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Tantus Echo Handle

dsc_0418 I was lucky enough to be able to review the Tantus Echo Handle for Tantus. I received the Tantus Echo Handle free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Tantus are a body positive, sex positive company who make only the finest toys and paddles you can get. The fact I was given the Echo handle free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Tantus Echo Handle is made from 100% silicone so it is body safe and phthalate free. You can also sterilize it to use between partners if you wish. The finish on the Echo Handle is glossy so it doesn’t require as much lube like The Duchess, Bound and Gary.

dsc_0419The main feature of the Echo Handle is the texture. The Echo Handle has a very prominent and symmetrical head followed by ripples all down the shaft. As a self-confessed Texture queen I can vouch for this being the main reason I picked out the Echo to review. The Echo Handle also has a handle. I know right, who would’ve guessed from the name? This handle is designed to be easy to grip during use giving you an extra bit of silicone to hold whilst thrusting.

Although you may think the Tantus Echo Handle looks incredibly long the only part you insert is the shaft of the dildo which is 7 inches. The rest of the silicone is actually the handle which you use to thrust the dildo with. I have previously reviewed the Tantus Anaconda Handle which I love, it also has this same handle.

dsc_0420My experience using the Echo Handle was amazing! The head slips in quite nicely and the texture doesn’t stop there. The ripples brush across my vaginal walls making my G spot quiver! Seriously the texture feels so good. The ripples aren’t harsh or pointy so in my opinion there is a lot of texture on the Echo handle however it is done in a way so that the texture is as smooth as possible. This feels so natural and the ripples just slide against my vaginal walls nicely.

dsc_0421I was of course able to hold the handle to thrust more easily whilst using the Echo handle. I was also able to lay back and enjoy the ride instead of being hunched over trying to grasp at the base of a toy. I like to use the Echo Handle with both slow thrust and fast thrusts the handle means I can switch between the two really quickly.

I really like the Handle range so far from Tantus I think it can come in useful to those who can’t reach to use your basic dildo the handle feature is incredibly useful. It also makes using a dildo with a partner a lot easier as you have more control over the dildo when using the handle.

RRP: £50 (Each)

You can find The Echo Handle at


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