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Stan The T-Rex

DSC_0142   I recieved the Stan dildo in return for my honest review by my all-time favourite company Bad Dragon. The fact I got this product free of charge will not affect my review. So I haven’t been able to give a bad review to a bad dragon toy as of yet let’s see if Stan breaks the mould.

So I was thinking what dildo to get it was really difficult to choose between bumble hooves and Stan I liked both designs but decided to review Stan as I believe I am the first to do a review on Stan. Stan is not a dragon themed dildo in fact it is actually a T-rex based dildo. Bad Dragon released the Stan during their Dragon island theme. They released a series of dildos and masturbators in time for a new dino move that was due to come out.

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Bad Dragon, Dildo, Material, Reviews, Silicone, Type

Chance Flared

I purchased the Chance Flared simply because of the colour pattern. Now bad dragon do THE best colourations ever! And I have before purchased a toy just for the colour take the Sleiphnir for example Or the Meng.

DSC_0040Now I hadn’t really wanted a Chance before I know it resembles a horse penis and for this reason I chose I didn’t want one however when I was browsing the Bad Dragon Adoptions I saw it and Mr exclaimed “it’s a Titan Penis!” okay I am going to have to clue you guys in. So me and Mr watch this anime called “Attack On Titan” now this is about some BFG type Zombie humans attacking the world and basically they eat people. Now there are types the colossal and armoured that have extra powers like extra strength and speed. The colossal has flesh tone covering a muscular type under layer the layers are ripped and you can see the red muscles underneath. Now The Colossal is Taller than the other Titans so this dildo was very apt the green flesh colour with the red seeping through resembles the Colossal.

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Dragon’s Tongue

DSC_0044When I first happened to come across bad dragon it was by typing in “the strangest dildos” into google I wanted to see the most strangest and unusual dildos out there. And the dragons tongue was 10 on a list of freaky masturbators and weird looking vibes. I clicked the link to Bad Dragon and then I thought wow I want a dragon tongue dildo!

After searching through the ready-made section I wasn’t sure how bad dragon worked I hadn’t ever seen a company that lets you customise dildos before. And I fell in love searching the Bad Dragon site for hours each day I readily became familiar with the process of customise and flops and ready-made. The first bad dragon I got was Meng though and not the dragon tongue I wanted. I was waiting for the right colour to come up in a ready-made. It did and I couldn’t buy it because I had no pennies at the time and someone snagged it.

DSC_0043 Since then I have eagerly kept my eye on the Dragon’s Tongues in the adoption section. I had acquired a lot of BD dildos before I finally got a Tongue. Bad Dragon has been releasing birth stone colours each month now I was unsure what to get in mine as Mr decided he would get me something in the “Diamond” colour for my birthday pressie. So I chose the tongue it wasn’t what I had in mind for the colour of the tongue but with it being my birthstone it would be extra special.

So Mr ordered my custom Medium Dragons tongue, in firm firmness with Diamond colouration. I chose medium because its about time I went up a size before BD I used small toys now I have become somewhat of a size queen and have gone up to a Medium bad dragon size which small from bad dragon usually equals a large anywhere else so yeah it’s a big leap. The Diamond colour is a pearlescent white with a hint of blue shimmer through it, I was curious as to how BD was going to show the diamond colour as diamonds have hues of all colours in them they seem to be clear and colourless but shine a rainbow of colours in the light, I think BD did a great job!

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DSC_0048I was searching the Adoptions on BD when I had placed my Tongue in the basket and I saw a Sleiphnir the dildo didn’t appeal to stand out to me before but it was in a nice light blue/teal colour with purple splodges on. It reminded me of Sully the monster, I just had to have it with a little bribing and begging to Mr he added it to the cart and brought me not one but two BD dildos for my birthday. I now refer to my Sleiphnir as the Sully penis.

DSC_0046Sleiphnir was a ready-made in a size Small, firmness of Soft and colour of rogue (tealy blue and purple).  Sleiphnir is a horse based penis it is a mythological horse, I basically chose this toy for the colour which can happen if you see the amazing colour combos BD produce. The main thing is this dildo has a lot of girth and I mean it is a hunk of round stretching silicon.

Sleipnir has sort of a scaly finish along the shaft this dildo has a huge amount of girth but it also has great texture and is not as plain as say the Chance horse dildo is so maybe if you are looking for a horse penis dildo but want more texture then the Sleiphnir will be just what you are looking for.

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Trent The Triceratops

6FJEmZUu When I saw Bad Dragon had released a Triceratops Dildo I was practically drooling I went through a dino faze as a child it started with Barney then escalated to triceratops which soon become my favorite dino. So I contacted Bad Dragon and asked if I could review Trent for them. Having spent my budget already on two dildos from them I couldn’t buy him which I was devastated about.

FIaAqTBhSteven got back to me and said he was currently looking for reviews on Trent so my luck was in and I was shipped a Trent. My Trent is a Medium in Firm firmness with a suction cup. The colour I chose was Big Tops because I think that I couldn’t have chosen a better colour for Trent it is so realistic for a triceratops. I chose the suction Cup because although I have 9 Bad Dragon dildos none of them have a suction cup so I wanted to see how well it would suction itself to stuff.

This dildo is a beauty the girth is amazing and it larger than a shaft on my Bruce so Trent is a very hefty Beast. Towards the base of the shaft the muscular sections also have amazingly lifelike vein detailing which is barely visible but you can definitely feel the veins protruding from the shaft. The suction cup is built into the base. The base has a slight curve indentation so that it can suction to stuff far more better looking than dildos which have a round suction cup protruding out of the base. The suction cup Works relatively well and sticks to almost anything without falling out of place and it one of the strongest suction cups I have experienced.

e6baScIdI wanted to try Trent with the suction cup in use however I was out of spaces to stick him so I opted for the bathroom toilet seat there is enough room in there so I could be comfortable and have an amazing jack of session without worrying about getting a cramp.

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Bad Dragon Cum Lube

DSC_0178Bad Dragon is famous for their Cum Lube which can be used with their cum tube option when choosing Cum Tube compatible toy you receive a bottle of cum lube in your order along with a syringe which is hygienically packed in a non-opened surgical like packaging like the ones you see in hospitals minus the sharp needle of course the end of the Cum Tube fit perfectly on the syringe and you then use the syringe to push the Cum Lube trough the Cum Tube though your dildo thus ending in your toy being able to cum.

DSC_0186Bad Dragon Cum Lube is made to look and feel like real cum. The Cum Lube is a white- clear in colour and doesn’t have any smell it reminds me of the PVA glue I used to use in primary school. Taking the cap off to fill the syringe I found the Bad Dragon Cum Lube strings out and is very messy the stringiness was super stringy much like a cheese string, or mozzarella cheese, it’s that stringy. And loads of fun to play with. Cum Lube stains so be careful not to ruin your favourite sheets. I loved the look and feel of cum lube it is very realistic looking the consistency of the Cum Lube is exactly like cum. I used it with my Hanns as it has a Cum Tube I really liked the feel of it spurting into me it felt like it should a wet sticky mess was between my legs and I loved that feeling. I had never seen anything like this before and I was mesmerised by it so much so after masturbation I rubbed it from my vag and started rubbing my clit covering it in fake Cum this experience was super arousing for me. I had also never used a toy that could cum before my Hanns and I can say Bad Dragon has done a great job at making it as realistic as they can.

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Bruce The Shark

dynJaibAI have been longing to own a Bruce The Shark  for so long now. So I contacted Bad Dragon to ask for a product to review to my surprise they asked me which I would like to review well I love all their dildos but I figured now was the time to get a Bruce. So Bad Dragon sent me Bruce in return for my unbiased review which is amazingly kind of them.

My Bruce is the standard size as this dildo only has one size option however this equals to a medium from bad dragon. The firmness I chose was firm this is because I knew I was going to used Bruce for double penetration, and the firm would be easier to insert anally. I chose custom colours which turned out amazing the base is a dark blue and the shafts are a pale pink colour I wanted to make it realistic so that it could resemble my favourite cartoon character of a well-known film about fish. A great white shark who ironically has the same name as Bruce.

When I received my Bruce I was surprised how heavy the box was and also how big it was having previously only ordered small toys minus the Hanns which was one size but now classed as medium, I thought I couldn’t possibly take up that much room. Upon opening the box I pulled out the bad dragon labelled bag which was quite heavy and out came Brucie well I was shocked at the sheer size of him he was so large and very girthy. My initial thought was “This is going to be a challenge”.

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Hanns The Mandrake

DSC_0079 This flower looks gentle but is quite the giver taking no mercy when I come to taking all of him it’s divine.

My hanns is a readymade in the toy exclusive split marble, medium size and medium firmness with a cum tube. I’ve always wanted to try bad dragons cum tube as I love it when im filled with cum I was stuck for which toy to have one in until this hanns came up on the adoptions page.

DSC_0133The hanns the mandrake has a knott which is quite girth to say the least this coupled with the extremely girthy head is a girth lovers wet dream turned into a toy. The leaf detail on the base is incredible one of the leaves is full of little bumps which I assume is for clit stimulation. The shaft is bent towards the g spot. Is there anything this toy will not stimulate! Answer, no it gets all the right spots like it’s designed to. As I had mine with a cum tube it came with a bottle of bad dragons famous cum lube and a syringe to attach to the cum tube, the syringe comes in a hygienic sealed package like the ones you see the nurses at the hospital use minus the sharp pointy needle.

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Bruiser The Fusion

DSC_0151Poured with love. I never intended to buy a bruiser however I was browsing through bad dragon’s adoptions page when I was him. I was hoping no one else would grab him before I could and they didn’t. He is a flop the reason being that he has a defect on the bottom of the base which is excess silicone in the shape of a heart. How cute! The red heart on the blue base just made him so special.

DSC_0153I got my bruiser the fusion his flop reason was “Love poured into base” he is a medium firmness and a small size.When inserting him into my vag the step like texture felt good then I reached the Knot the girth overtaking from the slim shaft and it became a whole new experience. As I got over the Knot I found he stayed in place I reached for a bullet and as my vag started contracting with my climax the bruiser stayed firmly where I placed him. I found the knot to be a good design feature I could have clitoral orgasms while being stuffed with bruiser and my vag not being able to push him out the fullness was Divine. Thrusting him is also great as you can feel the step like texture on the shaft brush your walls of your vag it drives me crazy. Thrusting with the Knott made me feel my vag stretch but not too much so that it was just the right amount of pressure to cause ripples of pleasure.

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Nox The Night Drake

DSC_0004 Nox The Night Drake is not only a night drake but he likes to play anytime of the day. My Nox is called toothless I had him custom made to look like a certain night fury from a film which is about dragons. Having wanted to custom him, so he could be that bluish black I persuaded my Mr to treat me and pay to have him custom made.

DSC_0142Toothless is a custom made Small Nox in Halloween black with a firmness of firm. I wanted him made for thrusting as the Nox is curved so I knew he would be hitting my g-spot and my g-spot needs firm pressure in order for me to orgasm. I particularly liked the head on this dildo the shape was so smooth much like my Mr’s bell end that I adore I fell in love with the Nox’s shape. The Nox doesn’t have much texture it’s quite simple in that the curve makes up for the loss of detailing it has a rib cage/ muscle tissue effect on the bottom of the phallus but this isn’t as pronounced as the spines along the top side of the curve.

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