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Fun Factory Cayona

DSC_0409 I received the Cayona free of charge in exchange for my honest review for the lovely Fun factory. They are an amazing company who make only body safe sex toys. The clue is in the name they have great bright colours and Fun designs. They also sent me a limited edition Karim Rashid toy bag, which has lots of little fun factory toys all over it and a paddling pool. Really! they sent me a paddling pool! At first I thought this is a bit weird then I realised the Cayona is a waterproof vibrator and it’s released just in time for summer.  The fact I was given the Cayona free of charge is not going to affect this review.

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DSC_0301 I received the Fun Factory Moody in return for my honest review by the lovely people at Fun factory. They have helped me bring you many great reviews and have supported my blog from the very beginning you should really check them out! The fact I received this toy free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

My first thought of the moody was how amazing it is that it had a flared base. This enables you to use this vibrator anally the flare also carried the vibrations really well which means you can get some perineum stimulation, or if you are using it vaginally you will be able to use the flare as a clit stim.

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Tiger G5

DSC_0129I was given the Tiger G5 by fun factory after I received an email from them letting me know they are releasing a new line of vibes and asked if I would like to be sent one. Of course I did! The fact I received the tiger G5 free of charge is not going to affect what I say in this review at all.

DSC_0119I inserted the Tiger G 5 into my pussy and my pussy immediately clenched around the shaft hugging it with gratitude. The first vibe setting was enough to start with as I thrust quite quickly my excitement arose I then knocked it up to the second vibration setting then slowed my thrusts then decided to go full whack with the vibes and put it on high my thrusts slowed to an almost stand still and I slowly pushed and pulled the G5 into my vag feeling every bit of texture my pussy ached for more the vibrations tingling my nerve endings at the entrance as I got so close to puling it all out I pushed slowly in again. Enjoying the pleasure I was almost overwhelmed. I cycled through pulsations the gradual one made my clit waken up bringing me to the top then back down again. I looped my finger so that it was through the handle and pressed firmly towards me so that the clit stim rested on my clit the soft silicone shaft bending to accommodate my vag. I held this position and switched back to the highest setting feeling I was so close revelling in the pleasure I was getting and then…. Bliss pure bliss as I orgasmed so hard it made my head spin.

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DSC_0009 I received 3 sachets of Fun factory’s Toy Fluid free from Fun Factory. This is my review on the experience I had using it.

ToyFluid is water based and designed to leave no residue it is also safe to use with condoms.

Pouring the lube onto my Baby Bug I noticed how easy it was to pour not gloopy nor too think I would say that it is the perfect consistency needed for a basic lube. The lube felt smooth and almost oily a similar feel I get from some silicone lubes I’ve used. The toy fluid at first leaves no stickiness however on the trip to the bathroom I noticed my hand with the lube on got sticky in the short space from my bedroom to the bathroom it changed its feel from oily to sticky. However I do not find this a problem as it is not as near as sticky as the Super Silk.

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Baby Bug

Baby BugThe Baby Bug was given to me free of charge by Fun Factory for my honest none bias review. The Baby Bug is supposed to be a beetle however I think he looks more like a caterpillar. Baby Bug is a silicone vibrator that is also water proof and takes 2 AA batteries.

I found the manual that came with the Baby Bug hard to understand so I’m going to try and simplify the diagram instructions into simple word instructions:

  • To turn on press +
  • To flick through the 8 speeds press +
  • To decrease the speed press –
  • Hold + for 2 seconds to enter the pulsation settings.
  • When in pulsation mode press + to scroll through the 3 patterns.(if pressed 4 times it will take you back to the first pattern)
  • Hold – to get back to the speed settings
  • To turn off decrease speed to the lowest one then hold – for 2 seconds to turn the vibe off.

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Fun Factory – Toy Bag Medium

c9U89iV6This toy storage bag was given to me in return for my honest unbiased review by FunFactory, thank you to Fun Factory for the chance to review their storage pouch.

As like most people who have a lot of sex toys I struggle to store them trying to make sure different types of silicones don’t come in contact with each other can be tricky so when I asked Fun factory to send me one of their bags I hoped it would help me figure out if that’s what I needed. Lets face it the boxes your toys come in when they’re new aren’t going to last forever, they’ll get ripped or crushed and you’ll have to eventually get rid of the packaging. And the space those boxes take up is unbelievable.

5E6QZSIuI was able to fit my Bouncer in the storage bag, the storage bag is made out of a waterproof fabric much like the ones you find on the covers of tent bags. It is smooth and there are no sharp edges that will damage my dildos. The bag has a stamp/badge of the Fun Factory logo and an easy to use zip to open the bag.

I currently have all my silicone dildos in different draws however this is ridiculous because the draws are not even half full causing me too loose out on storage space. So I took the Bouncer and placed it inside the bag and put it in the draw amongst my Bad Dragon dildos. The bag worked well ensuring the Bouncer did not come in to any contact with my other dildos keeping the Bouncer safe and also not damaging my other dildos. I can now store different types of silicone dildos together in the same draw because of tis toy bag making the most of my storage space.

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B_ae2NhEI was sent the Bouncer Shake Stub in return for my honest review from Fun Factory. They were very generous to give me the Bouncer and this will not affect my review in any way. The bouncer is a unique dildo that has 3 balls inside that rotate when the dildo is moved. It also has a base which doubles as a suction cup. The bouncer is silicone and let me tell you it is one of the smoothest silicone’s I’ve ever felt.

Y6A6LHVzAfter I finished with the novelty of sticking the bouncer on every flat surface I could find in my house I decided to get to work and use the bouncer for what it was made for. I stuck the Bouncer to a flat surface and began to ride it this was amazing, The balls felt so great as I rode it I could feel the balls pop in and out of my vag I liked this popping sensation. I’d describe the feeling of using the Bouncer as getting stimulation from kegal balls but also having great dildo pleasure at the same time is a totally unique feeling unlike anyone I’ve ever had before.

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