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VixSkin Buck

DSC_0267I received the VixSkin buck from the lovely Good Vibrations, Not only did I review one of their own Dual density dildos they also let me review the Womanizer. Good Vibrations are a sex positive company that offer great customer service as well as a great range of sex toys. You should really go over and take a look at them. The fact I received the Buck free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

So VixSkin is the produce of Vixen Creations, They are an American company who created a platinum cure silicone that is supposed to look and feel just like a real penis. So Vixskin may have been the first dual density silicone, However I have tried quite a few dual density dildos including the amazing Captain from Good Vibes so it has a lot to live up to. With reviewers raving about Vixskin dildos I have always wondered if they are really worth all that money.

DSC_0255I chose the Buck for the shape and girth when looking at Vixskin dildos the most popular ones aren’t buck and I couldn’t find anywhere to get it to review in the UK which is a shame because to me the girth and shape are great. Good Vibrations do ship to the UK so when they asked what I would like to review I thought I was punching above my weight and just put the Buck on my list but I was lucky enough that Good Vibes are kind enough to send it to me for review.

The buck is quiet girthy with a pronounced head and a few veins running down the shaft. It also has the line of muscular tissue that runs along the underside of the shaft to the Frenulum. The silicone itself does feel incredibly like skin even to touch it has a sort of cell like feel and moves like skin would if it is touched, poked or squeezed. I advise you don’t go prodding a real penis and stretching the head to test its squish although the Buck can be squished, Prodded and wobbled all day long. The Buck has a firm inner core that feel quite rigid and muscular underneath the top silicone layer. The base of the Buck is firm silicone which helps with thrusting the Buck as the soft silicone “Skin” is very slippery especially when lubed up.

DSC_0272The Buck I received came in a Caramel colour or as we have nicknamed it the (Joey Essex) for those of you that aren’t familiar with the UK Celebrity he is rather tanned and the colour of the Caramel is a deep tanned fudge colour. The buck also comes in Chocolate and Vanilla all of these colours look quite realistic and very natural.

I really like the girth of this dildo it isn’t as long as the Captain dildo however there is a little more girth with the Buck. The Captain has a great amount of squish however the Buck has a little more. The captain is easier to control when I thrust whereas the Buck is sometimes floppy and wobbles when I thrust. The head is quite bigger on the Buck which makes insertion a little trickier than the Captain and you get a pop once it is in.

DSC_0269My Favourite way to use the Buck is to insert it then grab a clit stim. My vagina hugs the Buck and it feels incredible just like when I orgasm with Mr inside me. I also like to wobble the Buck rather than thrust as I can get that fuller feeling without taking it away. The Head also rubs my G Spot really well with the wobble technique.

The Buck during use felt incredibly real Mr used it on me the first time of testing and I swear if I had my eyes closed I wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference between Mr and the Buck. The silicone holds the heat from my vagina which gives the illusion of the dildo being warm like a real penis. The head really rubs my G spot and stunningly gives me amazing G spot squirting orgasms. Again due to the skin like feel I really like gliding the shaft and glans up and down my labia it just feels so real!

DSC_0252I have come to the conclusion I am in love with the Buck and when I am craving that feel of cock or the amazing girth of the buck I will not compromise. I think The Buck is well worth every penny to have such an amazing dildo if I could only have one I would choose the buck. However the care for the Vixskin (it is very fragile and collects a lot of lint. Also I have to be careful I don’t scratch it with my nails. Is a huge risk to take with such an expensive dildo). I really think that these are all things to consider when getting a Buck if you prefer a cheap, easier to manage and care for dildo that is also dual density and feels incredible then you may want to check out the captain.


You can find The VixSkin Buck at Goodvibes.com



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