#SoSS Roundup:1


This is my first #Soss post, I wasn’t entirely sure on what it was all about. I got that cleared up by my fellow bloggers so I’m sharing my shit with you this week. I did intend on doing a post the past two weeks but life got in the way, damn adulting!

First up I Read a review by BondageGod on the new Pocket Pulse Remote


I really liked the fact they gave the Pocket Pulse Remote a thorough review as always it was well written. I was intrigued with this review it’s great to hear how other’s experiences differ from your own. Mr is currently reviewing this too so it was nice for me to get an idea of whether his experiences where similar to anyone else. I thought the tips on how they used the Pocket Pulse with different strokes where really useful and could give someone else inspiration on how they can do something similar to stimulate different parts of the Penis at different times.

Read The review here:


Second I enjoyed reading a lovely review by Joanne’s Reviews on the Persian Palm Classic Line Ceramic Dildo


Joanne gave the Persian Palm dildo a great review it was a positive one, I am currently reviewing for Persian Palm also so I felt like most of what Joanne said is exactly what I was thinking, especially how the Dildo’s are a piece of art and not just a dildo. I just really enjoyed reading her review it was very easy to read and gave some great points about Persian Palm and their dildo.

Read the review here:



Third I read Cara’s Review on the Sistalk Master Godzilla


Cara wrote one of her amazing reviews on the Sistalk Kegel exerciser, after the whole Kegel Device/Vibrator/G Spot Vibrator marketing she actually found that it worked well as a Clitoral Vibrator. This brings us back to the point that everyone is different and some vibrators don’t work in the intended way but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in a different way that suits the user,. We are not robots or clones and we sure as hell don’t come with an instruction manual. Cara’s review as always was thorough and professional. I also found that her views on the app where quite mine, who needs an app anyway! I’m too busy searching my draws in a rush to find a vibrator to get me off asap never mind setting up profiles on apps.

Read the review here:


That’s my round up for this week, short and sweet.

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