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Satisfyer 2

I was given the Satisfyer 2 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Satisfyer. Satisfyer are a relatively new company who have took the Sex Toy world by storm after creating an affordable Pulse Technology clitoral toy that is accessible to almost everyone. I have previously reviewed the Satisfyer Penguin, Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, Satisfyer pro 2 and the Satisfyer 1. The fact I was given the Satisfyer 2 free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Satisfyer 2 has 11 settings that can be operated by the up and down buttons. This is the only Satisfyer model that allows you to increase and decrease the setting at the touch of a button the others only have a singular button whereas this model has an on button and both an increase and decrease button. This is a must! having to cycle through settings and press the button one too many times is horrific because you then have to turn the toy off to set it back to the beginning. Then remember which setting you had it on and make sure to press the button the right amount of times just so you doing get that sharp intense flinching pain for skipping one too many levels.

To turn the Satisfyer 2 on you press the power button you then press the + button to increase the intensity and the – button to decrease. Once you are finished you press the power button again to turn it off. The Satisfyer 2 isn’t as quiet as the Satisfyer 1 however it is similar in noise as the satisfier penguin.  The Satisfyer 2 is also battery operated and takes 2AAA batteries to power this is good for traveling however if you want a more versatile rechargeable satisfier you should consider a rechargeable model.

The Satisfyer 2 has a slightly slanted hole which is set at an angle I thought this would make suction difficult, it just meant I had to press firmly down to ensure suction was achieved.  The nub also doesn’t protrude like the satisfier 1 or the Pro2 I would say it is probably most similar to the Satisfyer penguin with a bit more of rounded triangular shape and a slanted opening.

I was able to use the satisfier 2 to achieve a few great orgasms. It is just as good as the Penguin and Pro 2. The best thing about it was I was able to alternate between low and high settings during use which I much prefer. In fact I would be blown away if they added this option to the Pro2 model.

One thing arose during my time using the Satisfyer 2 and that was that the handle was just so uncomfortable to use. I would grip the thin end and be filled with upset and how I couldn’t control it properly or hold it in place, it was like holding a straw with a Malteaser on the end. I did find a way I could hold the Satisfyer 2 more easily and that was to hold the thicker part of the handle near the head which was closer to my vulva. This also meant I covered the buttons so I needed to juggle with the position to press them during use. I do think that the design and aesthetics look amazing but for a practical point of view this handle just didn’t work for me.

Although I had a few issues with the handle I was able to have a great time reviewing the Satisfyer 2 and I had many a strong orgasm so I cannot really fault it on that part. Like every other Satisfyer model it has both perks and let downs but the diversity of each enables you to purchase one that suits your specific needs.

RRP: £ 42.36

You can find The Satisfyer 2 at Amazon.co.uk

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