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Svakom Cookie

I was given the Svakom Cookie free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Svakom. The fact I was given the Cookie free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review. Svakom are a luxury brand that specialise in putting unique technology into their toys. I have previously reviewed the Svakom Siime Eye (vag cam vibe), Svakom Mini Emma and the Svakom Keri.

If you have known me for while you may know that I long for quirky and weird sex toys. If they offer something that no other vibrator does I just want to try it out. So the Cookie has three tentacles that move in spherical motions, all synchronised anti clockwise. These tentacles are designed to massage the nipples and clitoris or any other erogenous zone.

The Svakom Cookie does state it is designed for foreplay but I won’t beat around the bush since it is a vibrator I will be using it as such so I intend of using it until I orgasm. When I first saw the Cookie I was eager to try it out for myself the tentacles look like they would feel like three little fingers massaging my clit. I didn’t think it also vibrated but it does so vibrations and movement seemed to me like it might be a little intense.

The Svakom Cookie is water proof and has a rechargeable battery you also get a charging cord and a pull strong pouch to keep it stored in. I also found that the art in the manual was amazing I love how they have taken to a hentai/anime Approach. There’s a picture of an anime female with a tentacle wrapped between her legs. I think they have taken inspiration from the anime and have chosen to create two vibrators that incorporate that into their movements/functions.

My Cookie is Pink you can also get it in Blue along with the Cookie they also released the Candy which also has parts that move as well as vibrate. The Cookie has 3 vibration intensities. The vibrations start automatically when the tentacles move. To control the Cookie you simply press and hold the up (^) button and the tentacles will start to move and vibrate on the slowest setting, you then press the up (^) button to increase the fastness of movement and vibrations. To decrease the fastness you simply press the down (v) button and to turn off the Cookie you press and hold the down (v) button.

During use I have found that the Svakom Cookie doesn’t bring me to quickie orgasm. It builds me up slowly but surely the massaging tentacles stimulate my clitoris, I’m not one for nipple stimulation as I find mine are extremely sensitive and can be somewhat painful when I even try to touch them. But I imagine the tentacles held straight on with your nipple in between all three would feel great for those who like nipple stimulation.

I usually place my clit in between all three tentacles of the Svakom Cookie and start off on the lowest setting the stimulation I get is unlike anything else I have felt to me it feels like three tiny little tentacles massaging my clitoral hood, the grippyness of the silicone also tugs at the skin gently so it sort of moves my clitoral hood as it massages. I imagine it to be similar to a penis owner with foreskin sliding it over their penis head during masturbation. To me it feels odd but great I am not used to having my clitoral hood moved during masturbation so this sensation was weird but very welcome indeed.

That clitoral hood movement plus the vibrations feel incredible! I have also found I can use the Svakom Cookie by lying the device on its side and placing my clit between just the two prongs, with the third resting on my clitoris the two massage the side of my clitoris whilst the one directly on my clit moves in a circular motions quite like the way I use my fingers in circular motions to masturbate.

I tend to build up to orgasm slowly with the massaging prongs, the vibrations are enough combined with the movement of the prongs is enough to push me to orgasm I enjoy the massaging stimulation it gives me.

I am genuinely shocked by how the Svakom Cookie feels I was expecting it to feel more rough and jittery with the movemnets, however even when pressure is applied the prongs still move fluidly and the vibrations are powerful enough to work for me.

RRP: From £66.95

You can find the Svakom Cookie at


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