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DSC_0345 I received the ManCunt Hybrid cum lube from in return for my honest review. The fact I received this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. Have given me a huge amount to review the past few months so I owe them a huge thanks for letting me review for them. Also for the Gingerbreads they were amazing!

Okay so ManCunt is a Hybrid lube it is a water based silicone lube. Now I have had the Pleasure of trying a good few “Cum Lubes” so I was intrigued to see how this one preformed. Looks wise it kinda flopped. It has the creamy look but isn’t stringy and lacks the right viscosity. It isn’t that same lube I have become to recognise as cum lube it’s not like BD Cum Lube and not like Spunk Lube it just lacks in the way it behaves physically. It sort of looks and behaves very similar to the Good Vibes Please Cream. Definitely more cream like then jizz like to me.

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Spunk Lube Hybrid

DSC_0022 Spunk lube hybrid is a hybrid lubricant which is water based silicone. It has the appearance and viscosity of cum hence the name Spunk Lube.
I won this lube in a 3 pack from Spunk lube in a giveaway hosted by Thank you to both and Spunk Lube for giving me the chance to review this lube.

You can use Spunk Lube on almost any toy as it is water based it can be used with silicone toys and won’t affect the toy itself. It is a lot thicker than water based lube but has the added bonus of lasting longer like silicone lubes.
The appearance of Spunk lube is a white almost see through colour much like spunk. It is a little creamy but can be smudged around and isn’t stringy like Bad Dragon cum lube. After a while it starts to go clear which I would expect cum to do. It smells almost like PVA glue often used in arts and crafts.

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Sliquid Silk

DSC_0047 Sliquid Silk was given to me in the lube cube by Sliquid in return for my honest review.

Sliquid Naturals Silk is a water based silicone lube which is blended with cream emollients to create the silicone water based hybrid lube. This is done by Sliquid taking their H2O water based lube and blending it with 12%sillicone and creamy emollient esters. Silk then acquires the best of each of the lubes it gets the creamy silkiness from the silicone with the advantage of lasting a lot longer than regular water based lubes and also the fact that it is water based give you the chance to use it with silicone toys as the concentrate of silicone in the lube is very low it will not affect your silicone toys.

I chose to use this with one of my glass toys as I think thicker hybrid lubes work well with making the glass comfortable to use. I poured the lube onto my dildo and it was a creamy colour and a thick texture to touch the silk felt very smooth and glided over my dildo easily. Silk is non sticky which is brilliant as I detest sticky lubes. Silk made the cold glass lube slip into my vag without any effort and the thickness of the lube meant it coated my vag and I was able to feel the smooth thrusts without any discomfort. After a good while the Silk was still doing its job it is mega long lasting. I found that the Silk was easy to wash off when it came to clean up with a little soap and water it didn’t leave any residue on the toy.

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Bad Dragon Cum Lube

DSC_0178Bad Dragon is famous for their Cum Lube which can be used with their cum tube option when choosing Cum Tube compatible toy you receive a bottle of cum lube in your order along with a syringe which is hygienically packed in a non-opened surgical like packaging like the ones you see in hospitals minus the sharp needle of course the end of the Cum Tube fit perfectly on the syringe and you then use the syringe to push the Cum Lube trough the Cum Tube though your dildo thus ending in your toy being able to cum.

DSC_0186Bad Dragon Cum Lube is made to look and feel like real cum. The Cum Lube is a white- clear in colour and doesn’t have any smell it reminds me of the PVA glue I used to use in primary school. Taking the cap off to fill the syringe I found the Bad Dragon Cum Lube strings out and is very messy the stringiness was super stringy much like a cheese string, or mozzarella cheese, it’s that stringy. And loads of fun to play with. Cum Lube stains so be careful not to ruin your favourite sheets. I loved the look and feel of cum lube it is very realistic looking the consistency of the Cum Lube is exactly like cum. I used it with my Hanns as it has a Cum Tube I really liked the feel of it spurting into me it felt like it should a wet sticky mess was between my legs and I loved that feeling. I had never seen anything like this before and I was mesmerised by it so much so after masturbation I rubbed it from my vag and started rubbing my clit covering it in fake Cum this experience was super arousing for me. I had also never used a toy that could cum before my Hanns and I can say Bad Dragon has done a great job at making it as realistic as they can.

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Spunklube Pink

DSC_0025Spunk Lube was given to me in return for my honest unbiased review by Jeff at spunk Lube which was incredibly kind of him. I was interested in how his Spunk Lube would stand against other Jizz lubes. I am excited to test this Spunk Lube invented by Jeff himself Spunk Lube is his very own creation.

The Spunk Lube Pink comes in a various sizes I got the 8oz bottle of lube which has a pump cap on the top for easy dispensing of the lube and also gives an accurate amount with just one squirt. I got so excited over this lube after all it is pink.

DSC_0028When I squirted some out I was surprised to see how pink it is I thought it would be a pale pink however it is bright pink which looks amazing it’s what I would imagine unicorn cum to be like. The Spunk Lube Pink is quite thick and resembles actual cum however I compared it to Mr’s and it seems to be missing the runny viscosity of his cum. However when compared to Bad dragon’s cum lube I prefer the non-stringiness of the Spunk Lube Pink however I do think Bad Dragons cum lube has the right viscosity it needs. Combined together and they would make an exact replica of cum. The Spunk Lube is none staining which is great as Cum Lube stains so with Spunk Lube Pink you haven’t got to worry about ruining the sheets.

The smell of the Spunk Lube Pink was one of the things I tested first and I have to say you can’t really smell it unless you get your nose in there and get right up close to it. The Spunk Lube Pink smells like alien egg goop from those egg toys I used to have in each would be an alien and a blob of goop well the Spunk Lube Pink smells like the goop.

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