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Magnetize Rampant Rabbit

I was given the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Ann Summers. It has been a while since I reviewed a Rampant Rabbit, Ann Summers offered me the chance to review one of the new Magnetize collection. I picked the rampant Rabbit out. The fact I was given this Rampant Rabbit free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. Ann Summers are a household name and one of the first companies you hear about in regards to sex toys. I do recommend checking them out they do some gorgeous lingerie.

A magnetic vibrator? Technically yes however the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit isn’t going to stick to the fridge like a magnet. It has two magnets one situated in the bottom of the shaft and one in the ears.  These magnets are designed to increase blood flow to the area. Magnets have an effect of increasing the flow of red blood cells. Ann Summers have taken this and turned the Rampant Rabbit into a vibrator that will increase blood flow to heighten the sensations felt during masturbation. This will in theory give you more intense orgasms.

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Rock Chic Mini

DSC_0149I purchased the Rock Chic Mini from ann summers. I have previously used the rock chic but found the shaft too large for my liking and I was uncomfortable whilst using it. Since then rocks off brought the mini out and I am so glad they did.

The rocks off rock chic mini is a wearable g spot vibrator that offers both g spot and clitoral stimulation due to the shape of the silicone. It is a silicone sleeve which has a rocks off 7 speed bullet inserted into it. This can be removed for sterilization of the rock chic mini which is great if you are looking to share. The rock chic mini is 100% waterproof.

You are able to wear the Rock chic mini as a wearable sort of rabbit vibe just lay back and relax and let the rock chic do its job. You can however use the rock chic mini as a cow girl position type vibe where as you ride and grind and rock with the vibe inserted to give extra stimulation. This gives you a work out whilst you masturbate.

Rocks Off are well known for their bullets they are one of the most sought after most powerful bullets you will come across. A rocks off 120mm was my very first bullet vibe and I have had many since.

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The Golden One

ZmN_twayI received The Golden One from Ann Summers in return for my honest review. The golden One is limited edition and is the first Rampant Rabbit to be made with a hard plastic shaft the ears are a soft silicone to give your clit that soft feeling while you pussy get the hardness of the plastic.

The Golden One has two buttons the top one operates the shaft speed which you can choose from 3 speeds and 4 pulsating modes, you hold it for 3 seconds to turn on then press to cycle through the settings when you wish to stop the shaft vibrating you hold it for 3 seconds. The ears are controlled by the bottom button and to turn on the ears you hold for 3 seconds, to change the setting you press the button you can choose from the same 7 settings as the shaft, to stop the ears you hold the button for 3 seconds. I like the fact that you can have just the shaft vibrating r use just the ears as a clit stim because they are operated by different buttons, which I have never seen before on a rabbit.

Jie-tnGqThe Golden One is water proof so is perfect for all the water bunnies out there, It takes 3 AA batteries which are not included so bare this in mind when purchasing this vibe. The Golden one is a medium sized rabbit, Not as big as The Powerful One Or The Throbbing One but not as small as The MINI One or The Little Shaking One, It is a sort of in-between the small vibes and the bigger ones.

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The Ultimate O

SMqoktoVI purchased the ultimate o from Ann summers after hearing good things about it, it was designed by a woman who was unable to achieve orgasm and a gynaecologist for Ann summers in a documentary called sex toy stories.

The ultimate o features three fingers two which sit between each side of your clit and the outer labia and one that hovers just above the clit. When the middle one is pushed onto your clit it gives a boost of vibration enabling you to control the vibrations and pinpoint them on your clit as and when you wish. The Ultimate O is rechargeable and comes with a charger, it is made from super soft silicone. It features LED lights which change color as you select a different speed or pattern setting each has their own colour so it is easy to identify which setting it is on and which you like. It has a total of 7 settings to choose from using a push button control.

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Juicy Lube Coconut – Ann Summers

DSC_0245As flavoured lubes go ann summers do a lot of flavours in their own brand Juicy Lube. This lube is water based and is safe to use with sex toys and not only just sex toys but silicone toys too. So before you ready your dragon dildos for a BJ take a moment to hear my thoughts on the coconut flavoured Juicy Lube.

This lube is a thick clear lube is very sticky with it being flavoured lube I expected it to be sticky due to the sweet flavourings. The lube smells like coconut and upon taste testing this lube I noticed it did not really taste of coconut but it did taste like a certain alcoholic Caribbean drink that I usually have with coke. On that not I had to refrain myself from drinking the lube straight out of the tube to putting it to use on Mr’s cock. I am a fan of BJ’s and love my Mrs penis so any excuse to get up close and personal to his cock makes me happy. The lube was easy to apply however while rubbing it on him my hands go so sticky I did lick the lube from my fingers finding this to be arousing for both of us. Once he was covered in the shiny wet cover I licked his head tasting the coconut and went crazy with greed I then took him all in and sucked every last drop of lube of him. It is really yummy stuff.

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Rampant Rabbit – The Powerful One

DSC_0050This rabbit is great if you want a rave party or even just to use it as a light saber. Yes a rabbit that does indeed light up how cool is that. The neon pink led on the shaft makes this rabbit really fun definitely something to talk about with your partner and have a good old giggle.

The ears have 7 patterns of vibration 3 of which are speeds from low to high and the other 4 are patterns, the shaft itself also has 3 speeds high, medium and low. The controls are quite easy to work on this vibe it pictures the wave button you can press to flick through the speeds and a separate one for the speeds of the ears also and on and off power button.

TDSC_0233his is by far the best rampant rabbit I have ever had. The Powerful One has strong vibrations which I love. When it came to inserting this vibe I found the soft silicone side of the shaft fell smooth as it entered the entrance to my pussy. The firmness of the plastic side made sure it stuck in place the ears sat comfortably on either side of my clit without digging into it like the mini one they were sort of more rounder which made them less irritating. The Powerful One was all I wanted in a vibe firm yet smooth. Pretty yet simple and very very powerful. I had a pulse setting on the ears and a fast speed on the shaft this drove me crazy. I was able to thrust with The Powerful One because it had a handle which I could grasp to thrust. Trusting with The Powerful one worked me up into a frenzy of pleasure. I need a lot of firmness to pleasure myself and this was brilliant I felt the hardness of the plastic yet the silicone made it feel soft as well. The pulse setting was good for my clit leading me up to climax and back again I had so much stimulation from this rabbit it was truly incredible I did indeed have various orgasms during masturbating with the Powerful One.

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The Mini One

DSC_0056 They weren’t kidding when they said mini. This rabbit is micro with the whole rabbit filling my hand. The rabbit doesn’t have much of a handle at all to grip making it hard to control. The 7 speeds of vibration are confusing with this toy as it has one push control button to flick through the speed settings. This makes it annoying when mid orgasm and you accidentally push against it due to not having much space between the so called handle and the button. The 3 inch insertable length is great for beginners but it is not really user friendly with the strange way they’ve placed the controls.

The insertion of this rabbit is great the silicone feels smooth and non-draggy which is always pleasant. The ears are a bit out of place with the length of them being too long so they dug into my clit sometimes and needed to be readjusted so I could feel the vibrations. Unlike ann summers bigger rabbits it doesn’t have a speed for the shaft and separate speed for the ears you get pre-set setting which is kind of naff. I struggled to reach orgasm with this rabbit unable to thrust due to the non-existent handle and the fact I was being stabbed In the clit by the ears. After 3 separate times of trying this toy I gave up. Who was I kidding I was just torturing myself and reached out for my trusty rampant rabbit throbbing one instead.

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