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Tantus Anaconda Handle

The Anaconda definitely wanted my buns Hun! So I literally have been in love with this dildo ever since I had laid my eye on it. I scoured the Tantus site for hours only looking at the Anaconda I had to have it. The semi-realistic design the girth the handle just everything about it made me fall in love.

I lusted over the Anaconda Handle so long Mr eventually agreed to purchase me one it was in a Grab Bag sale and the colouration was the Peacock I think it used to be on that Splash dildo too. Anyway it is sort of a tealy blue colour with sort of a shimmer to it. The dildo itself is sort of rough/matte feeling with a smooth shiny tip this makes the head of the dildo look amazing. There is also vein detailing on the shaft very faint and semi-realistic which is perfect for me.

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Tantus Echo Handle

dsc_0418 I was lucky enough to be able to review the Tantus Echo Handle for Tantus. I received the Tantus Echo Handle free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Tantus are a body positive, sex positive company who make only the finest toys and paddles you can get. The fact I was given the Echo handle free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Tantus Echo Handle is made from 100% silicone so it is body safe and phthalate free. You can also sterilize it to use between partners if you wish. The finish on the Echo Handle is glossy so it doesn’t require as much lube like The Duchess, Bound and Gary.

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Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga have sent us the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) in exchange for an honest review.

We had an exciting first reaction when receiving the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) as it came in a plastic compartment slot with its very own stand, this made the product look more like a cherished ornament than the usual sex toy. Saying that in mind doesn’t mean it’s the best item to display, in your house or bedroom (if you don’t live alone that is!).

The Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) comes in a concealed plastic transparent container, there is also a designated small compartment at the bottom for lubes and instruction manuals. The Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) has a white trim which can be dismantled to open up the product to apply your desired lube, once finished it can be reassembled to use. If you would like further instructions here is a video from Tenga showing how the product works:

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Tantus The Duchess

dsc_0429I have been lucky enough to have been given The Duchess to review. I received The Duchess free of charge in exchange for my honest review for the lovely Tantus. Those of you who don’t know who Tantus are they are a body safe, sex positive company who produce the most amazing dildos,plugs and vibrators you could ever imagine. The fact I was given The Duchess free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Duchess is part of the Tantus O2 range which means it is a dual density vibrator. The inner core is made from a firm silicone which is then coated in a softer layer of silicone. This means that The Duchess has the effect of feeling more realistic during use.

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Tantus Bound

DSC_0441 You have heard of Tantus Right?! Well if you haven’t they are an amazing body positive, sex positive well everything positive company who are based in America. They only make body safe silicone sex toys and have amazing customer values.

Well I recently have been given the chance to review for them so they sent me the Bound free of charge in exchange for this review, The fact I was given the bound free of charge isn’t going to affect the outcome of my review. I have previously reviewed the Gary for them.

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Tantus Gary

DSC_0423The Tantus Gary is a beautiful dildo. I personally this it is so well proportioned and very visually appealing. The size and shape is similar to Mr’s so I am being a little stuck in my ways but damn Gary is a beauty. I received the Gary free of charge in exchange for this review for the lovely Tantus.

Those of you who don’t know who Tantus are they are a Sex Positive company who started out making Body safe Silicone dildos and butt plugs they now have a wide range of dildos, vibrators and even the new Rumble Wand. They encourage everyone no matter what their sexuality or gender to explore themselves sexually in a safe and body positive way.  Tantus have an amazing reputation among my fellow bloggers and let me tell you even the little details such as communication and customer service they are amazing and go above and beyond to make your experience with them a positive one.

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Perfect Plug Kit

DSC_0281The Perfect Plug Kit was given to me by @Tantus_Pirate who is amazing and really looks after my fellow bloggers!! I have to say a huge thank you to her for the chance to review these plugs for Tantus.

The Tantus Perfect Plug kit comes with both the Perfect Plug and the Perfect Plug Plus. Giving you the chance to explore anal play with both a slim starter plug and also a vibrating girthier plug for those who have a little more experience with anal play. These Plugs are both suitable for men and women which to me is great and they come in two colors either purple or black (no horrid Barbie pinks!) and they are not aimed at a specific gender which I find most plugs are either aimed at women or men and hardly ever both.

The silicone on these plugs is firm yet you are still able to bend them a little. They can be sterilized (take the bullet out of the Perfect Plug plus first) and have a flared base that can fit between the cheeks for comfort which means you’re not going to get any round indentations on your ass cheeks!

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Tantus Sport Short

B7zanOvIcAEI3BsI won this Tantus Sport short in the New Year’s give away which was by Ali’s Addiction. So many thanks to Ali’s Addiction for my competition prize!

Well they say size matters for a reason. This dildo kind of let me down. I heard good things about tantus however when I tried the sport with it being my first tantus dildo I was surprised by how soft the silicone was for a g-spot stim it was a bit too soft for my liking.

DSC_0205The handle of the sport is a tear drop shape which is perfect to hold during thrusting I found if I placed my thumb over the top if the tear drop and the rest of my hand underneath I could have complete control of the dildo. This dildo is also harness compatible so it’s great for those who like to engage in harness play. The silicone is body safe and also really hygienic you can sterilize it, boil it or use 10% bleach solution. Making it great for women who like to share toys or it can be used for a female couple to engage in sex with a harness the hygienic-ness is perfect for female couples as it can be sterilized in between use from each woman.

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