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Fuck Machine Diaries

Fuck Machine Diaries

First Time

I was a little apprehensive when it came to using my fuck machine pro as I had never used a fuck machine before, it both made me nervous and excited and I couldn’t wait to see what my experience would be like.

Positioned on the bed with my Siri 2 in hand coaxing my pussy to get wet Mr took some spunk lube pink and lubed up the dildo he also adjusted the machine so it would penetrate me. Turning on the machine I felt the dildo enter me it was quite a weird feeling as the motor got into gear I felt the machine pump and make a sort of in out scooping motion brushing my g spot. It was unlike sex as the machine pulled the dildo out fully then quickly entered me over and over. I didn’t take long before I was coming with every thrust of the machine Mr turned it up and I began to feel the quickness of the thrusts make me want to squirt. My Siri 2 pressed against my clit was giving me the best most rumbliest vibrations which made the dildo vibrate a little. Mr turned up the machine again and I felt myself wanting to explode with ease my orgasm kept  building and building until my mind went fuzzy my body writhing uncontrollably and my pussy contracted letting the machine withdraw the dildo and a huge fountain spurt out of me, this felt like it lasted forever being one of the most longest blended orgasms I have had. Mr scooped his head down with me still flailing around to drink from my ever flowing fountain. He got so aroused by the fact that I was being fucked while he watched his words where “I love watching you being fucked by this machine”. His arousal blossomed and he shoved his hot cock inside me and came within seconds both of us quivering through our orgasms.

My Fuck machine is truly amazing and Fucking wonderful piece of equipment for us to have acquired and I am delighted that I won Ian’s competition and can’t thank him enough I hope to bring you more tales of my fuck machine soon…