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Misfit’s Toy Box Storage Pouch

x8KfYHmC Storage is one of my problems as an owner of a lot of toys I find it difficult to store silicones away from each other and glass safely. Let’s face it these plastic and card board boxes your toys come in aren’t going to last long they usually get crushed or ripped and end up that battered that they are no longer able to store your toys.

I searched etsy for dildo storage options and came across miss fits toy box: each tote is made from vinyl and can be made to your toy’s measurements and your style of colour or pattern or theme. Misfit’s toy box welcomes custom orders too.

6SQDZBz9I contacted them as I wanted a tote to fit a glass toy I purchased from etsy which the original packaging was not suitable for storing the toy. So I was asked measurements and then what style I would like my initial thought was zebra print. Asking for no specific details I was sent a few sample patterns and the one that stood out was a blue zebra print with colourful flower detailing this was perfect.

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Shakespeare Hidden Book Storage

7K7ScO8e I purchased this storage book when I came across bookend designs Ad on ETSY I was looking for storage solutions and found this cool way of hiding your dildos. I messaged the seller asking for specific details such as a Shakespeare book and I particularly wanted it to store the icicles 12. Well the seller was very welcome to my needs and although he wasn’t able to get that dildo anymore welcomed the idea of me sending him the dildo so he could make the book to fit it. BookEnd Designs offer a book in which the pages are glued permanently together and then the shape of the dildo is cut out enabling you to store it safe inside.

DAowcWcAI love the idea of having something so unique being both a book and dildo lover I couldn’t find anything more perfect! My book space includes the cut out shape for the Icicles 12 and also another cut out space for other things such as lubes/condoms so this storage idea is great for traveling as you can keep everything you need in this book! BookEnd Designs have to be one of the coolest storage options when it comes to sex toys I mean who hasn’t wanted to play secret agent and have a hideaway for their toys no one will ever know what the book contains.

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Fun Factory – Toy Bag Medium

c9U89iV6This toy storage bag was given to me in return for my honest unbiased review by FunFactory, thank you to Fun Factory for the chance to review their storage pouch.

As like most people who have a lot of sex toys I struggle to store them trying to make sure different types of silicones don’t come in contact with each other can be tricky so when I asked Fun factory to send me one of their bags I hoped it would help me figure out if that’s what I needed. Lets face it the boxes your toys come in when they’re new aren’t going to last forever, they’ll get ripped or crushed and you’ll have to eventually get rid of the packaging. And the space those boxes take up is unbelievable.

5E6QZSIuI was able to fit my Bouncer in the storage bag, the storage bag is made out of a waterproof fabric much like the ones you find on the covers of tent bags. It is smooth and there are no sharp edges that will damage my dildos. The bag has a stamp/badge of the Fun Factory logo and an easy to use zip to open the bag.

I currently have all my silicone dildos in different draws however this is ridiculous because the draws are not even half full causing me too loose out on storage space. So I took the Bouncer and placed it inside the bag and put it in the draw amongst my Bad Dragon dildos. The bag worked well ensuring the Bouncer did not come in to any contact with my other dildos keeping the Bouncer safe and also not damaging my other dildos. I can now store different types of silicone dildos together in the same draw because of tis toy bag making the most of my storage space.

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