration settings and is fully water proof. It is a very intense vibrator so probably not the best for those who are just starting to explore sex toys. The Ina Wave is covered in silky soft silicone all over even the buttons are silicone unlike the Siri2 which has a plastic handle and buttons. Ina Wave has 10 unique vibration settings, to turn on or off the Ina Wave you press the middle indented button on the control panel. You press the + to increase the intensity of the vibrations. You can press the – to decrease the intensity of the vibrations. Push the ^ to cycle though the stimulation modes. And the v to go back through the stimulation modes. The Ina Wave automatically remembers and saves the last setting you were on so that the next time you use your Ina Wave it will be in that specific mode. Clever? Huh!

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