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UltraZone Venus

DSC_0278 I was given the UltraZone Venus 9X G spot vibrator free of charge in return for my honest review for TopCoToyz, I have worked with them to bring you a few reviews lately such as the Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lube, Climax bursts Toy Cleaner and I still have the Her pheromone spray to review for them. The fact I have received this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome for this review.  TopcoToyz have a huge range of products and I really recommend you check them out.

The Venus is made from 100% silicone, it is also waterproof and rechargeable. There are 9 vibrations settings as well as a very detailed curve to the shaft and a sort of spherical ‘ball in a cup’ detail. This is just on the tip and is designed for precise g spot stimulation.

DSC_0287The handle and the way this vibrator is designed means it feels great to hold. I am very comfortable using the Venus and Mr too agrees it is very comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. The almost flattened handle is quite long so it is perfect for solo sessions and to use with a partner.

The spherical tip on the Venus nestles against my g spot very nicely. Because it is more prominent than the rest of the vibrator it gives that firm stimulation I need to orgasm. My recommended way to use the Venus is to push the handle down toward your rear, then either rock or wobble from side to side I prefer Side to Side stimulation but everyone is different.

The UltraZone Venus is an amazing g spot vibrator and has me orgasming within minutes of using it. The shape of this vibrator is the reason I chose to review it I liked how usual looking it was but the shape really works. That tip is just perfect and forces my orgasm through intense g Spot Stimulation. The vibrations travel very well through the silicone and are quite powerful.

DSC_0274The Venus has a one button control which is held to turn on and off and then pressed to cycle through the settings. It has 1 continuous speed and then another 8 pulsation settings.

The UltraZone Venus is great and I really have nothing to complain about it does everything it should and gets top marks from me. Mr enjoyed using it on me and was surprise how well I reacted to the shape. I showed him how to apply pressure by pressing the handle down and he went to work wobbling furiously. I then managed to have an amazing squirting orgasm.

RRP: £62.46

You can find The UltraZone Venus at TopCoToyz.com

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