2017 Wishlist

Liberator Throe

The Liberator Throe has been on my want list for years now, I havn’t been able to get one to review. I have been looking for alternatives. Sheets of san francisco have a lovely fluid proof version that I am hoping to try.

Sheets Of Sanfrancisco FluidProof Throw

After not being able to have a great squirting sesh without cleaing up and the bed being covered in a huge wet mess. I have grown very eager to get myself some sort of protection the Liberator has been a flop. Sheets of San Francisco are a lovely company so I am hoping to review one real soon.

Frisky Beasts the Missing Link

This one is a bit of a roll over from my 2015 wishlist, I havn’t been able to get on to review but would still love the opurtunity to review this dildo.

Womanizer 2 Go

This one screams to my inner femme. I have recently been delving into the beauty world my skills have improved. When i saw Womanizer made a product that wa sin the shape of a lippy both my blog self and beauty lover self sighed harmoniously.

Queen Bee

Hot Octopus have been working hard behind the scenes to create a puls plate clitoral massager. I was hoping I would be able to review one.  We reviewed the Pulse Duo 2 a few years back so I assumed I was on the reviewers list, albeit nievely. I have now been put on the list. Here’s hoping e get one to revew.

TokiDoki Massage Wand

Lovehoney recently announce a collab with TokiDoki. Now i dont know much about TokiDoki other than it’s a cartoon/anime but oh my! is this wand cute. The little unicorn head is like nothing I have ever seen on a wand before.

Crave Vesper

This one has also been a want for so long. I have seen other bloggers both love and hate this wearable piece of jewellary that is also a vibrator however I havn’t been able to get one to review so I thought it apt for it to be added to my Wishlist. This is also a roll over from my 2016 Wishlist!

L’amourose Rosa Rouge

This again is a roll over from my previous Wishlists both my 2015 and 2016 one. This is a vibrator that heats up. I have wanted to try and get one to review for ages now. I still have hopes.