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DSC_0221I received the Alto-L free of charge in return for my honest review by AVE Concept. They are the people behind the very distinct cloud vibes they have recently released a new range that include kegel balls, a clit vibe and two new Lift technology vibes.

The Alto-L is a re-vamped Alto vibrator it has a slimmer shaft which doesn’t feature the metal detailing like the Alto. It also has a new feature the Lifting Technology. This enables the shaft of the vibe to lift in a come hither motion which is perfect for g spot stimulation. This technology while it is unique I have seen it before on my favourite rabbit vibe the Ina Wave the lifting Technology on the Alto-L is similar to the Wave motion technology of the Ina Wave.

DSC_0220The Alto-L has 7 vibration modes in each the shaft and the clitoral arm. The Lifting mode is controlled by the chevron button. The listing mode can operate alone slowly, alone fast, stop with vibrations, move with vibrations ect so there is a huge amount of stimulation modes to choose from. The Alto-L is also rechargeable of course and even the magnetic charger connector is a little cloud which is just so cute. The Alto-L is also waterproof and is made from medical grade silicone. The clitoral arm is shaped like a little cloud and is able to be quite flexible so would be able to accommodate most clitoris’.

DSC_0219I found that the best way to use the Alto-L is to choose a setting first I also found that the vibration in the shaft whilst the Lifting mode was on plus a high clitoral vibration was the quickest and most efficient way to get me to orgasm using the Alto-L. I built up slowly to a mind blowing multiple orgasm which I was insanely happy with. The great thing was the Lifting mode don’t stop even when my vaginal walls clenched around the Alto-L during orgasms which I was impressed with I have used other moving rabbit vibes in the past that have stopped moving when my vaginal walls clenched around the shaft.

As far as the Alto goes I didn’t get to try that one but you can still get the same experience by just selecting a high shaft vibration without the Lifting mode and a clitoral vibration this essentially turns the Alto-L into the Alto. When I use the Alto-L like this I am able to thrust slowly so that I can feel each and every curve of the cloud texture. This feels amazing I am a huge fan of textured toys so that feeling is incredible for me.

DSC_0218I am very pleased with both the look and performance of the Alto-L and I have to say a huge well done to AVE Concept for creating such a beautiful stylish vibrator that is able to get me off in minutes.

RRP: £141.23

You can find The Alto-L at

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