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Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar

I received the Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar in my #LubeAndALaptop goody bag. These bags where made up by various products the Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar was kindly given to Latex Leather and Lace for us bloggers from Rouge Garments. The fact I received this collar free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. I really do recommend checking out both Rouge Garments and Latex Leather and Lace they are both amazing companies.

The Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar I received was black in colour. It also comes in: Red, Pink, Blue, Purple and Brown just like the Rouge Paddle you can get your Collar to match your paddle if you wanted.

I was wearing a black dress to LubeAndALaptop I did also have a choker on so I decided to take it off and wear the Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar instead. It looked amazing and totally suited my aesthetic that day.

I went the whole day wearing this collar I mean literally! I wore it to get drink and even to Maccy D’s on the way home. I was very impressed with how comfortable it was. I admit Collars weren’t my usual kink. However I received one to review a while back and now and I found I did have a collar kink. So when I saw this collar was in my bag I was so excited.

I had comments all day from almost everyone at #LubeAndALaptop on how well it looked and that it suited me. Most had no idea I just popped it on whilst I was there, I explained to them it was in the goody bag and laughed.

The O-Ring I eventually took off partway through the day as it was flapping about. This is great for attaching to a lead/leash however I was totally loving the fact I could wear it in public so I didn’t initially need to use the O-Ring. It also feels really lightweight the studs and O-ring really don’t add much weight to the collar which makes wearing it for long periods comfortable.

Emmeline Peaches made a lovely comment about it to another blogger during our conversation. I think it was something along the lines of “she wears it well” I literally melted at the moment in time! I was a little anxious at the LubeAndALaptop event and didn’t manage to talk to people like I would’ve liked to however the Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar became a talking point/ ice breaker. I definitely felt more confident with it on.

So this has become a bit of a write up of the day/review but meh I had an amazing time and I wanted to share my personal experience with you guys.

The Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar has 6 spikes three either side of the O-ring. It also has a buckled back with quite a few holes to adjust the size. I had it on the tightest hole and there was still a lot of room. During use I found it to be a lot more comfy than it looks I was able to wear it for several hours without getting irritated or it marking me.

Overall I think that the Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar is great quality, it looks stunning and it could easily be worn out and about in public. I found it extremely comfy and I love the fact it comes in the same colour options as the Rouge Paddle so you can match your whole bondage collection.


RRP: £ 29.99

You can find The Rouge O-Ring Studded Collar at

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