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I was given the Zumio free of charge in exchange for my honest review. As always this is not going to affect the outcome of my review. Zumio are relatively new company, Zumio was born when a single mother who had not much time to masturbate wanted to create a toy that could make her orgasm in a minute! That’s right a minute!

What on earth is a Zumio? The Zumio is a very slim wand like vibrator that is similar in size to an electric tooth brush. The actual part that will come in contact with you is the tip. It looks somewhat like a cotton bud and is undoubtable the thinnest vibrator I own. The Zumio is designed for powerful precise stimulation. The tip of the Zumio actually rotates as opposed to vibrates it is like a revved up tiny version of an Eroscillator.

The 60 second rule is pretty damn fast! You are given a routine/ step by step guide for your Zumio on how to use it to achieve the 60 second orgasm. You focus the vibrations on the inner labia for 20 seconds and then once aroused use it on the clitoral hood for another 20 seconds and finally use the tip of the Zumio directly on the clitoris for 20 seconds to have your orgasm.

First off every woman is different so please do not be disheartened in the slightest when it comes to times you should use a sextoy for. A rule of thumb is you just use it how you like for how long you need to be able to climax. I do like that it give you a “warm up” guide because this little thing is powerful and when placed on the clitoris without warm up it sends shocking pain pulses through your clit.

The Zumio comes in a very sturdy box along with a charging dock, storage bag and a USB cable. The design is very discreet and I could easily leave the Zumio on my side without anyone knowing it was a sextoy they would probably think it is an automatic cotton bud for cleaning the most stubborn of ear wax.

The Zumio looks so futuristic and I do love the deep purple colour of the plastic. The Zumio is made from a plastic casing with silicone covering the buttons to help with gripping and changing the settings with slippy hands. The tip is made from ABS plastic. The Zumio is waterproof for up to 2 meters and is also rechargeable.

The Zumio has 8 speeds. To turn the Zumio on you press the (o) button. To increase the setting you press the top portion on the (8) button to decrease the settings you press the bottom half of the (8) button. To turn it off again you press the (o) button. I have only ever been able to use the Zumio on the lowest speed setting, the Zumio packs a punch and is super intense even at this level.

I have had an amazing time using the Zumio I found the tip really easy to work with. The vibrations are deep and intense. The first time I used the Zumio it unexpectedly ripped the orgasms right out of me. Working up before you place the tip on your clit is a must!

That said I did indeed orgasm in less than a minute. This was also great because I could go again and orgasm multiple times in a fraction of the time it would usually take me to orgasm once.

The handle is slightly curved making it easy and comfortable to hold during use. The silicone covering the buttons was very smooth and really made holding it more comfortable. The small tip also means you can use it during sex and it wouldn’t get in the way like a big bulky wand however it still has an amazing amount of power.


RRP: £ 106.78

You can find the Zumio at

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