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Satisfyer Pro 2

DSC_0401 I received the Satisfyer Pro 2 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Satisfyer. They are a relatively new company who have just released a clitoral stimulator for those who cannot afford a luxury price tag.

SO the first thought that came into my head was “is it as good as the womanizer?” well with a price tag that is half the price and the fact it is waterproof those points alone make it essentially more improved than the Womanizer. Now it doesn’t have that stupid tacky gem or overly girly cat slater patterns. I prefer the simple design the handle is really comfortable to hold during use.

The satisfier Pro 2 isn’t a vibrator it is a clitoral stimulator that essentially puffs air onto the clitoris I am sure there is a piston the moves back and forth really quickly so that the air is pushed out from the mouth of the device. This air wave pulsation feels almost like vibrations except it’s not. I would most likely compare it to Oral sex with someone nibbling/sucking on your clit without the saliva.

DSC_0403The Satisfyer Pro 2 is rechargeable using a magnetic USB and has 11 yes I said 11! Intensities. It has two buttons one to turn it on/off you do this by holding it in for 2 seconds the other oval shaped button is pressed to cycle through the intensities. You press the button to increase the intensity then once it has reached the top setting and you press it again it then goes down through the settings. I have never had a sex toy go back down the settings before usually the vibrations cut off once the single control button is press then you have to go back and keep pressing it to increase it again. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has changed this and it means that if I find the top setting too intense I am not left frustrated when the vibration just cuts off the gradual increase and decrease is a lot gentler on my clit.

You can use the Satisfyer Pro 2 in the bath or shower and actually wash the unit unlike the Womanizer which isn’t waterproof you can then remove the head to replace it or wash it more thoroughly. The silicone head doesn’t attract dust or lint which is a bonus. And if you live in shared accommodation you won’t have to worry about people finding out what it is as it just looks like and ear thermometer.

On my first use I pressed the Satisfyer Pro 2 over my clit and was shocked it is super powerful I increased it to the third intensity and this was all I could go up to. I then had to decrease it to the first setting which brought me to orgasm in seconds. I then continued to use it for another 3 amazing orgasms. They were super powerful and on the lowest setting! I can only orgasm on the third or second setting of the Womanizer so this is new to me. The Satisyer blew me away.

I have used the Satifyer Pro 2 along with a dildo for penetration the combination of the two is incredible. The Satisfyer Pro 2 stays in place and I don’t have to realign it at all during use the hole for your clit is quite big so it essentially sucks a lot in so as not to break the suction which was one of the things that I have to do a lot with the shape of the womanizer.

DSC_0404After my visit to the ETO show I thought I would try out the Satisfyer Pro 2 in the bath as HornyGeekGirl suggested that it is more powerful. So I got back after a busy day ran a red hot bath and relaxed. I began using the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the strength of the first setting was indeed intensified. After what felt like forever (but in fact where mere minuets) I had the fastest strongest orgasm I have had in the bath. It was so strong that my legs which were holding me up in the bath buckled and I soaked the floor with bath water. Can it get any better?

Overall I think the Satisfyer Pro 2 is better than the womanizer. I cannot believe I am saying this right now. But yes the Womanizer may have been the first clitoral stimulator like this in the market and may have a storage case and extra head, but is it worth twice as much for essentially less intensities and not being waterproof? That is debateable.


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