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Iroha – Kushi

20160321_131538 I was given the Iroha Kushi free of charge in exchange for my honest review by the lovely people over at Iroha. Iroha have just release the second wave of their legendary squishy vibes called Iroha+ and I am delighted I get to review one. The fact I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

The Kushi is extremely cute there is no denying that, this is somewhat symbolic of the Iroha vibrators for example my Yuki which is shaped like a little snowman.  The Kushi reminds me of my favourite began chocolate Guylian Seashells the shape is so similar to their seashells. The colour also is amazing that pale cream colour which you often won’t find on sex toys.

20160321_131553The Kushi is actually a little hedgehog and the swirls/ridges along its back are the quills it’s a kind of an abstract way to design it like a hedgehog. This makes it more elegant and less in your face like typical animal shaped sex toys. If you flip the Kushi on its back you see two buttons that operate it and a cute little line near the point like a little mouth it’s just so adorable.

So what’s the difference between the Iroha vibrators and Iroha + vibrators? Well for starters they are waterproof. My one complaints was that the Yuki wasn’t waterproof but Iroha have listened to these complaints and like any decent company should they have taken them into consideration and improved there toys. They also have more vibrations settings to choose from the originals had: low, med, high and 1 pulse. The Iroha + has 5 speeds all increasing in intensity and 2 pulse settings. They still have that amazing anti dust silicone and smart charging case. The Iroha + are even softer they have more squish as if the soft plumfy squishiness of the original Iroha wasn’t enough they have made it even better!

The Iroha + are that bit more expensive than the Iroha but in my opinion I think it’s worth every penny to pay for these improvements. You still get the simple controls two buttons one + and one – hold the + to turn on, and press to increase vibration mode. Press- to decrease the mode and hold it to turn it off. Simple. I really liked the simplicity of the controls on the Yuki and I am glad they decided to keep them simple.

20160321_131630I didn’t think I could love the Kushi as much as my Yuki however I do. When I use the Kushi I am able to use the nuzzle for precise stimulation. I can also use the curve of it to sort of hook around and encase my clit this feels great. I also figured I can use the ridges to place my clit in-between this may not suit you unless you have a small clitoris as the ridges are not that wide. I also has the best orgasm whilst rocking the Kushi so that the Ridges brushed side to side across my clit the texture felt amazing. You can also use the muzzle to insert just a little to stimulate your vaginal entrance.

The vibrations felt somewhat more powerful and even had more rumble to them. I also figured that when pressed down on the silicone this weakens the vibrations this is ideal so that you don’t shock yourself with the pressure and power of the vibrator when held lightly against the skin the vibrations are noticeably stronger.

20160321_131508Cleaning is a breeze now that they are waterproof and I don’t have a bad thing to say about the Kushi it is versatile and multipurpose as it has so many edges and textures. I really don’t have a single bad thing to say I do indeed prefer the Kushi to my Yuki vibrator and I never thought I would.


RRP: £29.99

You can find The Iroha Kushi at

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