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L’amourose Prism V

DSC_0214I was sent the L’amourose prism V in return for my honest review. The fact that I received the Prism free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review. I thank L’amourose for sending me the Prism and I look forward to working with them for future reviews.

The Prism V is part of the new Prism line of vibrators L’amourose have released you have the Prism V which is a classic style g-spot vibrator with a handle that has prism detailing on. You then have the Prism VII which is the same but it just has a clit stim as well. Part of me favoured the clit stim design due to the fact I need clit stim 99% of the time to orgasm. However I was glad I got the Prism V because I am really lacking on g spot vibrators.

DSC_0211The Prism V is water proof and is made from body safe silicone and Abs plastic. The shape of the Prism V is very elegant and well sculpted it sort of reminds me of a swan’s neck almost. You can tell just by holding it in your hands it is going to work wanders. You charge it up by a magnetic charger that has a USB cable I simple charge mine in the computer USB port. The great thing is you can get up to 2.5 hours use out of a 1 hour charge! Over double the time it takes to charge you get double the hours use! That is just crazy to me!

The Prism V has 5 speeds of vibration and 12 other pulsation ,inclining ,declining modes which I do not care for if I am brutally honest. I never have cared for pulsations they tease me then take away the pleasure and it’s just too much fif faf for me I want to be pleasured not teased. That said the vibrations are just fab!

DSC_0213I enjoyed how the Prism V felt against my g spot that curve hit all the right places it needed too I would describe the feeling similar to my Orchid. That thin bulbous shaft works great tugging the back of my g-spot. The vibrations are just incredible it is so damn powerful. To squirt I need to push the vibrator out and then use a clit stim this is where I was shocked!

The Prism V doubles as an amazing clit stim I was able to hold it against me whilst I ejaculated and this made sure I was still getting enough stimulation to orgasm. The vibrations felt amazing they were really deep and rumbly but nothing like the horrid rumbles of the Tango. The Prism vibrations where amazingly strong and rooted they did not numb me like the Tango does. I was blown away by this vibrator. I wasn’t expecting the vibrations to be that good but they were.

DSC_0212The best way to use the Prism V for me is to rest the tip at the back of my g spot. Then wobble the shaft in a side to side motion this makes the tip brush across my g spot. I also found I was wanting to push down on the handle so that the tip was pressed more firmly against my g-spot. This may not be the case for you but like my clit my g-spot likes fast side strokes rather than circular motions or come hither motions.

RRP: £79

You can find The Prism V at Lamourose.com

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