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DSC_0068The Iroha Yuki was given to me free of charge in return for my honest review. Having been on my wish list when I was asked to do a review for Carvaka I chose the Yuki form the site I always try to ask for products I most want to try.

I have heard great things about the squish of the Yuki and having the Minamo I know how soft the silicone is. I chose the Yuki out of the Iroha range due to the fact it has curves which I can rest against my vulva and I can use the tip to insert into my vagina.

I received my Yuki and oh my squishy plump marshmellowy snowman vibe is just adorable it’s so squishy only the slightest touch and the silicone dips to cushion your finger. It’s like memory foam for your clit so light and squishy and soft. I have nicknamed it the clit cloud. Seriously it’s like a pet rock that’s incredibly soft and I cannot stop stroking it.

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Clit Stim, Company, Material, Plastic, Reviews, Silicone, Tenga, Type, Vibrator

Iroha – Kushi

20160321_131538 I was given the Iroha Kushi free of charge in exchange for my honest review by the lovely people over at Iroha. Iroha have just release the second wave of their legendary squishy vibes called Iroha+ and I am delighted I get to review one. The fact I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Kushi is extremely cute there is no denying that, this is somewhat symbolic of the Iroha vibrators for example my Yuki which is shaped like a little snowman.  The Kushi reminds me of my favourite began chocolate Guylian Seashells the shape is so similar to their seashells. The colour also is amazing that pale cream colour which you often won’t find on sex toys.

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2016 Wishlist

indexNJoy 11

I really don’t own any metal sex toys so I am really lacking with metal reviews on my blog. I really would like to try the NJoy 11 because it is an amazing shape and because I have heard it is one of the best metal toys out there.

verlosung-amorana-womanizer-pro-w500-gewinnenThe Womanizer W500

Okay I already have a womanizer but I promise I am not being greedy the newer smaller version has more speeds a better shape I really just want to see how it is different from the Womanizer.

617sDjf5zTL._SY355_Crave Vesper

I know this is a relatively old vibe it has been available for more than a year however the classy elegance of a necklace that is a vibe is just screaming for me to review it. That and because I want vibes wherever I go.

tenga_iroha__kushi_masajeador_2Iroha Kushi


I have had the chance to review the Yuki which I adore now Iroha have release a series of vibes that are similar to the other clitoral Iroha vibes Eccept they are more powerful fun shaped and waterproof. I really just want to try the Kushi because it does remind me of those seashells of gullian chocolate. (Update: i now have the Kushi and am currently reviewing it)

Update 2: Iroha Sent me the Kushi to review you here’s my review:


gary_cocoa1__29566.1438804027.1280.1280Tantus Gary


I want the Tantus Gary because of one thing, the looks I mean I know I shouldn’t judge a dildo by it’s looks but damn is the Gary a nice looking dildo. The head the foreskin creases everything about this dildo is perfectly proportioned.

I was given the Tantus Gary to review for Tantus here’s my thoughts…

Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury Aluminium “S” Curve Dildo

I have been following Crowned Jewels for a while on twitter and the first time I got to hold one of there masterpieces was at Sexhibition at the Smut raffle stand. I really like the curve on the Shaftsbury S and as I have never used a metal sex toy before I am very curious as to what sensations I could get from this dildo.

1-e1423489158249La’mourose Rosa Rouge

This is a roll over from my last wishlist I am still dying to try the Rosa Rouge and i ahve not yet had the chance to review it. I have seen reviews on the Lamourose Rosa Rouge and they have mostly been positive but I would like to experience this vibe for myself to see if my G spot likes it as it didn’t like the comet wand which everyone else loved. also this is a heat censored vibe which I haven’t yet tried a vibe that warms up its a water bottle for your vag!


Hedo Vibes Round up, Reviews

Best Sex Toys Of 2015

So I am going to keep this post as short as possible i don’t want to blabber on too much, i just want to let you know which toys where my favorite in 2015. I could not decide to on a top 5 for dildos and vibes so ended up doing a top 10. So much for keeping it short and sweet ay? well I hope you have all had a wonderful year lets hope 2016 is even better!



  1. Eroscillator 2 Plus: I know it oscillates and doesn’t vibrate and its more of a wand then a vibe but still this thing is AMAZING.
  2. Lelo Siri 2: you all know by now this is THE best little vibe out there! I even took it on a family holiday with me I Love this little Guy!
  3. Lelo Ina Wave: This is The vibe i would keep if i could only keep one it is a “do it all” type of vibe that has me having clit+ gspot orgasms galore.
  4. Iroha Yuki: This Little Snowman Shaped plump ball of fluffy cuteness is a regular for me and i find myself comming back to it loyally.
  5. Doxy Wand: The Doxy well what can i say? This vibe has it all great looks amazing power and not a battery or charge port in sight!
  6. Lelo Tiani 24K: A couples vibe that actually works!
  7. H2O Vibe: This is really a genious idea who didnt have one of there first orgasms via tap or showerhead right?
  8. Sassy Simon: Amazingly textured high class vibe with alot of power! just wish i had the chance to try the E-Stim version to compare.
  9. Miss Bi: This vibe is just everything you could ever want or need in a vibe!
  10. Doxy Skittle: Yes Another Doxy! Really? his thing is so deep and rumbly it makes boom boxes cry!

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Tenga SVR

DSC_0424I was given the Tenga SVR by Tenga free of charge in return for my honest review. The fact i received this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. I agreed to review Tenga’s first cocking i have to say i was quite excited about this product. I am not a fan of cock rings in general they tend to be too weak and the on/off stimulations really irritates me. I was a little sceptical about how it was going to preform and if it was going to make me orgasm.

Okay so a few things that made me want this cock ring are that it honestly looks like a Dr Dre beats Pill speaker. The colours are also reminiscent of this aspect to. I had wanted one but sadly never got one however i did receive the Tenga SVR now this is a lovely cock ring that doesn’t have bobbly sticky out bits, No weird fastenings and not a rabbit ear in sight. The Tenga SVR is modern and sleek and i really like the way it looks. the ring is sort of hollowed out but super stretchy so will accommodate most sizes. Mr didn’t have an issue wearing it. It has a charge port on the side so that you can charge it up. YES a rechargeable cock ring no more watch batteries! Seriously though. You just charge it up for an hour and that will give you an hour play time. The Tenga SVR is also waterproof up to 50cm.

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Eroscillator 2 Plus

My Eroscillator came just in time for Sexhibition we were getting ready to leave when we heard the doorbell ring and my Eroscillator was here! I quickly plugged it in to check if it worked and stuffed it into my bag to take with us on our sexy weekend.

The first time I tried the Eroscillator I was super excited because I have always used a side to side motion when manually stimulating my clit so the fact the Eroscillator does this of me is like a whole new world for sex toys and my clit.

Marshmallow tip

DSC_0133The Marshmallow is a soft plump air filled piece of squishy silicone which can me likened to the squish of the Yuki except squishier.

Mr turned on the Eroscillator and I readied myself he placed it on my clit the soft plump marshmallow tip was cushioning my clit that was being vigorously stimulated by the movement the oscillation of this product is so fast that it makes it vibrate it is amazing!!! From the moment it was placed on my clit the Eroscillator was giving me orgasms continuously. I grabbed the handle and took control turning up the setting to 2 then 3 getting more and more powerful orgasms. Then I asked Mr to fuck me and boom!! I was overjoyed with stimulation. Mr thrust into me spurting himself inside me as I continued to orgasm through my climax to an explosive eruption of an orgasm that left me writhing and exhausted.

Night two of our Sexhibition weekender I used the Eroscillator to tease Mr’s cock placing it on his bell end and coaxing his ever growing erection I saw his face change completely the Eroscillator bringing him to the edge when he told me he was about to come I said no not yet fuck me and he did just that. I had the Eroscillator at the base of his shaft so that I could still continue to stimulate him to climax using it. After only a few thrusts and the Eroscillator on 3 he climaxed and very much so enjoyed it.

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Clit Stim, Company, Material, Plastic, Reviews, Silicone, Tenga, Vibrator


DSC_0050I was given the Sakura in return for my honest review. This was given to me by  Tenga. I have to thanks for helping me bring you some reviews lately.

The Sakura is part of the Tenga Iroha range they have a series of Clitoral/external massagers. These are Yuki, Sakura and Midori. These are all made out of soft silicone that is plump and plushy. Now I have already reviewed the Yuki which I adore and I have also review the Minamo vibe these vibes are so soft and squishy they have to be felt to be believed.

The Sakura comes in one colour this is a mild pastel pink but I think it almost looks like a dirty pink colour it’s not even baby pink. I normally would praise iroha on colour choices as the range offers pastel colours most companies choose not to use, I think baby it would look better in a pastel purple. But that just me being picky. The design of the Sakura features an indentation in the tip this acts as rabbit type ears. You place your clit between the prongs and it offers double side clit stimulation. For me this is one of the easiest was to orgasm I often opt for vibes with ears.

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Hedo Vibes Round up, Reviews

HedoVibes Round Up #101

IMG_0168-e1436474231363Photo courtesy of Carnal Queen

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.

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Elephant Trunk

DSC_0043I was given the Elephant trunk free of charge (minus shipping) by Exotic Erotics. They sell fantasy toys as well as the new high fantasy range and also life casts. I chose the Elephant trunk because it looks so lifelike.

I chose my Elephant Trunk to be in the natural grey colour, with a dual core firmness and a small in size. Dual core is available for this toy I have checked on EE and the option isn’t available for all the toys on the website, Dual cored toys have a harder centre with a softer silicone around the outsize of the toy giving the impression of skin and muscle. This gives you a real life like experience and is the way to go with dildos to make them feel more realistic. The cored option for the Elephant Trunk to me seems logical Elephant Trunks are entirely muscular so the fact you get the core option adds to the illusion of it being as realistic as possible.

The Elephant trunk may not look like it has much texture apart from the creased indentations of the elephant skin. However the texture is very apparent and can be felt immediately! When I received my elephant trunk I was shocked at how small it was I knew it would be quite large but the base is so light weight and tin not bulky at all making the whole dildo seem smaller.

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Cock  Rings

  • Rock Rings The Wrecking Ball Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Cocktagon L Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Cocktagon XL Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Cocktagon XXL Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Ball Buster Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Double Dragon Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Hellfire ll Cock Ring 2 Pack
  • Rock Rings The Rock N Roller Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Rock Star Light-up Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Cocktagon lll Cock Ring 3 Pack
  • Rock Rings The Cocktagon ll Cock Ring 2 Pack
  • Rock Rings Roadies Silicone Cock Ring 5 pack X-Large
  • Rock Rings Roadies Silicone Cock Ring 5 pack Large
  • Rock Rings The Double Trouble Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Support Act Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring
  • Rock Rings The Earthmover Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring
  • Rock Rings The Rock Hero Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The 3 Ring Circus Cock Ring 3 Pack
  • Rock Rings The Thunder Ball Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Vipers Kiss Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring
  • Rock Rings The Hero Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Hero XL Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Hellfire XL Cock Ring
  • Rock Rings The Hellfire L Cock Ring
  • JNaja – White
  • Tracey Cox Edge – Adjustable Stamina Ring
  • LUMUNU Light Up Bull Cock Ring
  • Perfect Vibrating Cock Ring
  • Tenga SVR
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