About Me

I go by the name KinkyKittenKim. I am in my twenties and i am a mother . I have a very understanding husband, we’ve been together for 7 years. I have always had a passion for sex toys and they tend to take up most of my time. Instead of boring my family about how great some sex toys are I thought id make a blog and write about them for people to read. It was mainly due to encouragement from my husband to start up a blog.

I’m always raving about toys I love and I think I bore him sometimes. I don’t get offended easily; I’m straight talking and know what my body likes and what it dislikes. I will give my honest opinion on all of the toys I have reviewed. This is my opinion only.I will not sugar coat what I say. I will give it to you straight. I have reviewed toys I’ve purchased myself. With my honest opinion on what they were like. I hope to get a website up and running within a few months so it will be easier for readers to view the reviews they want. I hope that my reviews are helpful to the readers of my blog. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact me!