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Tantus Bound

DSC_0441 You have heard of Tantus Right?! Well if you haven’t they are an amazing body positive, sex positive well everything positive company who are based in America. They only make body safe silicone sex toys and have amazing customer values.

Well I recently have been given the chance to review for them so they sent me the Bound free of charge in exchange for this review, The fact I was given the bound free of charge isn’t going to affect the outcome of my review. I have previously reviewed the Gary for them.

DSC_0440Now the Tantus Bound is a really interesting dildo it is so detailed and it just looks so beautiful. The Bound features a phallus that is “Bound” with rope. The head of the Bound is very well pronounced and beautifully proportioned. The rope starts from around the coronal ridge and then gets wound around the shaft diagonally twice before reaching the base where it is then wound and knotted.

As well as the rope details there is also some skin under the head after the rope which looks like a pulled back foreskin. There are also the bulge in the shaft where the rope is, it tends to dip where the flesh is it protrudes like skin would if it as restricted. There are also a great amount of very detailed veins popping from around the shaft. The Bound comes in three flesh colours Cocoa, Cream and black (although the black is more like a coal black than a flesh tone).

DSC_0439The Tantus Bound is also great for anal use it the head is quite tapered so it makes insertion easy. The flared base is a must for any basic dildo it does also means that Bound can be used in a harness. The silicone is very firm and has a matte finish this along with the texture mean that the Bound needs to be used with a lot of lube to reduce friction and for comfort during use.

The texture is incredible due to the shape and style of the Bound It is perfect for Texture lovers. Those who need and crave texture for masturbation. I am a bit of a texture whore and I fully admit that the bound is a dream come true for me.

DSC_0438I like to use the Tantus Bound slowly at first to build up to the texture when I am acquainted by the feel of the Tantus Bound dildo it is the perfect side to thrust with. I really love how the head is pronounced it really rubs my G spot. I knew I would like the look of the Bound dildo but I didn’t know whether I would like how it felt. Now I am surprised that I love it as much as I do. I figured the texture would be too rough for me but it feels amazing and it is one of the best textured dildos I own. It will stay a firm favourite for a while.

The Bound does take a while to clean your basic hand-job scrub down will not do.  However because it is silicone it can be boiled sterilised and bleached so even if you can’t get into all those nooks and crannies you can then sterilise it so it’s super clean.

RRP: £47.27

You can find the Tantus Bound at

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    This Tantus Bound looks amazing! I have to try it!!!!

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