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So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit

I received the So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit from So Divine it was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. That fact I was given this product free of charge will not as always affect my review. So divine were a relatively new company who this year have really broadened their range of sex toys making them both affordable and easily accessible you can even buy them through Superdrug for my international readers Superdrug is a UK pharmacist.

The So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit has a similar shape to my beloved Lelo Ina wave however the So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit has a more extended clitoral arm. The shaft is curved and has a more bulbous tip to target the G spot. The clitoral arm is flat and doesn’t have the tradition “ears” a rabbit vibrator would have. I actually prefer the more flat rounded clitoral arm as the “ears” on most rabbit vibes scan poke my clit which is really annoying and not to mention painful. The wider clitoral stimulator also means that it can reach a broader area of stimulation as we know one size does not with all and this clitoral arm also bends and can be adjusted to reach your clit.

The best thing about the So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit is that it heats up! Yes I know, it’s my first every heated vibrator (I’ve had no luck reviewing Rosa Rouge in my 3 years of blogging) so I am super excited to be reviewing a vibrator that has a heat function. I do recommend heating it for a few minutes beforehand when you put lube on we all know it’s cold a fuck so if you let the vibe heat up first then when the lube comes in contact with it the lube warms up slightly so that your vagina doesn’t cringe when you insert the shaft (we all know that cold lube inserting feeing).

To activate the heat mode you press the power button on and the press the H button a red LED will light up at the top of the control panel to let you know it’s on. You can use this rabbit without the vibrations and just in the heat mode. I also prefer to leave it in this setting for a few minutes to warm up before I use it with vibrations. The heat mode lets the shaft warm up to 37-38 degrees.

When in the heat mode you can then turn on the vibrations by pressing the button that has a circle on. This activates the vibrations you can then see the LED flash from Blue to red, the red indicates the heat mode is on and the blue flash indicates that the vibrations are on. You can also just press the on button and then the circle button, then the vibrations will start without the heat mode the LED will just stay blue and not flash at all. The vibrations will start on a low continuous setting this then can be increase and decrease the intensity but pressing   + and – buttons you can increase the intensity level up to 7 times. If you press the circle button you can change the vibration setting and go from continuous to pulse, patterns and inclining modes. There are far too many to list but when in each one you can the increase or decrease the intensity up to 7 times. So all in all each setting has 7 intensities that means you have a heck of a lot of vibration options with this vibrator.

The So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit is made from 100% body safe silicone. It is also rechargeable and comes with a charging cable and socket adapter the charging connector is magnetic and just clips to the two metal dots on the back of this vibrator. The So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit has 2 motors one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm. It also comes with a very handy storage bag.

During use I find that the So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit pushes right against my G spot, it’s perfectly shaped and fits snuggly against my G spot with the clitoral arm resting at my clit. The curve of the shaft applied a great amount of pressure without me even having to adjust the positioning. The sensation of a Warm Vibrator entering me is completely alien to me I am so used to a firm silicone shaft with ice cold lube that it felt strange a vibrator being warm.

That said I do love how warm So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit feels during use it’s like my vaginal walls just hug around the shaft. The only way I can describe the feeling is, it’s like a radiator for your vagina. To be quite honest with you it is the closest thing to a penetration involving a penis I have gotten in a sex toy yes it doesn’t feel like a penis but the warmth is similar to body temperature and let’s face it a Penis is usually warm (unless your fucking vampires that is) when they enter you.

I tend to use the So Divine  ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit on the continuous setting usually using the 4th or 5th intensity I prefer this setting to orgasm and it works quite well for me. The pressure of the shaft on my G spot also means I can orgasm extremely efficiently with this rabbit.

Overall I think the So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit is an amazing vibrator it’s got everything I like in a Rabbit vibrator just like the Lelo Ina wave but it also has a heat function which means it’s better. It also comes in handy as a hand warmer in this awfully chilly weather too!

RRP: £ 64.99

You can find The So Divine ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Vibrating Rabbit  at

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