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Platinum TRUSKYN – The Tru Touch

DSC_0379I was given the Tru Touch dildo free of charge in return for my honest review for Doc Johnson. I asked to review something from the new dual density range and I was sent this along with the Tru Ride for a review.  The fact I was given the Tru Touch free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

Now Dual Density is something made from two firmness’s. Now we are talking about silicone in this case. The dildo has a firm core of silicone that is then coated in a softer much more flexible silicone. This replicates the feeling of skin over muscle. Making this dildo feel a lot more realistic then say your average silicone dildo.

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Platinum TRUSYKN The Tru Ride

DSC_0382 I was sent the Doc Johnson Platinum TRUSKYN The Tru Ride in return for my None Bias review free of charge from doc Johnson the fact I was given this dildo free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. I have previously reviewed for Doc J, when I found out they have created a new Dual Density silicone dildo I had to ask for one to review.

Now this time last year I did not even own a single Dual density silicone dildo. In fact I hadn’t even heard of such a thing. So what is TRUSKYN and what has dual density got to do with it? Well Dual density silicone is a product, say a dildo which has a very firm inner core of hard silicone it is then coated in a softer more skin like silicone layer. The top layer is more like skin whereas the core feels quite muscular. Creating a more realistic feel. Doc Johnson have decided to call their Dual Density line TRUSKYN I kinda like the name.

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Beauty With Supreme Harness

DSC_0297The Beauty with harness set was given to me in my review package from Doc Johnson, They gave me the set free of charge in return for my honest review. When I chose the Beauty dildo I wanted something Vac u Lock compatible to go on my Fuck machine. Not only did we receive the dildo but we received the dildo and harness set which is very generous of Doc Johnson!

In The Beauty Supreme Harness set you will get, one platinum silicone Beauty dildo, one black Supreme Harness, One black Vac-U-Lock Plug, and Two O shaped Rings, Vac-U-lock Powder, and instructions.

DSC_0296The Beauty Dildo offers both texture and girth the girth is graduated and you can work up from a small amount of girth to quite a lot when you use this dildo fully. The Beauty is in a lovely pink colour and is made from 100% platinum cure silicone. The Beauty is 7 inches in length which is big and may not be for the faint hearted but depending on the position this dildo is used in you may not be able to take all of the dildo fully. The Beauty features a circled wave of 3 loops which are placed one quarter to 3 quarters in along the shaft this created a large amount of texture which should start at the place which is most likely to stimulate your g spot.

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Mood Breezy

DSC_0303I received the Mood Breezy in the review package sent to me by Sunny for Doc Johnson. This was given to me free of charge for my honest review.

The Doc Johnson Mood range is colourful and inviting. We have previously reviewed a mood stroker we purchased. The Mood range I think has the target audience of the younger audience, the box and design of the packaging is simple and well thought out.

The breezy is a 7 Speed massager, which is USB chargeable. Now I didn’t know this until I un-screwed the bottom of the heart shape to insert batteries then to my surprise I saw a USB prong sticking out the top half. This just plugs into any USB port either on a computer or mains USB plug. When the Breezy is fully charged it will have a run time of 4 hours.

The breezy I got is the purple one I love colour so it just seemed right I chose something bright. The plastic is smooth and has a sort of matt like coating to it. It doesn’t collect dust like silicone vibes do so this may be something to consider if you have pets.

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The Amazing Web Shooter – Super Hung Heroes

DSC_0289We attended the ETO Show this year and met some great people. One of those people was from Doc Johnson. I was browsing the Vac U lock Dildos for attachments to use on my fuck machine when. I was asked if I needed help, I said I was fine but if you want you can have my card. Scott he is one of the managers at Doc Johnson introduced himself and we stood talking for around about 45 minutes I was told about the factory process of the realistic cocks and how they are hand painted. Scott was so welcoming he said he would sort me out and send me some review products.

DSC_0293I received and email back from Sunny on behalf of Scott she was so welcoming and just as friendly as Scott. I choose some items which was a task in itself they have thousands of sex toys to choose from! I sent sunny the list and she said she would send me not one but all that I selected!!

So here is my review of the Amazing Web shooter thanks to Doc Johnson and the lovely staff who have sent me this dildo to review in return for my honest opinion.

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The Original Realistic Cock

DSC_0143I received the Realistic Cock as a birthday gift from this was very generous of them. They are quite a friendly bunch over at Segzi.

So I received my original cock which is modelled after an actual penis. I do not know who’s but someone somewhere has the penis that is an exact replica of this dildo. The Realistic Cock features a really strong suction cup. And a set of rather large balls.

The Realistic cock is 7 inches in length (other lengths available) the design I have is the sil-r-gel dildo it is phthalate free and is moulded directly from a real life cock. Although it doesn’t say who’s I would’ve liked a link or detail on the box but that’s just personal preference.

DSC_0144Okay so on the box it says “Do not attempt to warm this products in a microwave or conventional oven.” Okay I am not sure why you would want to warm up a dildo in a microwave before use but there is a warning anyway just in case.

The shaft has a lot of veins these are really pronounced and you can feel them during use. Obviously as you know I love my texture so the fact this has those veins adds to the stimulation when you use it. The tip of the cock features a nicely rounded bellend which I quite like the look of. Although the colour of this is a little too much of a dark pink too look realistic it still looks relatively nice and attractive.

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Mood Exciter

DSC_0059Almost a year ago from now i received my first ever sex toy/masturbator as a present from Kimberley, this is due to her having sex toys and me being left in the dark alone without a sex toy at all. Once i got to have a look at the so call “Mood Exciter” i believed it was a snowman masturbator due to its curvy shape, back then i believed that it was too big for me and that theirs no point but i still gave it a go to see what all the hipe is about when it comes to all these “Masturbators”.

The Mood Exciter comes with a very silky and smooth texture, but also is very squishy like a kids toy. This didn’t put me off as its something that I kind of expected, the texture of the sleeve was very odd to me as there were two holes and there are two types of textures. After a bit of research i understood that this is to do with one being oral and the other being vaginal, or also known as a “Double Ended Ergonomic Design”. In use this product likes to focus on giving your bellend the time of its life, with the double ended design there are two different types of textures that will focus on your bellend and the other on the shaft. This can be reversed by putting your cock through the other hole, the one texture being a bumpy bubble based texture and the other being a ribbed type texture which means that both designs can be equally stimulating as the other.

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The Heavenly Heart

DSC_0132 The Heavenly Heart is part of the Doc Johnson Wonderland collection. I brought the Heavenly Heart from simply pleasure during a sale.

The Heavenly Heart is a battery powered mini vibe which can be used for both external and internal stimulation it features 3 raise heart shapes on the shaft which then forms to a rounded heart shape at the tip this has a round nodule on the back for pin point stimulation of the g spot or clitoris. The Heavenly Heart features a push button control which you use to cycle through the 3 speeds and 7 pulsation patterns. The button lights up when it is pressed on. The heavenly Heart is also fully waterproof.

When using this vibe internally I can use the heart tip to scoop /massage my g spot and if I turn it around I can use the nub to give my g spot more pin point stimulation. By rubbing the nub around my g spot it makes it swell and become more easy to access once this is achieved I flip it back round so that I can massage it with the heart as this is a more gentle stimulation on my swollen g spot. The 3 Heart texture along the shaft adds some much needed texture to this toy which give more stimulation.

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DSC_0041I purchased The PleasurePillar from Simply Pleasure in a sale they had just before Christmas. I was eager to see how my g spot would react to a vibrator and not my fingers.
The pleasurepillar has 10 speeds well 3 speeds and 7 patterns and its waterproof. The curved rounded head is designed to rub against the g-Spot to create great g-spot Stimulation. This is a handy little vibe that is discreet.

It was Christmas Eve and I wore a miss Santa dress up suit I purchased from Ann summers and Mr wore his jingly bells cock sock. We decided we wanted to get a little messy so Mr grabbed the Pleasure Pillar and we headed down stairs with the living room being a lot easier to clean.

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Mystical Mushroom

DSC_0046 As a squirter I crave g spot stimulation I brought this vibe expecting at least a little stimulation. The Mystical Mushroom is a unique vibe that has 10 functions which can be controlled by the push button at the base of the vibe which I don’t really like, I loath Push Buttons for the fact of you can’t go back just flick through till you reach the setting again.

The Silicone on this vibe is very smooth and can be quite draggy. The shape of the mushroom makes insertion a little awkward I had to tilt it somewhat to get it at the right angle to insert. Once inserted you can definitely feel the presence of the vibe the point on the mushroom sticks out a lot. When pressed against my g spot it almost pokes it to the point where it’s irritating. Thrusting the dildo to rub my g spot was awful it was quite painful as the point on the tip of the mushroom felt like it was sticking into my s gpot not rubbing it. It is a fail at g spot stim however the point on the mushroom means it can be used for pin point clitoral stimulation which is great I don’t think the design makes this toy very G spot friendly and it really irritated the fuck out of me.

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