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Fifty Shades Of Grey Tighten and Tense

The Fifty Shades of Grey Weekend Tighten and Tense Kegel balls are part of the range that was released for the first fifty shades film Called the Weekend Collection, they improved some of the original range of which I previously tried the horrid Metal ones that has a cord that got covered in gunk, it is safe to say they were binned a long time ago. The fifty shades of grey Tease and tense are made from body safe silicone this sits well with me as I love the feel of silicone and with it being silicone it is 100 % body safe.

These kegel balls are coated completely in lovely silicone which also has a silicone cord and attached to that chord is the pull tab this features the fifty shades of grey emblem. The silicone makes them easy to clean, they can also be sterilized with ten percent bleach solution to use between partners too.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey – Pure Pleasure Bullet

DSC_0006 I received the Rechargeable fifty shades of grey Pure Pleasure USB vibrating bullet free when I brought my 10 pound wand attachment. Really I got it free which is think is great and lovehoney always have amazing deals like this I have also reviewed a free vibe with a different order be sure to add this to your cart before you check out though so you can claim the offer. It will be added to your cart for free and you will receive it with your order free of charge.

The Pure Pleasure Bullet is rechargeable and comes with a charge wire that connects to any USB slot to charge it up. It has 7 settings 3 speeds low, med, high and 4 pulse patterns. It is fully waterproof and looks stunning. Compared to the “We Aim Not To Please” Bullet in the fifty shades range this bullet is a huge improvement! The low speed of the “we aim NOT to please” bullet is boring so much it didn’t even tickle my clitoris. This bullet however has an amazing amount of vibration. Pure Pleasure also very quiet which I didn’t expect from this bullet.

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The Heavenly Heart

DSC_0132 The Heavenly Heart is part of the Doc Johnson Wonderland collection. I brought the Heavenly Heart from simply pleasure during a sale.

The Heavenly Heart is a battery powered mini vibe which can be used for both external and internal stimulation it features 3 raise heart shapes on the shaft which then forms to a rounded heart shape at the tip this has a round nodule on the back for pin point stimulation of the g spot or clitoris. The Heavenly Heart features a push button control which you use to cycle through the 3 speeds and 7 pulsation patterns. The button lights up when it is pressed on. The heavenly Heart is also fully waterproof.

When using this vibe internally I can use the heart tip to scoop /massage my g spot and if I turn it around I can use the nub to give my g spot more pin point stimulation. By rubbing the nub around my g spot it makes it swell and become more easy to access once this is achieved I flip it back round so that I can massage it with the heart as this is a more gentle stimulation on my swollen g spot. The 3 Heart texture along the shaft adds some much needed texture to this toy which give more stimulation.

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Red Room Flogger

YXFCnLleI saw this flogger and fell in love I remembered reading the saucy scene in fifty shades of grey where the flogger plays an important role in the scene where Cristian uses it to whip Anna into a frenzy by using it on her belly.

I had to get it a soon as I saw Belle De Soir where stocking the limited edition red room collection this was my favourite piece and I brought it.
When it finally arrived I took the flogger out of the drawstring canvas bag and smelt the leather it was amazing this flogger is made of high quality hand crafted suede leather and is by far the best flogger I own the handle is firm and very easy to grip with its pleated leather detail. There is a safety strap to secure around your wrist in case you lose grip the flogger will fall to your side still attached you’re your wrist. The long suede tails on the flogger feel sharp yet soft and there are a lot of them. At the base of the floggers handle it features the Fifty Shades Of Grey emblem stamp which is a great feature to this incredible work of art.

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DSC_0041I purchased The PleasurePillar from Simply Pleasure in a sale they had just before Christmas. I was eager to see how my g spot would react to a vibrator and not my fingers.
The pleasurepillar has 10 speeds well 3 speeds and 7 patterns and its waterproof. The curved rounded head is designed to rub against the g-Spot to create great g-spot Stimulation. This is a handy little vibe that is discreet.

It was Christmas Eve and I wore a miss Santa dress up suit I purchased from Ann summers and Mr wore his jingly bells cock sock. We decided we wanted to get a little messy so Mr grabbed the Pleasure Pillar and we headed down stairs with the living room being a lot easier to clean.

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Tease Me Feather Tickler

FIW0p5JQI purchased the tease tickler from an unusual place to buy sex implements I got it from studio 24 which is a catalogue that sells household items to clothing. Anyway whilst doing my Christmas shop I came across the tease tickler in the gifts section of course I had to buy it and it was also reduced to £5.99 which is a great deal in itself. Having previously owned a few ticklers that have fallen apart within a few uses I was eager to see how this tickler would stand when being put to the test.

JSBN21Z7We used this during a sensual massage session where I gave Mr a massage and used both the tease tickler and our riding crop to apply pain and pleasure. The tickler is light and well-made as well as having feathers on the end it features a sturdy handle which is quite firm and won’t bend. The feathers didn’t fall off like I expected they stayed it place and still are attached to the tickler even after many uses.

RRP: £10.99

You can find the Feather Tickler at

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Submit To Me Beginners Bondage Set

DSC_0013This Submit to me Beginners Bondage Set I won in a competition that was hosted by Minxy Milly. Along with the bondage set I also received a Fifty Shades Of Grey book I have read all 3 and think they are good.

This set comes with The Twitchy Palm spanking paddle which is quite small I reckon for a paddle any way it has a cushioned side for light slaps and a firmer side for harder hits this can be great for alternating the blows during sensual play. It also includes a very well made blindfold which like the paddle has a soft foamy insert for padding and is incredibly comfortable to wear. This set also comes with wrist and ankle restraints they are a silky material with a Buckley fastening at the end personally I think they are too flimsy for my liking.

The set comes in a card board box when opened you can slide out the very nice looking presentation box which keeps the set together. I like the thought of receiving it as a gift however it is quite pricy for what you get the restraints could definitely be improved but over all I think it includes pretty much everything you need to start experiencing bondage.

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Mystical Mushroom

DSC_0046 As a squirter I crave g spot stimulation I brought this vibe expecting at least a little stimulation. The Mystical Mushroom is a unique vibe that has 10 functions which can be controlled by the push button at the base of the vibe which I don’t really like, I loath Push Buttons for the fact of you can’t go back just flick through till you reach the setting again.

The Silicone on this vibe is very smooth and can be quite draggy. The shape of the mushroom makes insertion a little awkward I had to tilt it somewhat to get it at the right angle to insert. Once inserted you can definitely feel the presence of the vibe the point on the mushroom sticks out a lot. When pressed against my g spot it almost pokes it to the point where it’s irritating. Thrusting the dildo to rub my g spot was awful it was quite painful as the point on the tip of the mushroom felt like it was sticking into my s gpot not rubbing it. It is a fail at g spot stim however the point on the mushroom means it can be used for pin point clitoral stimulation which is great I don’t think the design makes this toy very G spot friendly and it really irritated the fuck out of me.

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White Wabbit

DSC_0042 The White Wabbit is part of the Wonderland collection by doc Johnson I purchased it from amazon due to me wanting the whole collection and simply pleasure not having The White Wabbit in stock I had to simply complete my collection!

The rabbit face on this vibe is not as rabbity as it could be with the only features being a nose and the ears which are joined together it’s pretty plain and doesn’t have much texture. It has one push button control which I loath on vibes it is my pet hate when it comes to vibes with multifunctional vibrations as you cycle through the speeds come across one you like then accidently press the button again and you have to search through the speeds again to find the one you was after it’s a pain really.

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Charlie Tango Vibrator

DSC_0045 I really liked the look of this vibe very simple yet sleek quite like that of the We aim to please bullet. This vibe has a twist control at the bottom of the vibe to control the intensity of the vibrations. This vibe is very easy to use and very pleasing on the eye.

The Charlie Tango is an all-time favourite of mine a very simple classic vibe quite like the basic ones you can buy from stores they often have their own version of the classic vibe however with the fifty shades branding and the black on silver letting it adds a little something more to the classic vibe making it look more modern.

DSC_0048Charlie tango is a pleasure to use I can switch between speeds very easily and it really is the right length and width to stimulate my vagina causing me to go into an orgasm frenzy. The versatility of this vibe is great it can be used to stimulate the nipples and also works great as a powerful clit vibe. It is great as a first vibe as it does not have any scary advanced switches or different buttons and the shape means it’s very friendly for beginners. The metal casing felt so cold and unexpected when It entered me that it brought me a new kind of pleasure once warmed up by my vag the vibe tends to keep the heat from my vag and feels very soothing with the warm temperature when pulled out and used on my clit it feels really comforting.

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