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DSC_0244I finally managed to get hold of a Womanizer thanks to Good Vibes Toys who are a sex positive American company. The kindly sent me both the Womanizer and the VixSkin Buck to review for them. The fact I received the Womanizer free of charge is not going to affect my review of the product.

So I am not going to say any “Womanizer” jokes in this review I mean it’s already been done. I have read so many reviews of the womanizer and everyone one I read made me want one even more. I had it on my wish list in 2015 and no matter how hard I asked no one wanted to give me one. So after I reviewed for Good Vibes I sent them a list and the womanizer and Buck where both on it now I didn’t expect to get any of them. But I received a surprise parcel containing them both! So you can imagine how excited I was.

DSC_0243What is the Womanizer? It is a clitoral Stimulator that creates a sucking sensation which is made by a pressure air technology, which is basically an air pump that essentially puffs air onto your clitoris. This is done in a sort of rhythmic pulsation mode without any vibrations at all. You place your clitoris in the head and it essentially sucks your clit. I mean rumour has it it’s supposed to feel like oral. Well I am not one for licking during oral it does nothing for me where as consistent sucking on my clit has me orgasming so hard it is barely believable.

The Womanizer has 5 intensities which range from light stimulation to intense stimulation. To turn it on you hold to power button you then increase the intensity by using the Huge Crystal gem button. To go back to the lowest stimulation mode just press the power button and then to turn off hold it for 3 seconds. Simple! The womanizer is rechargeable which I would expect for a high priced toy. However it is not waterproof. Which I don’t think is much of a problem with this specific toy because you can take the head off to clean it. I just use a baby wipe to clean the rest of the toy. I received the Best looking Womanizer mine is the one with the roses on I love roses and despise the other options available which are leopard print (AKA the Kat Slater) or a leather coloured effect (pink or blue). That said womanizer have a newer pattern which is a sort of tattoo-esque heart which is much more eye appealing.

DSC_0245The head of the Womanizer lights up red. This is a novelty and really doesn’t indicate anything other than its working. I would maybe like to see a heated version of the Womanizer that would be amazing. My Womanizer comes with a pink hard carry case which is ideal for storage, a power cord, and two silicone heads I love the idea of having a replacement head. One to wash and one to use, this means I don’t have to wait until the head is dry before I use the womanizer again.

The Womanizer is quite difficult to place, finding your clitoris head and not moving the Womanizer is a task when you move or get knocked the Womanizer gurgles and spits almost. The sound is laughable it’s like naughty noo noo throwing a paddy. But aside from that the womanizer is Extraordinary. I placed the Womanizer on my clit and orgasmed on the 3rd setting in literally 5 seconds. That’s all it takes. From nothing to orgasm that quick I was stunned. So again I placed it against me and boom another orgasm a mere 3 minutes later. I was just gobsmacked. The sensation was like a feather nibbling on my clit, I just can’t describe it. It is sort of a sucking motion without the wet saliva or the ridged teeth if that makes sense.

DSC_0238The best experience I have had with the Womanizer has to be Mr using the Buck on me whilst I held the Womanizer against my clit this is the winning combination for me and it just blew me away to orgasm that quick Mr commented on how much I looked like I was enjoying myself. Because I was I was beaming with delight. We then proceeded to have sex whilst I used the Womanizer now this is where things got awkward. The womanizer’s size made it difficult to hold into position without being knocked or loosing suction. But let me tell you it was so damn worth it. I was building to orgasm and I just was so close Mr had had his and then 1 second later I have the strongest orgasm I have ever had! I literally screamed the house down. My toes curled my legs shook and I just was in pure bliss. Mr said and I quote ”Even I Felt That!” I mean it must be good right if had the best orgasm of my life.

DSC_0237I would happily throw all my toys away and go and sit in a dark room alone with the womanizer for the rest of my life. It’s bright red light leading the way like Rudolph’s nose. I would be happy. The Womanizer is just incredible and I really am glad a waited a year to finally get one. I mean yes it’s pricey but I would happily pay that price and more for the stimulation it gives me. I even told Mr it’s better than the Eroscillator and everyone knows how much I love that thing!

RRP: £133.38

You can find The Womanizer at

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