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Rocks Off Little Charm

I received the Rocks Off Little Charm free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Rocks Off. The fact I was given this product free of charge will not affect the outcome of this review.  Rocks Off are a great company and I have loved their products ever since I started my Sextoy journey, the products they make a high quality and very affordable I really recommend checking them out.

Rocks off have recently just launched the Charmingly Seductive range witch features the Unihorn, Atomic and the Little Charm. Each new addition is really unique, they do have one thing in common and that’s the ombre chrome finish. Each piece looks incredibly shiny and elegant.

The Rocks Off Little Charm is a bullet vibrator that is shaped like a little bunny it has along curved ears at the tip, it also has a little fluffy tail on the back by the battery cap which is super cute. The bottom of this vibrator is a soft rose gold colour this graduates into a more baby pink colour at the tip of the ears. There’s no denying how adorable this vibrator looks but I think the shin and colour of it also has a sophisticated look too.

The Rocks Off Little Charm is made from Abs Plastic, it is also 100% waterproof. It is a battery operated vibrator it takes 1 X AA battery which is included you just need to remove the cardboard tab beforehand.

The Rocks Off Little Charm has a pink button on the battery cap this control the vibrations. To turn the Little Charm on you simply press and hold the button in for 3 seconds and then press the button in again to start the vibrations. You press the button in again to cycle through the settings. You have 10 vibration options, the first 3 are continuous settings that consist of Low Medium and High vibrations the other 7 are pulsation, inclining and declining modes. To turn of the Little Charm you press and hold down the button for 3 seconds again.

I have to admit I love the look of this vibrator but I wasn’t sure if it would work well during use, the fact the ears aren’t separated kind of scared me a little which of course you know I was being a bit of a drama queen about.

I actually found that the Rocks Off Little Charm worked really well for me in use, I was able to use the indented groove in the ears to place my clit into which meant I got a very spread out vibration across my clit. I also found that with the Little Charm being a larger style of bullet I was able to use the curved ears for penetration the curve was perfect for reaching my G spot and it kind of had the shape and feel of fingers in a turned up position.

This meant I was able to switch from penetration to clitoral stimulation when I needed too, I prefer to use the lowest continuous setting like all my other Rocks Off vibrators to warm up and then I usually orgasm with the Medium continuous setting or the highest continuous setting.

I love the look of this vibrator but I was worried that the look of it might not work too well for bringing me orgasms, well… I was wrong I found I could make the shape work for me and the shape and size was just right for the type of stimulation I needed.

I think the Rocks Off Little Charm has just the right amount of charm and character, it looks cute and it works.

RRP: £ 18.99

You can find the Rocks Off Little Charm at

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