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So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand

I received the So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand free of charge in exchange for my honest review for So Divine. The fact I was given this wand free of charge as always will not impact my review what so ever. I have previously reviewed for So Divine and I still have a few reviews to come for them so keep your eyes peeled.

The So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand is dual motored! I know right! I caught wind after another blogger had tweeted that it has a motor in the head and also a motor in the handle. This means you can indeed insert the handle and use it as a pretty impressive G spot vibrator. Meanwhile my wand stood in a huge pile of upcoming review items and I hadn’t even had chance to read the packaging so I bumped it up the review list and here I am writing.

Along with the two motors this wand has 10 vibration settings 3 speeds which consist of low, medium and high and the other 7 are pulsation and inclining modes. The So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand is also made from 100% silicone and is also 100% waterproof. It also comes with a magnetic charger, because it is a rechargeable vibrator seriously it has a lot going for it.

To turn the So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand on you press the () button and hold it in for 3 seconds. If you want to turn on the wand head you press the ^ button to cycle through the settings for that part of this wand. To use the internal part/handle you press the v button to cycle through those settings. You cannot have both motors vibrating at once which is a shame as I think this would be a great “double ender” vibe to use between two people.

The Wand Head is amazing when used as a regular wand I really enjoy whipping this bad boy out. I do prefer the highest continuous vibration setting. The settings are good in my opinion. The best thing is you can whip it round for a bit of internal stimulation too. The curve of the handle really rubs my G spot and I am able to have an amazing G spot orgasm whilst using the SO Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand.

I did encounter a problem when it came to cleaning the So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand and that was that the buttons do collect a lot of vaginal fluid which means I had to proper dig into the creases to get it fully clean.  I do think that is because the way you can use the handle for internal stimulation as the buttons are placed just at the top of the handle.

RRP: £ 54.99

You can find So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand at

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