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Doxy Number 3

I was very lucky to receive the Doxy Number 3 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Crimson Princess. Crimson Princess are a UK based retailer who offer a wide range of affordable sextoys, so if you haven’t already checked their website out go do so! As always the fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

Doxy Number 3 essentially a smaller version of the Doxy Die Cast. My previous experience with Doxy wands are they are amazing but heck there overly large and after a while you’re bound to get dead arm. Well my prayers where answered and they made a smaller version.

The Doxy Number 3 came in a slim box which has the Doxy lettering across the front this is covered in a cardboard sleeve which has a picture of the Doxy Number 3. The Doxy Number 3 is definitely more comfortable to handle compared to the bigger sibling the Doxy Die Cast, it also feels half the weight which is fab like I mentioned previously I am prone to getting Dead Arm when using the Doxy Die Cast too long.

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Doxy Die Cast

20160321_131232I was given the Doxy Die cast by the lovely Belle De Soir who I have worked with the past year to provide reviews for my blog. They are a great UK based sex toy company that have amazing deals and great customer service. The fact I was given this this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

After my amazing experience with the Doxy Wand and the Doxy Skittle I was eager to get my hands on the Doxy Die Cast. Rumour has it the Die Cast Doxy Wand has more power, is more rumbly and it just a lot better than the Original Doxy Wand. So I was over the moon when Belle De Soir told me they would send me one to review.

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Doxy Skittle

DSC_0175When I was emailed by Belle De Soir and asked if I wanted to review a Doxy Skittle you can imagine how excited I was and I wasn’t exactly going to decline was i? So I was sent the doxy Skittle the next working day free of charge in exchange for my honest review in this blog post. Belle de Soir are an amazing company and they have been very supportive of my blog you should go and take a look at them!

The Doxy Skittle is stuff of dreams when I use my Doxy Wand I often wish that I could insert it however this isn’t possible due to the shape of the Doxy and I really wouldn’t advise trying to either it could end in a trip to A&E. well Doxy have now made a powerful vibrator that can be inserted which is amazing without leaving out the option to have a flat surface for external stimulation.

The Doxy Skittle is a little oddly shaped but it works it has a skittle type girthy base that enabled you to handle it really well. This then flattens off to where there is a small oval shaft. This shaft is where the magic happens it moves when the vibrations are turned on. The shaft wiggles and writhes. Along the flat top there is also a little nub this nub can be used to stimulate the clitoris or the perineum. Turning the Doxy Skittle into a Dual action stimulator. The Doxy Skittle is of course mains powered and made from lovely silicone and abs plastic.

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Doxy Wand

DSC_0059The power tool of the sex toy world! I had to get myself a wand vibrator so I opted for the doxy which looked more modern then the body wand. I needed to see what all the fuss was about. I considered myself to need a lot of power to reach climax I did indeed learn a valuable lesson from my doxy wand.

DSC_0060The doxy is mains powered once plugged in and switched on it automatically vibrated ¾ of the full power so I needed to press the minus button to reduce the vibrations to low not wanting to go in all full force. Let’s just say this wand is a beast big and powerful yet disguised by the sophisticated look of the wand it hides a lot of the fact that it’s a mains powered orgasm machine. So this is incredible to use held against my clit for a few seconds and I have immense powerful orgasms. It doesn’t pin point vibrations it kind of vibrates across your whole vulva making a great kind of feeling that gets me so aroused it is unreal.

Another time I tried the doxy against my clit while my Mr was fucking me it was fabulous I really felt the vibrations vibrating deep inside my vulva while his cock pounded in and out of me relentlessly and it is totally worth trying out. I prefer to use my doxy with my partner. I held it against his balls and he was in fits of giggles saying it tickled but also felt great.

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