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BS Atelier Alex

DSC_0307I received the Alex Noise free of charge in return for my honest review for BS Atelier they are a small manufacturer who make the most beautiful dildos each one is a work of art and the bright colours and patterns are fun and quirky.

So I picked out the Alex the simplistic abstract shape of this dildo had me wanting it as soon as I looked at it. The head is very prominent and resembles somewhat of a Glans without the whole realistic look. I love this I am not one for very realistic looking dildos so this dildo is very visually appealing to me.

DSC_0308There are so many great colour combos and patterns on the BS site that I just found it hard to choose, I did ask Mr to help me pick the colour we went for the Noise this looks like it has paint splatters up the shaft, I really like the grey/red/white/black tones and my inner teenager is really excited by the way this dildo looks.

DSC_0309Okay so the firmness of this silicone is quite firm which I would expect the shape of this dildo and the prominent head means it is targeting your G spot and the firm silicone helps that fact and enables you to have that firm pressure on your G spot. The silicone also has a sort of squish to it though as well as being firm you can bend and squish the silicone slightly.

That head though! My goodness that head! The slim shaft means I can thrust as much as I want without being too full to squirt. The head does wonderful things to me and tugs my G spot during use.

DSC_0313The natural curve to the shaft is great because I don’t have to put a lot of pressure on the dildo to target my G spot it just effortlessly brings me to orgasm. The head just nestles against the back of my G spot tugging and pressing it as I thrust, I really am just in love with this dildo.


RRP: £67.70

You can find The BS Atelier Alex at Shop.Bsatelier.com

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