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Icicles No.24

I received the Icicles No.24 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for TooTimid, They are an American based company. They are also one of my newest affiliates so go check them out. The fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect my review in anyway.

The Icicles No.24 has been on my wish list for few years now so I was quite excited to test it out. It is part of the Pipedream glass dildo range I have also reviewed the Icicles No.59 and the Icicles No.12 so I am familiar with the glass in this range. They do make some stunning glass dildos!

The Icicles No.24 is shapes like a tentacle, I admit I’ve wanted a tentacle dildo for ages now so when I took it out of the packaging I just stared at how pretty it is. The glass is a soft pink colour with a sort of tongue like shape that curves this has bumps along both sides. It then curls around into a sort of handle this is great for keeping a grip during thrusting.

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Dildo, Glass, Pipedream, Reviews

Icicles No.59

IMG-20150107-WA0000This beautiful piece of art did not only look pretty but felt phenomenal. The dildo comes in a great presentation box which makes a brilliant Christmas gift which mine was. As glass stands it’s a pretty cheap material to buy when it comes to sex toys but its also perfectly safe to use. When buying glass make sure you only buy borosilicate glass this will not break or shatter when used its pretty tough stuff.

As my first glass dildo I was pretty hesitant to purchase let alone use this dildo. I was wrong, so very wrong about how glass dildos would feel. The glass slid into my pussy so smoothly it felt like my vag was being caressed with a penis of an angel, so smooth and sleek. Well what I would imagine it to feel like anyway. I was very pleased with how the firmness felt inside me and I could see the glass move as my bits clenched around it. I crave firmness when I use dildos and this was perfect I realised if I tilted it down I could get it to push against my gspot giving me amazing squirting orgasms. I also figured I could use the end of the handle as a clit stim for dual stimulation I rocked the dildo back and forth using and up and down motion I put pressure on the handle of the dildo it rubbed my clit while firmly rocking against my g spot all at once it was rather empowering knowing I was pleasing myself this many ways at once this ended in an explosive multiple orgasm.

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