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Icicles No.24

I received the Icicles No.24 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for TooTimid, They are an American based company. They are also one of my newest affiliates so go check them out. The fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect my review in anyway.

The Icicles No.24 has been on my wish list for few years now so I was quite excited to test it out. It is part of the Pipedream glass dildo range I have also reviewed the Icicles No.59 and the Icicles No.12 so I am familiar with the glass in this range. They do make some stunning glass dildos!

The Icicles No.24 is shapes like a tentacle, I admit I’ve wanted a tentacle dildo for ages now so when I took it out of the packaging I just stared at how pretty it is. The glass is a soft pink colour with a sort of tongue like shape that curves this has bumps along both sides. It then curls around into a sort of handle this is great for keeping a grip during thrusting.

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LUMUNU Glass beaded dildo

DSC_0190 I received the LUMUNU Glass Beaded Dildo free of charge in return for my honest review by the lovely folks at LUMUNU.

I picked out this glass dildo because I am really lacking on glass toys. So I looked at the texture and the colours and thought yep this is the dildo for me. The LUMUNU Glass Beaded Dildo is essentially two dildos in one. You have the first end which is a straight shaft that features a bulbous head which is perfect for that fast vigorous thrusts I need to stimulate my g spot. Then you have the triple beaded side this features three spherical shaped balls that in essence join on top of each other.

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Icicles no 12 – Glass Rose Dildo

pK3d4pa7I purchased icicles 12 from amazon as I found that this was the cheapest place to buy it from I had my eye on the 12 for a while and I have to say it is one of the prettiest glass dildos I have ever seen.

Icicles 12 is in the shape of a rose the tip features a very finely crafted rose flower tip which is in a light pink colour I quite like the way the tip looks. Icicles 12 has a flared base which means it can be used for anal play the 3 bulbous bumps up the shaft would create the perfect sensation when used anally much like anal beads they would pop.

toy_yxp9I used this dildo with my sliquid silk lube as I felt it would cling to the glass the way I wanted. Insertion was quite easy and although there is detailing on the tip this didn’t affect me inserting it. I felt each bump enter me making a popping sensation which I quite like as each brushed past my g spot. I was only able to insert it up to the last bump with my vag stopping half way over it I felt it hit my cervix but that is expected due to glass not having much give. Thrusting was incredible with the Icicles 12 I found the bulbs popped in and out my vag as I thrust it deep and also shallower I felt the bulbs brush my g spot then pop I really enjoyed this feeling. I placed the tip of the dildo on my clit and twisted the dildo in a circular back and forth movement I found the texture of the rose petals felt good when rubbed across my clit like this.

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Jopen Key Comet Wand

b0RxigTM I heard great things about the comet wand and I really wanted one after months of thinking about it I decided to buy on from Bondara they were having a stock clearance sale and I managed to grab a bargain and get the wand for £36.99. When it arrived my initial thought was it is smaller than I thought however although its small it is incredible heavy well of course it is going to be heavy its glass covered with abit of silicone.

I got the Blue comet wand and I thought the glass handle was going to be a bluish tinted glass however it is clear this didn’t bother me I just expected a light blue glass. The silicone is smooth and soft however the underlying glass makes the wand firm. The tip features a bulge like head this is to stimulate the g spot.

wiD6iLVQSo I tested this product wanting an amazing squirting experience however that is not what I got. The head of the wand was abit hard to insert even though I used a lot of lube it’s like the comet eats lube seriously! When thrusting I found that it got abit uncomfortable and felt like it was grazing my vag walls. So I rocked it over my g spot pushing the handle towards my ass the lifting it toward me again this did indeed stimulate me and I felt my orgasm building in no time. As I pushed the wand out to squirt nothing happened my vag closed up near enough completely and I was unable to insert the bulbous tip back in this frustrated me. Even after various attempts with this dildo I didn’t squirt I am an easy squirter and can squirt just though Mr fucking me so this dildo frustrated the fuck out of me. Determined not to be beaten by a dildo which suggests I should “lay back and enjoy the ride” I gave it another go. I waddled and rocked the wand for almost 2 hours yet I couldn’t squirt so I decided to rub the wand across my clit to achieve a squirting orgasm that way once I began to feel it build up I squirted then shoved the wand into me rubbing my gspot with the tip I was able to squirt while it was in me however I needed to start squirting first.

x1J9wKkiI did not lose hope on this dildo it just didn’t work for me I have heard great things about the comet but we aren’t compatible The dildo itself is easy to clean however the seam where the glass meets silicone gathers a lot of gunk so goes the Key emblem which if not scrubbed can leave your toy with gunk in which is slightly annoying.

RRP: £51.99

You can find  at

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Glass Flower Dildo

DSC_0042I purchased this glass dildo from KNIKlampwork on Etsy it is hand made by a china glass craftsman who I have previously brought off he has over 20 year experience and the work he produces is amazing.

This dildo is a beauty the deep blue glass is so pretty at the base it features a flower in a spherical bulge which works like a handle to focus stimulation. The dildo is curved for G spot stimulation and has a spiral of ridges around the shaft. The head of the dildo resembles a phallus shape which gives the dildo a bulge at the tip much like a bell end (Glans Penis).

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Glass Eggplant Dildo

DSC_0001 I purchased the Glass Eggplant dildo from easy. I was unsure whether it was supposed to be a pepper turns out it’s an eggplant. I liked the look of this dildo and made sure to check that it was borosilicate glass that is used. I read through almost every review to make sure I wasn’t getting sold anything that was unsafe. The owner of this shop is a glass craftsman with many years of experience he also makes wine stoppers and candle holders. This is the ad for the dildo as etsy is hard to navigate when searching for something specific.

DSC_0002On arrival this dido came securely packed with enough padding so It came here safely considering it came from china I was expecting a lot more damage to the box. The dildo is made of borosilicate glass which can be sterilized. I sterilize all my sex toys using an old baby microwavable sterilizer. You can also use a 10% bleach solution or boil in a pan. The dildo comes packaged in a presentation case however I decided to put it into a storage pouch once I sterilized it to be extra careful not to get any unwanted bacteria on it.

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Icicles No.59

IMG-20150107-WA0000This beautiful piece of art did not only look pretty but felt phenomenal. The dildo comes in a great presentation box which makes a brilliant Christmas gift which mine was. As glass stands it’s a pretty cheap material to buy when it comes to sex toys but its also perfectly safe to use. When buying glass make sure you only buy borosilicate glass this will not break or shatter when used its pretty tough stuff.

As my first glass dildo I was pretty hesitant to purchase let alone use this dildo. I was wrong, so very wrong about how glass dildos would feel. The glass slid into my pussy so smoothly it felt like my vag was being caressed with a penis of an angel, so smooth and sleek. Well what I would imagine it to feel like anyway. I was very pleased with how the firmness felt inside me and I could see the glass move as my bits clenched around it. I crave firmness when I use dildos and this was perfect I realised if I tilted it down I could get it to push against my gspot giving me amazing squirting orgasms. I also figured I could use the end of the handle as a clit stim for dual stimulation I rocked the dildo back and forth using and up and down motion I put pressure on the handle of the dildo it rubbed my clit while firmly rocking against my g spot all at once it was rather empowering knowing I was pleasing myself this many ways at once this ended in an explosive multiple orgasm.

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