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We Vibe Rave

 I was given the We Vibe Rave free of charge in exchange for my honest review for We Vibe. The fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. Once I saw the Rave my G Spot fluttered at the thought of how good it would feel. It has taken me a while to get this to review but I am glad I did manage to get it eventually.

The Rave is a G spot Vibrator that has a gorgeous asymmetrical tip that is designed to provide multiple angles and pressure to the G spot. This means you can rotate the tip during use to whichever side your G spot likes the most. All the way around the head are different flat, pointed and rounded surfaces.

The angle of the shaft and handle on the Rave really does make a lot of difference during use the handle is angled so a lot of pressure can be applied to your G spot without you having to do the work. I found it very comfortable to hold during use which meant I could use it for longer periods of time without getting arm cramp. The shaft of the We Vibe Rave has a very nice curve to it which almost curves to the one side more. I found this reached my G spot perfectly and I didn’t have to try to bend the We Vibe Rave around myself.

The We Vibe Rave has 10 very rumbly vibration settings 3 of which are continuous speeds which are Low, Medium ,High and then the other 7 are inclining, declining and pulse modes. You are also able to create custom vibration settings using the We Vibe app which also connects to your We Vibe Rave.

The We Vibe Rave is also splash proof, this means it can withstand a good scrubbing but can’t be used underwater. It comes with a USB charger (90mins charge gives you 2 hours of play) and also a storage bag to keep it safe.  The Rave also has a 1 year warranty in case it is faulty. It also has a low battery indicator which is great as it reminds me to charge it up instead of cutting out on me mid masturbation. The We Vibe rave is made from 100% body-safe silicone with no phthalates latex or BPA.

I found the We Vibe Rave easy to use It has simple controls a (O) button to turn on/off and the (^ and v ) buttons to cycle through the settings. I did find that the Rave does like to eat up lube so I do recommend a huge amount to be used with the Rave.

My G spot usually likes a side to side motion when being stimulated however I found when I used the Rave I couldn’t get the motion right so  do like to almost twist the Rave so it brushes across back and forth. The asymmetrical head has a lot of interesting texture well, angles I should say. My G spot was easily stimulated by this technique. The angle of the curve also means I could just insert it in and out and create a “come hither” type of stimulation which always leads me to a squirting orgasm.

Every time I have used the We Vibe Rave I have been able to have effortless orgasms, the shape of the tip and the curve really make it unique and it is definitely a favourite now. It gives me G spot stimulation other G spot vibes haven’t been able to. The rumbly vibrations are amazing, in fact that is what drew me to the Rave my G spot really like Rumbly vibrations as opposed to buzzy vibrations and the We Vibe Rave gives me that.

RRP: £ 74.99

You can find the We Vibe Rave at

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