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Doxy Die Cast

20160321_131232I was given the Doxy Die cast by the lovely Belle De Soir who I have worked with the past year to provide reviews for my blog. They are a great UK based sex toy company that have amazing deals and great customer service. The fact I was given this this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of my review.

After my amazing experience with the Doxy Wand and the Doxy Skittle I was eager to get my hands on the Doxy Die Cast. Rumour has it the Die Cast Doxy Wand has more power, is more rumbly and it just a lot better than the Original Doxy Wand. So I was over the moon when Belle De Soir told me they would send me one to review.

20160321_131255So what’s different? Well the Doxy Die Cast is made from Die Cast Aluminium/Titanium Alloy whereas the Original Doxy Wand is made from ABS Plastic. The Doxy Die Cast also has a silicone head which is a must silicone is 100% sterilize able so you can clean it thoroughly before each use and between partners. The Die Cast is heavier than the original Doxy Wand The Original is 90 Grams where as the Die Cast is 680 this means it is  590 Grams heavier. The buttons also have a LED display and lights up blue and then they light green whilst the button is being pressed. Whereas the Original Doxy Wand has grey buttons without a LED light. The Die Cast Also comes in an amazing foam lined hard case which is amazing and very hand for storage much improvement there as the Original Doxy box isn’t suitable for long term storage.

20160321_131353The main thing that has changed and is a HUGE improvement in my eyes is the starting speed. When you turn the Original Doxy Wand on the starting speed is 3/4 the highest setting, it starts at around a speed 7 instead of 1 meaning you then have to frantically press the minus button to get to the lowest setting. This is a real pain especially if the Wand is already on your clit for example the feeling of that amount of power means it really is a sensitive shock. Now the Die Cast starts on the lowest setting thank the Doxy Gods! This really make things a lot easier and is how vibrations should start off.

20160321_130853The die Cast is just so mesmerizing it is just so nice looking. The Metal feels amazing when held the weight really feels great. I found that the weight helps during use it sort of supported the head against me and my hand was more comfortable holding something of that weight compared to the original Doxy wand.

The Silicone is just fab! As soon as I slid it between my labia it was like my whole vulva just screamed “so smooth” seriously you don’t know how much that silicone improves the experience. It just feels a whole lot better against my skin and less ridged. The Die Cast body is amazing! I could see my reflection in the handle as I used it, I found this oddly arousing and I imagine it may be quite fun to use it naked and enjoy the show.

20160321_130838Now I know you are all screaming at me right now to get on with the vibrations and I know you all want to know if the Doxy Die Cast is more powerful than the Original Doxy. Well I decided to have a Wand Off and use both wands separately and time my masturbation from start to orgasm. Of course I wanted solid proof and not just “oh I think it is”. The original Doxy took 4.30 minutes. The Doxy Die Cast took 2.32minuets. Quite a difference in my opinion. They both where used on the third intensity I did find that the vibrations travel better through the silicone head and it made the vibrations feel somewhat rumblier than the Original.

20160321_131321I really think that Doxy have made all the improvements they could I do like the affordability of the Original Doxy Wand however the extra touches and the fact the Die Cast is overall a better wand makes me think I would happily part with the extra cash to purchase the Die Cast over the Doxy original.

RRP: £149

You can find The Doxy Die Cast Wand at

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