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Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet

I received the Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet Free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Sheets of San Francisco. I had the opportunity to feel and get a demo of one of their sheets last year at the ETO show so I am very happy indeed that they have given me the chance to review one for them.

The Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet is a fluid proof sheet that is made from Polyurethane material and polyester making it very versatile. It has a silky smooth feel too it that almost feels cool to the touch. However it also behaves and feels like regular bedding which is incredible. It doesn’t feel rubbery or plastic at all. It is also breathable the way the fabric is made is by combining two layers so the material can essentially “breathe” between the layers.

The best thing about the Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet is that it is light weight, not only does it have two layers of fabric but it is also very light and easy to manoeuvre around. Along with this it also doesn’t make a noise when in use. I found with my Liberator throw it makes annoying crinkle noises as I move, The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet doesn’t.

During use I found the Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet really comfortable to lie on, the sheet feels smooth to the touch and almost cold which is a great experience if you’re blindfolded it adds a depth to the sensory play session.

We chose to use the Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet specifically for wax play. You may wonder why we needed one when in fact I have very recently reviewed the Liberator throw? Well I actually have been wanting to try a fluid proof/waterproof sheet/throw for 3 years now I just haven’t ever managed to review any or have the extra cash to purchase one. We have always settled for a towel on the bed that will usually get soaked along with the several layers of bedding underneath either leaving me to sleep in a wet patch or wash the sheets at 1 Am. I do squirt a lot during sex’/masturbation to the point I try to hold it back in fear of soaking the sheets so you can see why I have a need to find something that will protect the bedding.

The difference with the Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet is that the fabric it is made from enables it to be used for not only good for soaking up love juices or squirt but it can be used for Golden Shower play or Sploshing or anything messy that would usually stick to fluffier/softer materials. It can also be used to protect your furnishings from wax during wax play. All of these uses would probably not be suitable for the other types of waterproof/fluid proof throws out there, giving the Fun Sheet a big advantage of being very versatile which is one of the reasons I prefer it over my Liberator Throw not to mention it doesn’t bloody crinkle!

The Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet is also machine washable, I have washed it on a low wash at 30 degrees because that’s the usual wash temperature for me but it guess it would even be ok on a 40 wash. I have been told it can be dried in the drier on medium setting with atwoel thrown in to decrease drying time. I usually leave mine to drip dry over one of the doors in my house, the fabric dries really quickly so it doesn’t need to be aired out for long before you can use it again. Since being told I can dry it mine was already in the wash so I have tested it out, my drier has two settings low and high so I just used the low one , it takes about 30 minutes to dry with a towel thrown in and I haven’t ruined my sheet!

The box it comes in is very slim and really sturdy and it is suitable for storage that is if you’re not using it night after night. So if you’re worried about how it will fold down and how compact it can be it does fold back down to the original size it was in the box. That said when the Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet is out it covers all of our double bed it is a decent size so would protect a large area be it a settee, bed, the floor or even in the bath. The exact measurements are: 213 X 240cm just In case you needed to make sure it really fits the place you have in mind. Don’t despair if your space is larger than this because they do offer custom measurements on most of their products which means you can have any of their items made to fit what you need it to. Sheets of San Francisco also make printed fabrics too so you can have a picture or even a brand logo printed onto their Fun Sheet too.

Our experience with the Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet couldn’t have gone any better to be totally honest with you guys. During wax play I admit my heart went in my mouth when the wax was dripped from a height onto my back and drizzled onto the sheet. I was afraid it might melt the fabric or ruin the sheet. My worries where not needed at all, when I was finished I was able to fold the sheet in on itself and the wax just crumbled off the sheet not leaving any marks or residue it all just dropped off. I was able to shake it all off the sheet, it really is like magic!

The Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet is also great for when I squirt, it doesn’t soak up the liquid more like repels the liquid to stop it from soaking through and wetting the layers of bedding beneath it. You can then simply mop up the liquid with a towel before popping the sheet in the wash. This goes for any other liquid too custard, fizzy pop, lube you name it the fun sheet acts as a barrier between the bedsheets and the liquid not letting a drop through. It’s made from pretty though stuff!

RRP: £ 129.99

You can find The Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet Plus – Flat Sheet at

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    Interesting stuff. These water proof sheets cost a fair amount. So for those people out there who squirt or wishes to play messy games, a cost saving alternative is shower curtains. Use them as an under sheet then whatever blanket you wish. Cost ranges from $5 and up. But if you have the money to purchase such things go for it. I just heard the familiar story of wet towels and thought I would suggest my solution.

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