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Bumpy Betty

I received the Bumpy Betty free of charge in exchange for my honest review for PinkB.O.B the fact I was given this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review. PinkB.O.B are an American company who offer budget friendly sex toys feel free to check them out.

The Bumpy Betty comes packaged in clear plastic packaging. You are able to see the vibrator through the packaging. It also comes with a leaflet inside that gives you tips from PinkB.O.B on how to achieve orgasm.

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Rocks Off OhhMoji

I received the Rocks Off OhhMoji free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Rocks Off. The fact I received this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of this review. If you haven’t already heard of Rocks Off where have you been? No seriously you should check them out, not only do they offer affordable sex toys but they are well made and extremely strong.

When I received the Rocks Off OhhMoji I was just stunned at how cute it was the packaging had Kinky Emoji’s all along the side. The Rocks Off OhhMoji itself actually has Kinkmoji faces and Eggplant emoji’s all over the shaft. It has a speech bubble with “Ohh My” printed near the base with a shocked Emoji.

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Hot Octopuss – Pocket Pulse Remote

We have received the Pocket Pulse Remote from Hot Octopuss for an honest review, at first glance the packaging shows that this is a luxury item. Can it prove to us that it’s a luxury item? Moving on we can see that included with the Pocket Pulse Remote is a Hot Octopuss silk bag to keep the product safe from contact with other sex toys. Also allowing people to be more discreet with their sex toys by keeping them safe, hidden away and out of sight. Considering I have a horde of sex toys I will be making use out of the included silk bag,  this will allow me to store any added extras with the pocket pulse remote. Contents of the silk-bag contain the Pocket Pulse, charging cable and remote, this is brilliant as you can keep all the accessories in one place giving you the option not to lose the charging cable or remote which would most likely happen.

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Cyborg Exploration Cock

I received the Cyborg Exploration Cock free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Meo. Meo are a German based company who specialise in making more fetish items readily available, they also have a huge range of anal products for men. I do recommend checking them out, I have previously reviewed for them and they have been awesome to work with. The fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

There’s no denying this dildo looks familiar to me. As someone who owns vast amounts of fantasy cock I have seen the shaft before…  Flint! However the Flint also has a different set of balls the Cyborg Exploration Cock has a more realistic textured set of balls and a suction cup.

I have thought about buying the flint various times I am actually relieved that Meo have the Cyborg Exploration Cock because it is undeniably cheaper and still made from great quality silicone! I love BadDragon but I have literally spent hundreds in customs charges on top of the hundreds I’ve already paid for the actual dildo. So I’m glad Meo are giving people a chance to experience the design at a cheaper price.

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Icicles No.24

I received the Icicles No.24 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for TooTimid, They are an American based company. They are also one of my newest affiliates so go check them out. The fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect my review in anyway.

The Icicles No.24 has been on my wish list for few years now so I was quite excited to test it out. It is part of the Pipedream glass dildo range I have also reviewed the Icicles No.59 and the Icicles No.12 so I am familiar with the glass in this range. They do make some stunning glass dildos!

The Icicles No.24 is shapes like a tentacle, I admit I’ve wanted a tentacle dildo for ages now so when I took it out of the packaging I just stared at how pretty it is. The glass is a soft pink colour with a sort of tongue like shape that curves this has bumps along both sides. It then curls around into a sort of handle this is great for keeping a grip during thrusting.

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Tantus Goddess Handle

I received the Tantus Goddess Handle free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Tantus. Tantus are an American company who make only 100% silicone dildos, butt plug, cock rings and more. They are pretty awesome and I recommend checking them out if you haven’t done so already.

The Tantus Goddess Handle is part of the Handle range of dildos Tantus have, these are dildos that have extra length that has finger grips near the base. This design is amazing and I have loved the other handle dildos I own the Tantus Anaconda Handle and the Tantus Echo Handle. I think they make a great option for those who find gripping dildos close to their genitalia a little tricky or those that get arms ache from reaching down so far. It is also great for couple’s play you can have partner use the Tantus Goddess Handle or any other handled dildo on you and the handle helps them to really thrust it whilst being comfortable to grip.

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Fun Factory Stronic G

I received the Fun Factory Stronic G free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Fun Factory. Fun factory are known for their colourful quirky vibrators and dildos. Fun Factory also have a line of toys that thrust called Pulsators they are truly remarkable I really suggest checking them out. The fact I was given this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review.

The Fun Factory Stronic G isn’t a vibrator! It thrusts, the Stronic range uses thrusting pulses to re-create a manual thrusting motion. This happens very quickly so it can look like the Fun Factory Stronic G is actually vibrating however it is just thrusting very quickly.

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Svakom Cookie

I was given the Svakom Cookie free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Svakom. The fact I was given the Cookie free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review. Svakom are a luxury brand that specialise in putting unique technology into their toys. I have previously reviewed the Svakom Siime Eye (vag cam vibe), Svakom Mini Emma and the Svakom Keri.

If you have known me for while you may know that I long for quirky and weird sex toys. If they offer something that no other vibrator does I just want to try it out. So the Cookie has three tentacles that move in spherical motions, all synchronised anti clockwise. These tentacles are designed to massage the nipples and clitoris or any other erogenous zone.

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Persian Palm Lucrezia

I received the Persian Palm Lucrezia free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Persian Palm they are a company who make Hand Painted Ceramic sextoys from Tuscany. I first met the owner at the ETO Show back in 2016 she was incredibly polite and wanted to spread the word about her artistic ceramic dildos. Things like this don’t come too often in the sex toy world custom handmade dildos are something I adore among the mass produced dildos in this industry they are the roses among the thorns. If you haven’t already I recommend you check Persian Palm out they offer a unique and personalised service. The fact I was given this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review.

Persian Palm offer a range of hand painted Ceramic dildos and butt plugs which can be sterilized and are completely body safe. They have various shapes which come in very pretty designs the classic line has more traditional patterns with bright coloured paints, they also have the gold line which has a more luxury aesthetic. Persian Palm also offer the option to have a bespoke custom piece. You can design a special design or wording to be painted onto your dildo or butt plug.

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#SoSS Roundup:1


This is my first #Soss post, I wasn’t entirely sure on what it was all about. I got that cleared up by my fellow bloggers so I’m sharing my shit with you this week. I did intend on doing a post the past two weeks but life got in the way, damn adulting!

First up I Read a review by BondageGod on the new Pocket Pulse Remote


I really liked the fact they gave the Pocket Pulse Remote a thorough review as always it was well written. I was intrigued with this review it’s great to hear how other’s experiences differ from your own. Mr is currently reviewing this too so it was nice for me to get an idea of whether his experiences where similar to anyone else. I thought the tips on how they used the Pocket Pulse with different strokes where really useful and could give someone else inspiration on how they can do something similar to stimulate different parts of the Penis at different times.

Read The review here:


Second I enjoyed reading a lovely review by Joanne’s Reviews on the Persian Palm Classic Line Ceramic Dildo


Joanne gave the Persian Palm dildo a great review it was a positive one, I am currently reviewing for Persian Palm also so I felt like most of what Joanne said is exactly what I was thinking, especially how the Dildo’s are a piece of art and not just a dildo. I just really enjoyed reading her review it was very easy to read and gave some great points about Persian Palm and their dildo.

Read the review here:



Third I read Cara’s Review on the Sistalk Master Godzilla


Cara wrote one of her amazing reviews on the Sistalk Kegel exerciser, after the whole Kegel Device/Vibrator/G Spot Vibrator marketing she actually found that it worked well as a Clitoral Vibrator. This brings us back to the point that everyone is different and some vibrators don’t work in the intended way but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in a different way that suits the user,. We are not robots or clones and we sure as hell don’t come with an instruction manual. Cara’s review as always was thorough and professional. I also found that her views on the app where quite mine, who needs an app anyway! I’m too busy searching my draws in a rush to find a vibrator to get me off asap never mind setting up profiles on apps.

Read the review here:


That’s my round up for this week, short and sweet.